English Setters

Pönni BOS at Joensuu ch show



Pönni (Nattaset Unforgettable Spring) got his 3rd Jun CAC today at Joensuu ch show under Mr Darko Drobnjak, Serbia. We can call him now Finnish Junior Champion! 

Our dogs

My dogs are my family members. Mom Irma  (Nattaset True Spring) and her son Pönni (Nattaset Unforgettable Spring) are living with me in Soini. 

Nattaset litters

First Nattaset English Setter litter was born in July, 1998. In these 25 years I have bred 22 litters with 124 puppies.


About us

I got my very first English Setter Tuliketun Nattas (grand son of Suntop Nightingale) in Summer 1996.

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