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Irma gave birth to three lovely puppies at kennel Farthingale, in Sweden.


Irma is listening when Kokos' puppies are eating in the other room... and wondering when her own puppies will born.


At Farthingale English Setters, Pernilla & Peter Magnusson, Sweden. So, how are the girls doing? Oh, they are just fine and today we have taken a few pictures of the lovely ladies in whelp. The orange one is Farthingale Touch Of Orange and the blue one Nattaset True Spring.


Nattaset Christmas Party.


Happy independence day Finland!


Great news... Irma is in whelp!!! The puppies will be born and registered by my very good friend Pernilla at kennel Farthingale in Sweden. More information on puppies page!

14.11.   The very last of Jawa's puppies went to his own home today. Good luck Dwalin in Sweden! I am so very happy that all puppies got so excellent and caring homes - take care and see you soon again <3

Satu Saarinen visited us with her camera today :-) Thank you so much for the lovely photos!

girl Nr1

Girl Nr2

Boy Nr1

Boy Nr2

Boy Nr3

Boy Nr4

Boy Nr5

Boy Nr6


The puppies are growing fast - their eyes are a little bit open now

boy Nr3

boy Nr1

boy Nr4

boy Nr4


Mom Java and all eight puppies are doing good. Here are the first official "passport pictures" of the puppies - aged 5 days! All puppies are blue belton or blue belton & tan (tricolour).

girl Nr1

girl Nr2

boy Nr1

boy Nr2

boy Nr3

boy Nr4

boy Nr5

boy Nr6


The puppies are here! Java gave birth to eight puppies today (6 boys and 2 girls).


OMG Java... You REALLY are in whelp!!! Our vet Tuulikki counted 8 puppies from this x-ray picture of Java's puppies :-O


Jäit tuuleksi taivaan rantaan,
valoisan virran rantaan,
kun suruihin suuriin vaivuin,
sinä iloja näit.
Jäit tuuleksi taivaan rantaan,
valoisan virran rantaan,
Minä maailman tahtoon taivuin,
sinä enkeleitä näit.

With love to beautiful Vilkku <3 My thoughts are with Vilkku's family Panja & Matti.


Nattaset Samma På Svenska "Java" (Est & Lv ShCh, Est, Lv, Lt & Balt JCh Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" - Farthingale Touch of Orange "Kokos") - 2,5 weeks to go. Thank you Jossu for handling her so beautifully!


Happy 2 years birthday to Nattaset "Svenskar" puppies Java, Anni, Nätti, Alice, Reetta, Samba, Sasha, Fobbe and Bruno! I hope you got some "birthday cake" like Java ;-)


Happy two years birthday Seaset boys Teppo and Frankie! You both are very special to me <3


After two very long years we are happy to announce our upcoming litter: The very proud sire is HeW-16 Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" (hips B/B, elbows 0/0, BAER normal, NCL & PRA-rcd4 clear) and the loving dam Nattaset Samma På Svenska "Java" (hips B/A, elbows 0/0, NCL & PRA-rcd4 clear). Look at that "smiling face" at ultrasound scan picture :-) The puppies are due beginning August 2020.


Here are some lovely summer pictures.


I am feeling so devastated just now ��- I lost my beautiful, sweet Esko last night. The only comfort is that I could offer him loving and caring home for the last 2,5 months with my sweet girls. He enjoyed every moment and was a very happy dog here. Unfortunatelly he tragical all of the sudden got some bad heart problems (likely tumour at his heart). Our heart specialist vet Lotta and my dear friend Katjasaved his life already once two days ago - yesterday he seemed to be much better and was even playing with the toys - but the pain came back later in the evening and there was nothing to do but help him to go over the rainbow bridge with the help of our vet Tuulikki. Good bye sweetheart - I will always love you Thank you for all your help and support AitoVet, Katja, Tuulikki, Lotta, Tuula, Anu, Jukka & other Nattaset family members!


Happy 13 years birthday Vilkku (BaltJW-08, NordVW-15 Nattaset Rock Baby)!


We got lovely visitors <3

Nattaset English Setters


Happy Nattasets in our garden :-)


Nice memory of my very first own dog Örlidens Royal Label "Koki" and THE cat "Mosse-Mölli" and my dear nephew Janne and niece Sanna.


Happy together....


May I introduce you Nattaset Absolutely Me "Esko" 8,5 years

Nattaset Absolutely Me Nattaset Absolutely Me


Happy Easter from Nattaset!


We didn't get any puppies this Spring.... but I could help my friends with Huntstars flatcoated retriever puppies <3


Instead of Loviisa dog show (all shows in Finland are cancelled until End May because of corona) we had a lovely party at Tuula's place.


Feeling sad and heart broken - No Luca & Irma "Frozen"puppies. We could not find any puppies by ultrsound scanning at AitoVet clinic today.


Crufts 2020 open class 3rd Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen. So proud of this little girl ❤️ Thank you Jane Dennis & co keeping Nattaset flag flying so high even at Crufts. Thank you Liisa Rantamäki for the beautiful picture! This breeder couldn't be happier or prouder!!!


Happy 11 years birthday Despina Gordon Setter "puppies"! Seela is celebrating her birthday with her loving family Jossu and Pete - and love and kisses to Morris over the rainbow bridge. It was a very beautiful Mid July day in 2009 when me and Katja picked these two "monkies" from Riga. Thank you Elle for trusting us and letting us have Olga and Boris (later Seela and Morris) to Finland!


The sky is crying with us today. We had to walk the most friendly and gentle Gordon Setter Int ShCh Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" to the rainbow bridge. Run free gorgeous boy. My thoughts are with Manne's owner Risto. Thank you AitoVet!


Second insemination done today. Everything went perfect like yesterday too. Irma was such a good girl. She was so excited when going again to Reprovet clinic today... So no hard feelings though the "husband" Luca wasn't personally there. Thank you Lena and Linda for the gentle handling and goodies for Irma! Now we keep our fingers crossed!


Today was the BIG DAY for me and Katja. Irma got inseminated by Luca's semen :-O


It has been a busy day - no time for Valentines Day wishes. But I hope you had a wonderfull day Irma will have her BIG DATE with "Luca's semen" tomorrow morning. Please, keep your fingers crossed for the successful insemination.


Huge congratulations Mari and Mikko for Nuutti's official International Show Champion (C.I.E.) title. Nuutti gained his last needed CACIB already on 29th September, 2018... but his breeder has been so lazy to apply the title, that he received it as late as End January 2020 ���� Nuutti's daughter Riekonhovin Surprise Sugar "Siiri" gained the same title in September 2019.


Fabulous Nattaset family evening. Lovely food, drinks and friends <3 Thank you!


We have very exciting puppy plans for this Spring. Margaret & Brian Attwood, Swannery English Setters in Scotland have visited with our late INT Sh Ch, WW-13, EST & LV Ch, EST VCh, EST & LT JCh, NordW-15, NordVW-15, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10, TLNW-13   Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" Angelika von Heimendahl at Vetrepro in England in 2011 when Luca was staying for the shows four months at his breeders's place. I have now imported Luca's frozen semen to Finland and we are waiting for Irma's (JWW-18 Nattaset True Spring) season to begin :-O These all excitement and expenses propably will kill me, but I am planing to stop breeding, so I want to do this now - whatever it costs!


Beautiful and always so sweet & gentle Fiina (Nattaset Bluebottle) went over the rainbow bridge today with the age of almost 14 years. My thoughts are with Fiina's family.


Excellent news from Sweden! Nattaset Tackar och Bockar "Alice" has B hips. Huge congratulations Maria & Jarri!

11.01.   Great start for the year 2020! Panda's (Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen) daughter "Alex" Gemsett Ice Cold In Alex At Mariglen won BOB at Boston & District Canine Society under Mrs Pam Marston-Pollock today. Well done Jane & co!!!

What a lovely start for 2020! Irma and her joyful playmates Kirppu & Java. We are so lucky to have these two wonderful Nattaset girls here now for a while. Btw - I think we are going to have a grooming day with Kirppu and Irma soon again!