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NEWS 2021


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Today we had the most famous dog show in Finland - Winner Show 2021 with Crufts qualification. We had high hopes when we entered our dogs under Eddie Patterson from Ireland. One week before the show there was a change of the judge into Pirjo Aaltonen from Finland. We decited to try her because we entered our dogs also for Helsinki Winner-21 on Saturday and we have also booked hotel rooms for two nights.
I felt so terribly sad when I saw the "judging line" of the judge. I have to admit that our dogs were not as trained and well behaving than the others – but if it is ok for the judge that an ENGLISH Setters (even bitches) have gay tails all the time -  I keep voting with my feet even more in the future! Our dogs got the very last places in every classes and our juniors were the only dogs (from 17 ESs) who got very good:

  • Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster "Kelmi" junior clas 2nd, very good
  • Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa "Pippa" junior class 2nd, very good
  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma", open class 3rd, excellent
  • Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie", open class 3rd, excellent


Today at Helsinki Winner ch show, judge Eva Nielsen, Sweden

  • Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster "Kelmi" junior clas 2nd, excellent
  • Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa "Pippa" junior class 2nd, excellent
  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma", open class 2nd, excellent

Well done Jaana and Miikku! Thank you for all the help Katja, Mari, Anu, Mirva & Pilvi!


We had a lovely Nattaset "pre-X-mas" party today!


My little helpers Irma & Jawa in "home office" :-)


As a breeder I share the happiness and sadness with my Nattaset family.
Today we had to say good bye to the most gentle, handsome and beloved gentleman Winny, who was a great show and family dog - and everybody's friend.
I had a big honour to walk Winny over the rainbow bridge with his owner Satu. I hope I could give some solace and support to Winny's owners. My thought are with them!
Here are some lovely memories of Winny, Int ShCH, Lv & Est Ch, Lv & Lt JCh Nattaset Arctic Night. His lovely temparement and beauty still lives in his daughters, sons, grand and great grand children.

Nattaset Arctic Night

Nattaset Arctic Night Nattaset Arctic Night


Now it is official! Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa "Pippa" Estonian Junior Champion title was confirmed today. Huge congratulations Miikku!

Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa


Pääsimme tänään pitkästä aikaa Irman kanssa kaverikoirailemaan. Olipa lämminhenkinen paikka tämä Elimäen Puustelli Korialla! Kiitos, kun saimme vierailla ja kiitos kivoista kuvista!

What a great day at Eckerö Int Ch show today under Mr Sjoerd Jobse from Sweden! Thank you Mr Jobse for thinking so highly of our dogs and the true English Setter type!
  • Irma (WJW-18 Nattaset True Spring) BOB & BIG-2
  • Frankie (HelJW19 Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset) BOS
  • Pippa (Est JCh Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa) BJOB
  • Jawa (Nattaset Samma På Svenska) BB2
  • Riesa (Int & LV & Est & Dutch ShCh, LV JCh, WJW-14 BENELUXW-18 White Lily Lofty) BB3, BVOB
  • Anni (Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig) open cl 3rd
  • Nätti (Nattaset Snälla Du) open cl 5th
  • Kerppu (Nattaset Of Bodom) open cl 6th
  • Nattaset breeder group Best breeder group of breed

We had also a great honour to meet Mr Frank Kane, who came after the group competition to talk to us! Thank you Kickie for the great pictures! I am so very proud of our whole team!

Nattaset True Spring

Nattaset True Spring

Nattaset True Spring

Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset

Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset

Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa

White Lily Lofty

White Lily Lofty

Nattaset Samma På Svenska

Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig

Nattaset Snälla Du

Nattaset Of Bodom

Nattaset Of Bodom

Nattaset open class bitches

Nattaset Breeder Group

Nattaset True Spring Nattaset Snälla Du


Wohoo, we have a brand new Estonian Junior Champion "Pippa" (Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa)! Well done Miikku & Pippa!


Happy 11 years birthday to Nattaset "Arctic" puppies (sired by Multi ShCh Wansleydale Orszak Prince "Johny" and out of Nattaset Arctic Bramble "Venla")! Some of them have already crossed the Raibow Bridge but the rest of them are still giving a lot of happiness and joy to their families.


Happy 12 years birthday to all "Dancer" puppies who are still alive and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge already! <3


Guess who is going to take part first time in veteran class (after 3 years show brake) at Eckerö show?!? Yes, you are right, Riesa (Lv & Est & Dutch ShCh, Benelux Winner-18, SW-16, JWW-14, Lv JCh White Lily Lofty), isn't she really beautiful? The coat needs still some more preparation.


Estonian Setter Club speciality, judge Ronny Blomme, Belgium

  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" BOB, BIS-3
  • Nattaset Samma På Svenska "Jawa" BB2, CAC
  • Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa "Pippa" BJOB, JunCAC, BJIS-3, BB4
  • Nattaset 3rd Best Breeder Group in Show

Thank you Mr Blomme for thinking so highly of our Setters! And thank you Piret Kõima for handling Irma in style and happiness! Congrats Mia for Pippa's great success and thank you for the great travel company! Kätlin & all other setter lovers it was lovely to meet you since a long time.

Nattaset breeder group

Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa

Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa

Nattaset True Spring & Nattaset Samma På Svenska

Nattaset True Spring

Nattaset True Spring


Baltic Winner-21 show in Tallinn, judge György Tesics, Hungary

  • Irma BB3, CAC, ResCACIB
  • Jawa open cl 2nd, excellent, cq
  • Pippa jun cl 2nd, excellent

Thank you Liina Kümnik for handling Irma so beautifully! Pictures by Jane Faizullin Dog Photography.

Nattaset breeder group

Nattaset True Spring


Kouvola Ch show, judge Pirjo Aaltonen

  • Gordon Setter Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" BOB, BVOB

Huge congratulations Johanna for Bella's first show and great success in veteran class!!!

Nattaset Primo Amore


Wohoo, what a great day at Vesilahti show under the gundog specialist Hannele Jokisilta!

  • Nattaset Best breeder group in show #2
  • Jawa (Nattaset SAmma På Svenska) BOB, CC at her very first official show
  • Taiga (Taiga The Lion Queen) (12 months) BB2, reserve CC
  • Irma (Nattaset True Spring) BB3
  • Kelmi (Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster) jun cl 1st with excellent.

So thankfull for the great success! Thank you so much Mrs Jokisilta for thinking so highly of our dogs. I really appreciate her opinions and knowledge! And I am so very proud of all the owners and handlers! Thank you one more time - you made my day! Our super team: Eija Lammi, Panja Pesonen, Jaana Uusaro and the kennel boys Pyry & Lasse Laine!

Nattaset Team at Vesilahti dog show

Nattaset Samma På Svenska

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster

Eija & Jawa

Panja & Taiga

Jaana & Kelmi


Irma and Jawa visited our animal physiotherapist Mirka today. Now the girls are feeling relaxed and are ready for the very first show in two years!


Int Ch show in Mikkeli, judge Reia Leikola-Walden

  • Nattaset Hilian-Pippa jun cl 1st, very good

Luumäki group show, judge Hilkka Salohalla

  • Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen jun cl 1st, excellent

HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY to all Nattaset "Circus" puppies!


Happy nine year birthday to all "Angel" puppies!


Kerppu (Nattaset Of Bodom) enjoys her summer holiday. Thank you for the lovely picture Minna!

We have another boat dog "Reetta" Nattaset Puss Och Kram. Thanks you for the great pictures Simo!


I got a lovely picture of Sir James (Nattaset True Welcome) from his owner Annelie. Thank you!


Grooming day. My own girls Irma and Jawa got a hair cut.


The world best summer town Savonlinna! Nice visit with Taiga, Sasha and their owner Panja at Miikku and Pippa in my old home town.


The Irish Setter Association of Sweden had their unofficial show on Saturday. Dwalin (Nattaset Jules The Flying Trapeze) kept the Nattaset flag flying with her owner Julia. I am so very proud of you two! <3 No picture of the show but a lovely picture of Dwalin "the adventure dog" taken by Julia - thank you!


East of England ch show Best puppy of breed was Panda's (Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen) daughter Mariglen Unwrapped "Dulcie Dennis". Well done Jane!

What a sad day for Johanna and her family! Our sweet Lithuanian girl, Gordon Setter Int & Est & LV Ch Despina Amazing Love "Seela" has gone over the rainbow bridge today. Run free beautiful girl! My thoughts are with Jossu & family. <3

Despina Amazing Love

11.07. The very first Nattaset English Setter puppies were born 23 years ago (11.7.1998). How I love this breed! <3

It has veen a very hot Summer in Finland! We have spent lovely days at our friend's summer house. The dogs love to run free in the fenced yeard and watch birds. But sometimes they just relax on the dock.


Happy three years birthday Jawa & her sisters and brothers! Jawa and irma were celebrating home. :-)


We spent a lovely time by Kickie and her lovely dogs at Åland islands. May I introduce you the most sweet and beautiful "Olivia" Nattaset True Silk, who is 4 years and 3 months in this picture.

Nattaset True Silk


We got hot Mid Summer wishes from "Verna" Est & Lv ShCh, NordJW-13 Nattaset Blue Angel :-) Thank you Pilvi!


Annelie and Sir James sent their summer greetings from 34 degrees Sweden! :-O Wow, you both are looking great!


Today with our three juniors and Irma's daughter at the unofficial Setter and Pointer show for youngsters, judge Jussi Liimatainen.

  • Best Puppy In Show Farthingale Spring Song "Nanna"
  • Best Junior #2 in Show Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa "Pippa"
  • 2nd in Junior bitches with excellent Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen
  • 1st in junior dogs with very good Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster "Kelmi"
  • Best breeder #2 group of breed Nattaset

Though the judge wished longer necks, more straight lines on heads and in his opinion Kelmi was different type from the girls, I am so proud of all our dogs and their brave and talented owners! You made my day!

16.06.   Happy birthday to all three Nattaset "Batman" puppies over the rainbow bridge!

Last but not least on my grooming table of Nattaset "Circus" litter. This young girl (10 months) is also going to take part to her very first show next Saturday. May I introduce you Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen "Taiga", proudly owned by Panja Pesonen.
This Circus litter of eight puppies is sired by HelW-16 Loki Pride Ravandlil (Int & GB ShCh Quensha Night Fever - Int ShCh Pasja Z Orszaku Chrobrego) and out of Nattaset Samma På Svenska (Est, Lv, Lt, Balt ShCh Bournehouse Stormy Weather - Farthingale Touch Of Orange). I think they will have a very bright future!

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Taiga The Lion Queen


Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster "Kelmi" (10 months) ready for the show next weekend!

Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster


After 1,5 years dog show break... may I introduce our very promissing puppy Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa "Pippa" (10 months) who will take part to a show next weekend with her owner Miia Mört.

Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa

Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa

Bird watching by Jawa (Nattaset Samma På Svenska). Thank you for the lovely picture Miikku!


Sometimes the great plans just flame out - like our puppy plans for Helmi and Nuutti. Instead of puppies Helmi got pyoma and we decited to sterilize her to make sure that she will recover totally. So there won't be any Nattaset puppies in 2021.


We got a lovely visitor "Duracell-Nanna" Farthingale Spring Song. :-) She will stay with us about one week! <3


We celebrated my birthday at Sudenkuoppa dog park. Thank you all for the lovely time together and also for the great birthday gifts!

17.05.   Ultra scanning of Helmi... Unfortunately no puppies were found.

Today we met Irma's lovely 4,5 months old daughter "Nanna" Farthingale Spring Song.

Farthingale Spring Song

Farthingale Spring Song

11.05.   It looks like we are getting puppies in June! Thank you for the great co-operation Ninnu, Juha, Mari, Mikko, Anu and Katja!!!

This sweet little girl (picture taken 4 years ago) is hopefully in whelp - keep your fingers crossed for us on Monday at 3pm (finnish time).

Nattaset True Blossom


We got very sad news. Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" crossed the rainbow bridge. What a great family and gorgeous & sound show boy he was. My thoughts are with Blixten's family in Sweden. Thank you for taking so good care of him!

Nattaset Street Dancer

Nattaset Street DAncer


Lovely Sunday afternoon at friends' summer house.

Mariglen McLaren

Nattaset True Spring


Nattaset True Blossom "Helmi" <3 Int SHCh, Lv & Est ShCh, Lv JCh Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti".

Nattaset Unforgettable Love Nattaset True Blossom


Happy Easter! Hyvää pääsiäistä!

31.03.   Nattaset "True puppies" have their four years birthday today. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Such lovely guests today; Panja with her girls Sasha (Nattaset Meaning Of Love) and Taiga (Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen).

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Meaning Of Love

Panja & Sasha


Lovely trip with Katja, Riesa, Risto, Irma and Jawa.

13.03.   Happy seven years birthday to all Nattaset "Love" puppies!
25.02.   She is finally back home after her maternal duties at Farthingale English Setters. Thank you Pernilla, Peter, Stella, Tova and Axel for taking such good care of her!

Lovely Valentine's day with friends!


Winter snow fun with friends from AitoVet vet clinic.


Thank you Tiina and Raisa for your visit with Doris and Frankie!

06.02.   I got a lot of lovely pictures of Irma's puppies at Farthingale English Setters from Annelie Grannath. Thank you so much!

Sometimes it is hard to be different ;-)


Help us PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Winter snow fun with friends from AitoVet vet clinic.


We had lovely guests today - Panja, Sasha and Taiga ❤ I am very pleased with Jawa's daughter Taiga, who is 5,5 monhths old now - isn't she looking very promissing?


Lovely memory popped up in Facebook - Team Nattaset at World Dog Show in Amsterdam 2018 - our results in three shows (if I remember right) WW, JWW, 2 x res-WW, BeneluxW, 2 x Dutch Champions, 3 x BOS, 2 x CACIB, 2 x res-CACIB, 3 x doubleCAC, 4 x res-CAC, 2 x JUN-CAC, 2 x JBOB and 2 x Best breeder group of breed.

Nattaset Team at WDS2018 in Amsterdam


Nattaset Sui Dreams

"The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart."

-Helen Keller- My thoughts are with Kaffe's family

Home, sweet home! Siblings Anni & Jawa having fun in my garden today.

Nattaset siblings Anni & Jawa

Siblings Anni & Jawa

siblings Anni & Jawa

siblings Anni & Jawa


Happy New Year from Sweden!