Swedish Winner-23 Nattaset Unforgettable Spring

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Nattaset True Spring "Irma"

My sweet girl Irma (Int ShCh Nattaset True Spring) in her favorite bed – beanbag chair.


Nattaset Sir Lancelot with his owner Catherine
Splendid day for Lancelot at CACIB Mulhouse with judge Sylvie Desserne. Nattaset Sir Lancelot obtained Best Junior, Best Male, Best of Breed. In the mainring he also got Best Junior in Group 7. And with this win he obtains his last ticket for FCI International Beauty Junior Champion! Huge congratulations Catherine!


Happy Easter Pönni

Happy Easter! Hyvää Pääsiäistä!


Nattaset True Spring "Irma"

My sweet girl Irma (Int ShCh Nattaset True Spring) in her favorite bed – beanbag chair.


Crufts since a looooong time!!!
So very proud of my boy who was 4th in very strong yearling class at Crufts today! Lancelot was also doing well with 5th in juniors.


On the way from Riga to Crufts we visited Sirius English Setters in Warsaw. What lovely puppies Piva and Sir Spencer we met their. The puppies are sired by Nattaset True Welcome. Thank you so much Dorota, Kinga and Olga for your kindness and hospitality!


Day #2 at Riga Int Ch Show, judge Mr. Henric Fryckstrand, Sweden. Double win again!
Pönni BOB, cac, cacib
Taiga BOS, cac, cacib
Thank you Mr Fryckstrand for the lovely words and thinking so highly of our dogs! We didn’t stay for the group competitions because we wanted to start our trip to Crufts in day light.


Riga int ch show, judge Mr. Sjoerd Jobse, Sweden
Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” BOB, Cacib, cac and finally BIG-1!!!
Nattaset Taiga the Lion Queen ” Taiga” BOS, Cacib, cac
Huge congrats Panja!


Happy valentine's day
Busy show day for Nattasets!
Kouvola ch show, judge Mr. Paavo Mattila:
Nattaset Lady Of Leisure ”Heili” BB2, cac, jun cac
Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa ”Pippa” BB3
Nattaset Spring Romance ”Macy” open cl 1st, ecxellent with cq
Congratulations Kati, Mia, Pia as well as Minna for Ellie’s (Kanietter Saphire) open class 2nd, excellent with cq! Thanks Katja for handling Heili so well! I am so very proud of all of you!


Nattaset sledge Setters

Happy winter feelings 11 years ago. As you can see many of Nattaset Setters have had a great time as ”sledge dogs”! 😉



Lovely memory of Int ShCh Nattaset Samba Dancer ”Mette ” (picture taken 11 years ago)🥰


Happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s day! Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!


Nattaset Sir Lancelot

Great news from Belgium! Nattaset Sir Lancelot (13 months) 1 Ex, Best junior, jun CACIB, Best dog, Best of Breed at Mouscron int ch show under Mr. J.F. Vanaken. Huge congratulations Catherine!


Crazy Finnish Setter people (me and Panja)… Crufts and two int ch shows in Riga – here we come! 3 shows in 7 days – 3260 km one way… This will be our dream team from Finland (Pönni all 3 shows and Taiga two shows in Riga).


While updating this home page and searching for titles and pictures from Facebook I found these lovely pictures of Nattaset breeder group taken at the World Dog Show in Helsinki 2015 – thank you Jane Faizullin for the great shots!


kick sled ride with the dogs

Yesterday I bought a kick sled and today we had a lovely very first 4 km ride with Irma and Pönni. Picture taken when we got back home.


Nattaset True Spring

Now it is official! Our brand new International Show Champion Nattaset True Spring ”Irma”. Now she has the following titles: World Junior Winner-18, Swedish Winner-23 and C.I.E.


Here are her CACIBs:

19.01.2019 TURKU, BELL DAVID, UK


25.09.2021 ECKERÖ, JOBSE SJOERD, Sweden



Between the first and last cacib there was COVID with a long show break and Irma gave us two beautiful litters (Farthingale puppies born in 30.8.2020 and Nattaset Spring puppies 8.3.2022).



Swedish Winners-23 Nattaset Unforgettable Spring & Nattaset True Spring

What a great show day we had in Stockholm!

Thank you so much Dr Ronald James, Uk for thinking so highly of our dogs at the Swedish Winner 2023 show! I am so very proud of our whole team!
My young boy Fin JunCh Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” (21 months) won BOB and his mother Int ShCh (pending) Nattaset True Spring ”Irma” (6,5 years) BOS and they both got Crufts qualifications! 😉😍
Here are the full results of our ”poncho” team:
Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” Swedish Winner-23, BOB, Crufts qualification, NordCC

Nattaset True Spring ”Irma” Swedish Winner-23, BOS, Crufts qualification, NordCC

Nattaset Spring Love ”Henni” BB2, res NordCC

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen ”Taiga” open class 3rd, excellent

Nattaset Trevlig Resa ”Samba” open class vg
Nattaset Sir Charlie ”Charlie” jun class 2nd exc
 Nattaset Best breeder group of breed


Verna in memoriam

In loving memoriam Nattaset Blue Angel ”Verna”

Verna was a very special girl! My thoughts are with her owner Pilvi & family and thank you so much for giving Verna the perfect and loving setter life!


We had a lovely Nattaset ”little christmas and fun day” in Sudenkuoppa dog park yesterday.
It wasn’t easy to get sharp and good pictures – or see the dogs at all because of the snow and lack of daylight. But as you can see we all had great fun! Thank you all for the lovely day!


Nattaset Lady of Leisure ”Heili” 9 months (”Miss Long Legs” 😉) today at her very first official ch show in Kouvola. The judge Juha Putkonen didn’t appreciate her very highly… she got ”very good” and was 2nd (from two bitches) in junior class. She was nicely handled by Marika. Well done anyway Kati Falck!😉 She is still a puppy with loooong legs.🥰🤗 Thank you for the great pictures Satu!🤗🤩


Today in Tallinn int ch show Pönni BOS, CACIB, CAC and Pippa BB4 under Mrs Tatjana Urek, Slovenia.
Not too bad show day either.🥳


Perfect show day in Tallinn under Mr Rui Oliveira!🤩🏆🏆
Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” BOB, CACIB, CAC
Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa ”Pippa” BOS, CACIB, CAC
Thank you Mr Oliveira for thinking so highly of our English Setters!😍


Irma and Pönni with a huge mushroom

Almost every day walking with Irma and Pönni in the woods – look how huge mushrooms we have here in Soini!


What a show day!!!😍 There are really few finnish judges who understand about the true English Setters – today we had the honour to show our dogs under one of them, Mrs Hannele Jokisilta. Thank you so much for thinking so highly of our crazy dogs and understanding that the young Setters can be very wild and stubborn. 😉 Thank you all the Nattaset team and huge congratulations! You made my day and it was worth of driving all the 650 kms!
N Hilipan Pippa ”Pippa” BOB, BIG-2
N Spring Love ”Henni” BB2, BJOB, CAC, JUN CAC
N Spring Romance ”Macy” BB3, Res CAC
N Taiga The Lion Queen ”Taiga” open cl 2nd excl
N Norman The Ringmaster ”Kelmi” open cl 1st excl
N My Fair Lady ”Hilma” BPOB
Nattaset BIS-2 breeder grou


Nattaset Unforgettable Spring Kouvola 082023
Today Kouvola ch show  Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” BD2, BJOB under Kalvo Kriis, Estonia  ”excellent type and size, lovely masculine head, very kind expression, excellent body proportions, correct topline and wellset tail, strong body and bones, beautiful coat and colour, good movement, well presented, very nice temperament.”


Nattaset Unforgettable Spring and Lotta

Today Pönni met her best friend Lotta at Kouvola ch show! Thank you Satu, Jonna and Piia for the lovely picture!🥰


Pönni today at Joensuu int ch show under Helgesen Svein, Norway
JUN Excellent-1, no cq
”Utmärkt typ som för fördel kunde varit ngt mer samlad och upp på benen. Maskulint välskuret huvud. fina proportioner. välansatta öron. utmärkt uttryck. Mycket god hals och överlinje, god bröstkorg. Välkroppad för åldern, mycket bra baksdel, svansföring, god lår bredd. Välvinklad. Mycket god päls för åldern, fria stabila rörelser för åldern.”
Pönn was a little wild boy today, wanted to kiss the judge but the judge wasn’t so impressed of that 🤭🙊 Thank you Pilvi again for handling my crazy boy!🤗


Brand new Finnish Junior Champion Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni”. Pönni won BJOB, Jun CAC, Best dog and BOS today at Joensuu ch show under Drobnjak Darko, Serbia. Thank you Pilvi for handling Pönni so beautifully!😍🤩


Nattaset Unforgettable Spring 072023
Nattaset Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” 🥰
DOB 8.3.2022 but winner of 2 CACIBs and BIG-2 already 🤩
Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, hereditary clear of NCL & rcd4 PRA
Sire: Int ShCh Nattaset Unforgettable Love ”Nuutti”
Dam: Int ShCh Nattaset True Spring ”Irma”
I am so proud of my beautiful boy!!!😍
(sorry about the tail 🙈) Picture by Nicole Henderson.


Nattaset Trevlig Resa 072023

Nord ch show STOXA in Sweden today Nattaset Trevlig Resa ”Samba” BOS and Nord CAC under Mr. Bertil Lundgren. Huge congratulations Carina & Annelie!



Irma did it!!! Finally we can apply for the int show champion title for her.
Västerås int ch show today judge breed specialist Mrs Nikki Hughes-Ruigrok from Ireland.
N Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” BOB CACIB BIG-2
N True Spring ”Irma” BOS, CACIB ->Int ShCh
N Trevlig Resa ”Samba” BB2 res-CACIB
Huge congratulations Carina & Annelie! Thank you for hadling help Annelie and for all other help and pictures Anne Kabo! And thank you Nikki for thinking so highly of our dogs!🤗😍


The last night as a catsitter in summer house in Savonlinna. It has been raining A LOT during the last 8 days 🌧🌧 but today we had a little bit sunshine too!⛅️🌦


Nattaset Unforgettable Spring 072023
WHAT!!!??? A/A🤩🤩 I am over the moon! Pönni has been x-rayed yesterday at Anjalan Eläinlääkäriasema and today the hip and elbow pictures were scored by our kennel club. I couldn’t believe when I saw the results – hips A/A and elbows 0/0, the best you can get!!!🤩
In Finland is it not that usual that your Setter get A hips (for example in Poland all Setters seem to get A…. so the scoring system is very different). My previous A/A were born in 2017 or 2015. Thank you so much Hannu Pajulahti and Marianne for the great pictures and service!


Nattaset Snälla Du 072023
The stylish lady Nätti (Nattaset Snälla Du) was doing great with Mia Mört at Rantasalmi ch show today under Mrs Jaana Kummala. Congratulations for the ”excellent” Mirva! This time no cq because of ”little too much weight” and ”little soft featherings” .


Nattaset Unforgettable Spring 062023
Nattaset Unforgettable Spring  15 months
Sire: Int & Est & Lv ShCh Nattaset Unforgettable Love ”Nuutti”
Dam: JWW-18 Nattaset True Spring ”Irma”
Pönni won BOS and CACIB at Int ch show Jyväskylä under Mr Paul Lawless, Ireland
”15 months. Excellent size and shape. Head good. Lovely eye. Nice reach of neck. good flow into the topline. Excellent set on tail. Good bone and feet. Angulations balanced front and rear. Well developed chest. Good coming and going, could have a shade more extension in the front.”


What a great show day also for Catherine Pil & Nattaset Sir Lancelot! BPOB and BPIS-3 at Int ch show France, Chalons en Champagne. Huge congratulations!!!


Have a great Midsummer! Kati visited us in the summer house – Pönni & Heili had great time together.


I am very proud of Nattaset Spring Romance ”Macy” who was looking very lovely today at Espoo show handled by Sanna.  Macy got very good under Reia Leikola-Walden. Thank you  Pia for being so active with Macy.


Nattaset Lady Of Leisure 6 months
Nattaset Lady Of Leisure ”Heili” almost 6 months of age.


While I am having vacation, Nattaset youngsters were doing great at Mäntsälä, Siilinjärvi & Ylivieska shows!
N Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” BOB, CAC Jun-CAC
N Romantic Spring ”Macy” jun1st, excellent
under Mrs Sophie Aspholm.
Thank you so much Sanna for making Pönni’s win possible!!! Congrats  Pia for Macy’s excellent!


Nattaset Hilipan Pippa Siilijärvi show 052023
Today at Siilinjärvi ch show N Hilipan-Pippa BOB, CAC, BIG4 under Virpi Sarparanta.
On Thursday 18th N Spring Knight ”Sisu” Jun1 with very good under Emma Pirilä in Ylivieska. Congrats to Mia and Kaisa!


Nattaset Spring Romance Helsinki show 052023
Helsinki ch show N Spring Romance ”Macy” jun class 1st, vg under Joanna Pronin: ”Erittäin hyvän tyyppinen, oikeat mittasuhteet. Kaunislinjainen pää, joka saisi kauttaaltaan olla kuivempi. Riittävä kaula. Hyvä ylälinja. Niukat etukulmaukset, hyvät takana. Kokoon sopiva luusto. Liikkuu hyvällä askeleella, saisi olla tiiviimmässä kunnossa. Kaunis väri. Oikea karvanlaatu.”


Nattaset Unforgettable Spring 052023

Pönni in our favorite place here in Soini. Kaihiharju hiking trail. Isn’t this a beautiful place to go for a walk with dogs?!

Soini Kaihiharju 052023


Not too bad! Tampere Nord Ch show N True Spring ”Irma” BOB, Nord CAC, N Hilipan-Pippa ”Pippa” open cl 2nd with cq and N Unforgettable Spring ”Pönni” BD3, res CAC under Kate Keely, Australia.
Pictures (two first) by Meri Fox and (3rd one) Mirka Siljander.


This little boy was born 16 years ago. Thank you so much Margaret & Brian for letting him come to Finland! He gave us so much joy & happiness and three beautiful litters with 20 lovely puppies.
INT Sh Ch, WW-13, EST & LV Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10, TLNW-13, NordW-15, NordVW-15 Swannery Unforgettable ”Luca” always in our hearts! I have his grand daughter Irma and great grand son Pönni home with me.


Kauhajoki show rosettes
What a show day!
Pippa (N Hilipan-Pippa) BOB CAC, BIG-2
Pönni (N Unforgettable Spring) BOS, CAC, JunCAC
Irma (N True Spring) BB2
Nätti (N Snälla Du) open cl 3rd
Nattaset breeder group BiS-3
Huge congratulations Mia & Mirva and thank you for your handling help Maria & Niina! Thank you Mrs Hannele Jokisilta for thinking so highly of our dogs!
Kauhajoki show 2023


Thank you girls for the nice puppy meeting!
Nattaset Funky Lady ”Friidu”, Nattaset Sir Charlie ”Charlie”, Nattaset My Fair Lady ”Hilma” and Nattaset Lady Of Leisure ”Heili” at 14 weeks of age. 


Irma and Pönni in my coach
I think I need an own coach!!!


Happy Valentine 2023
Happy Valentine!


Irma and Ponni in puppy pen
Irma and Pönni checked were have all the puppies gone??? Feeling happy and privileged for finding so lovely homes for Lancelot, Elmo, Charlie, Routa, Hailey, Friidu & 2 x Hilma!
We are moving to Soini on 6th February.


Nattaset litter 2022
Nattaset Sir & Lady litter born 11.12.2022.
I am so very pleased with all the puppies and Siiri has been such a great mom!
Thank you so much Annelie & Tuula for this lovely, the very last Nattaset litter!