Nattaset English Setters

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    Nice walk with the dogs in the woods

    photos 11.2.2007  Nattaset

  • Katja's Jack Russel Terrier Alfredo "Ape"
    Winter view in Koria ;-)
    Oona - look at my feet;-)
    Running competition - Ines and Oona
    Winter fun - Ines, Oona and Ape
    Winter fun - Ines, Oona and Ape again
    Where is the cat???... sorry, I meant where is the stick?
    But where have all the birds gone?????????????????????????
    did you throw the stick here??????????
    I think somebody called ME!
    Katja with Bisse, Lilli, Ines and Oona - but where is Ape???
    All right - here comes Ape with his stick!



    I hope you enjoyed the photos!