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NEWS 2019


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We had a lovely guest in New Year. Java (Nattaset Samma På Svenska) stayed cople of days to cheer up us after loosing Chiara. Irma and Kirppu had gret time with this little fellow <3


We had to say good buy to our sweet little girl Chiara - we miss you so much!

"Nuku vain jos väsyttää
vielä valvon vierellä.
Ja viimein sun matkaan
ei pääse saattajatkaan.
Ja lohtu on mulle
että siellä on kaikki sulle"

Int ShCh, HelVW-16, SVW-16, NordW-13, FinW-13, Est JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara"
26.6.2008 - 27.12.2019
Nuku hyvin pieni rakas ❤️


Nordic Ch Show in Stockholm, judge Henric Fryckstrand, Sweden. Our Swedish team kept the Nattaset flag flying - though the judge didn't understand our juniors "puppyish" outlook, Alice, Samba and of course also Sir James made their breeder (me) and their owners very proud! The last sentence in Alice's critic tells everything "Needs more time to come out as her best": I am very happy that they are not ready at the age of 17 months! As you can see, Alice was showing her tongue to the judge ;-P

  • Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" BM4
  • Nattaset Trevlig Resa "Samba" junior class 3rd
  • Nattaset Tackar Och Bockar "Alice" juniror class 4th

Thank you Annelie for the great pictures!


What a good boy he was on Saturday at Helsinki Winner-19 show! May I introduce you our brand new Helsinki Junior Winner 2019 Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie", owner Tiina Heinonen and perfectly handled by Pilvi Uotila. Frankie, you made and really "safed" our day!

The results under Mrs Margret O'Gorman, Ireland:

  • Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie" junior class 1st, excellent, cq, HelJW-19
  • Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" open class 3rd, excellent
  • Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig "Anni" junior class 2nd, excellent
  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" open class 3rd, excellent
  • Nattaset Of Bodom "Kerppu" open class 4rh, excellent
  • Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" BM2 (dad of Frankie and "Svenskar" litter)
  • Riekonhovin Surprise Sugar "Siiri" BB2 (daughter of Nattaset Unforgettable).
    Well done Kätlin, Tuula, Tiina, Anu, Jukka, Minna and Anna! Pictures by Tiina Heinonen.


OMG what happened to this sweet little girl Kirppu when she came to stay for a holiday at her breeder's place! But I really have to admit, that she was looking the cutiest little setter maybe in the whole world before the change of her hair style.


Essi & Aada visited us today since a long time. Irma had great fun with her sister.


We had some nice ring training today with sweet little Anni. Thank you to our top handler Pilvi!


Happy Father's day to all Nattaset Setter fathers! In the picture FinW-13 Ceilono Autumn's Blues "Kaunas", father of Nattaset "Autumn" puppies.

BaltW-98, Nord & FinW-97 Tuliketun Tulilintu ”Elmo”
Fin ShCh, FinW-00, NordW-01 SW-02 Moon Magic Po Pengtsson “Pest”
Hurwyn Special Agent ”Hippi”
Est JCh, JW-03 Nattaset Special Agent Jr “Pertti”
Hu & Est JCh Mariglen Holy Moses ”Moses”
Domoszloi-Vadasz Road Show ”Robbie”
Int ShCh, WW-13, EST & LV Ch, EST VCh, Est & Lt JCh, NordW-15, NordVW-15, JWW-08, Balt JW-08, EstW-09, NordW-09, LvW-10, SW-10, FinW-10, TlnW-13 Swannery Unforgettable "Luca"
Int & GB & Dutch & PL ShCh Wansleydale Orszak Prince "Johnny”
Pl & Lt & Lv & Est & Balt Ch Givancy Magenta-In-Blue "Hubert"
Int ShCh, KbhW-12, Pmw-13 Nattaset Have A Look "Ossi"
Farthingale High Gear "Hugo"
Int & Est & Lv ShCh, Lv & Lt JCh Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny"
FinW-13 Ceilono Autumn's Blues "Kaunas"
HelW-16 Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki"
Lv & Est ShCh, Lv & Lt & Est & Balt JCh Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson"
Moonset Black Dancer "Leevi"
Courtier's Beloved "Sinko"


Wohoo, great news from 2nd day at Tarto int ch shows. Lv & Est ShCh, NordJW-13 Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" won BOS & CACIB under Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Huge congrats Pilvi and thank you so much for keeping the Nattaset flag flying so high again!

Nattaset Blue Angel


Verna (Est & Lv ShCh, NordJW-13 Nattaset Blue Angel) had an "excellent" day in Tarto int ch show. She was champion class 2nd under Viktor Lobakin, Aserbaidžan. Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" was open class 3rd and her daughter "Alex" Gemsett Ice Cold In Alex at Mariglen (picture) won RCC at Pointer & Setter in Uk. Well done ladies!


Great news from Växjö int ch show In Sweden. Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" won second best dog with res-CACIB. Nattaset Trevlig Resa "Samba" won Junior class and her mom "Kokos" Farthingale Touch of Orange won Best Bitch and BOS with CACIB under Tatiana Urek. Huge Congratulations Annelie, Carina and Pernilla!


I had a great time (eight days) as a dog sitter at Kätlin & Andrus' place in Viinistu village in Estonia. Of course I missed my own darlings who were at my friends' Anu, Katja and Tuula's places - thank you so much for you help <3 Here are some pictures of our walks on the Pärispea beach.


Gordon Setter
Despina Auriferous Dancer "Morris"
28.2.2009 - 21.10.2019

Sateenkaarisiltaa pitkin
käy ystäväni tie.
Siellä sillan tuolla puolen
sillä hyvä olla lie.
(Birgit Ahokas)

My thoughts are with Morris' owner Sara.


Wohoo, perfect day at Valmiera ch show in Latvia = Two brand new Latvian champions ���� BOB for Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" and BOS Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" under Myriam Vermeire, Belgium. Huge congrats Kätlin and Kati!

Brand new Latvian champion and BIG-2 at Valmiera ch show Est, Lv, Lt & Balt JCh Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" (sire of Nattaset "Svenskar" and Seaset "for Nattaset" puppies), owner Kätlin Kaldoja, Estonia.

Brand new Latvian Champion Lv & Est JCh, FinJW-16 Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla", owner Kati Falck.


Polish & German ShCh, German JCh, GermanJW-10
Nattaset Exotic Dancer "Finja"
1.9.2009 - 8.10.2019
Finja was owned and loved by Hannelore und Gerhard, Germany - my thoughts are with you!
"Ich frage mich, ob die Sterne leuchten, damit jeder seinen eigenen eines Tages wiederfindet."
(Der kleine Prinze)


New pictures of Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie" (15 months) Pictures by Satu Saarinen.

Sire: Lv ShCh, Lv & Lt & Est & Balt JCh Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson"
Dam: Lv ShCh, Lv & Est JCh, FinJW-16 Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla"


Walk in the woods today :-)


Happy four years birthday to all Nattaset "Autumn" puppies Pompula, Loitsu, Nasu, Osku, Mason, Simo and Blackie!


Good morning from Chiara 11 years and 2 months (Int ShCh, HelVW-16, SVW-16, NordW-13, FinW-13, Est JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella)


Chiara's litter brother Nattaset Grande Casanova "Valter" crossed the rainbowbridge on 13th September, 2019 with the age of 11 years and 2 months. My thoughts are with Valter's owner Tuomo.

Valter was actually a pet dog but I had the honour to show him some times and he made me very proud by winning BIG-1 at the int ch show in Oulu in 2011 and he also won BIS-4 at Setter and Pointer club show in Finland in 2011

12.09.   Happy 4 years birthday Risto (WW-18, Dutch ShCh, Fin JW-16 Mariglen McLaren "Chris")

Today the Nattaset flag was flying high at ISF setter speciality. The judge was Sharon Littlechild, Ravensett Setters, Uk. Nattaset Trevlig Resa "Samba" won BOS and Nattaset True Silk "Olivia" BB2. Huge congratulations Carina & Kickie!


Happy 10 years birthday to Nattaset "Dancer" litter!

01.09.   Great news from England. Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" won the strong graduate class at Birmingham ch show today! Huge congratulations to Carlos' owners Chris and Jane!

Today we had berry thieves in our garden ;-)


On the dog beach Käyrälampi here in Kouvola


We (Irma and me) spent a lovely weekend with our dear Estonian friends - here are some pictures of Irma and Branson in Kätlin and Andrus' garden.


Irma (JWW-18 Nattaset True Spring) did it! Luige int ch show BOS with CAC & CACIB (she was the only bitch, no american ones to beat her) under the gundog specialist from Sweden Mr H Fryckstrand. Kätlin's Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" won BD3. Thank you Kätlin and Andrus for your great hospitality. Picture by Anne-Stiina.

11.08.   Today at Bournemouth ch show, judge Mr D Lewis, Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" won 1st in open class and Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" 2nd in a strong post graduate class. Well done Chris Sayers, Jane Dennis & co.
11.08.   Another great show day for Annelie and Sir James at Askersund ch show under Mr Benny Blidh von Schedvin. Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" won BOB. Huge congratulations Annelie!!!

Great news from Ronneby ch show in Sweden! Fartingale Touch Of Orange "Kokos" - mom of Nattaset "Svenskar" puppies (Ch Vanquish Move Forward x C.I.E Nattaset Angel's Touch) BOB, Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" BOS and Nattaset Tackar Och Bockar "Alice" BB2 under Mr John Hartigan, Ireland. Huge congratulations ladies Pernilla, Annelia and Maria! Photos by Annelie Granath and Helena Johansson.


My tears are falling. We had to say good bye today evening to sweet little Mette. Her lovely temperament and beauty are living in her 9 lovely puppies, 17 grand children and 9 grand grand children. My thoughts are with Mette's loving and caring owner Pia. Thank you Pia for giving Mette a wonderful and happy life!

04.08.   Great news from England: Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" has won Graduate dog at National Gundog Association. Huge congrats Chris!

Happy 4 years birthday to Nattaset "Band" puppies Nike, Elton, Kalle, Kerppu, Veera, Panda, Pulla and Misty. We had a lovely party at Tuula's place with Tuula and Veera, Sasha, Vilkku, Chiara and Irma.


I g ot sad news today. R.I.P. Christer Jansson. Thank you Christer (Moon Magic English Setters) so much for breeding our lovely ShCh, FinW-00-01, NordW-01, SW-02 Moon Magic Po Pengtsson "Pest" (born 1997, pictures in 2002 by Kickie Boman) and so many other lovely Suntop-line English Setters!


Happy 7 years birthday to all Nattaset "Angels" Julius, Finn, Essu, Hilu, Verna, Nellie, Holly & Lilla - and kisses and hugs to Milli over the rainbow bridge


I am over the moon! We had such a lovely day at Eukanuba ch show in Espoo today.
Our results:

  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" BOB
  • Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie" BOS, CAC
  • Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" BD2, res CAC
  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" BB2
  • Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette" BB4, BVOB
  • Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig "Anni" (13 months) BB5, CAC
  • Nattaset breeder group: Best breeder group of breed

Thank you so much Mrs Eeva Rautala for thinking so highly of our dogs! Thank you ladies for this lovely show day and huge congratulations! Pictures by Linda Toivonen.

On the way home I got an unbelievable message from England! Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" got today "THE TICKET" (CC) at Leeds ch show under Mrs G Baker (Mandyset). Wow wow wow - I am speechless! Well done ladies Jane Dennis & co!


Irma, Veera, Kerttu and Anni having fun in my garden today


Happy ONE year birthday to all Nattaset "Svenskar" puppies Java, Anni, Alice, Samba, Reetta, Nätti, Sasha, Fobbe and Bruno!


On Wednesday I had a pleasure to give a bath and groome this gorgeous gentleman "Elton" Nattaset Von Hertzen Brother! Thank you Satu so much for your visit in Kouvola - and thank you Hanna for lending your stripping tools and thank you Canin Care for leasing your great washing place and grooming room with electric lifting grooming table which is absolutely fantastic! Sorry, we didn't have enough time for drying Elton's legs....


Happy one year birthday to Seaset Storm Bird For Nattaset "Teppo" and Seaset Storm Rider "Frankie"!


Great news from Borås, Sweden. Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" won BOB and BIG-4 today under Mr Michael Leonard, Irland. Huge congratulations Annelie! Picture by Per Undèn.


Happy 11 years birthday to my little darling "Chiara" Int ShCh, SVW-16, HelVW-16, FinW-13, NordW-13, EST JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella and all her litter brothers and sisters!!


Happy MidSummer <3


Frankie and Chiara in our summer house <3


Lazy days in our summer house


Nattaset Captain Hook “Ossi Jr”
 13.3.2012 - 3.6.2019

Minä saatan sinut pehmeään lehtoon,
koirille varattuun ikuiseen kehtoon.
Tuuditan uneen,
kuin pehmoiseen lumeen.
Silitän kerran,
itken kesäsateen verran.
Ihan kaikesta kiitän,
muistot lohdukseni elämäni kirjaan liitän.

My thoughts are with Ossi's owner Tiina <3


These great pictures of Frankie, Irma, Kerttu and Anni at Estonian Setter Show were taken by Jane Faizullin dog photography. Thank you so much!


Estonian Setter Club show 2.6.2019 under Mr David Bell, Uk.

  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" BOB, CAC, BIG-4
  • Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig "Anni" jun cl 2nd, excellent
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" open cl very good
  • Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie" jun cl 2nd, very good
  • Nattaset breeder group BIS-3 breeder

Huge congratulations to Anni's and Frankie dad Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" & Kätlin, Anne and Andrus for Branson's BOS! There were 12 English Setters entered from which 5 got very good. So maybe we should be happy with these results. Thank you Anu for the lovely travel companion!


Nattaset show in Espoo, judge Nicola Ruigrok, Ireland. Here are some pictures <3

24.05.   Nattaset Summer days started today <3

Our veterinary physiotherapist Mirka visited us today - all dogs ready for Nattaset show!


Happy mother's day Pulla and Holly <3 with love, Frankie and Irma

12.05.   Another "excellent" day for Alice (Nattaset Tackar Och Bockar) at Roskilde int ch show in Denmark under the all-rounder judge Ramune Kazlauskaite from Lithuania (her favourite breeds are Molosse, especially Rottweiler, also Chihuahua). Huge congratulations Maria and Karri for the great show start with Alice!

Great news from Roskilde int ch show in Denmark. Alice (Nattaset Tackar Och Bockar) started her show career with "excellent" under Mr Shaun Watson, UK. This judge seems to be strict, so Alice's result excellent even without cq is really high valued! Congratulations to Maria  and Karri for Alice's great result!!!


Sometimes (actually quite often) I am feeling flustered when thinking of our breed in other countries than in England. I have been trying to find a show interested family for this lovely boy (Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie") since 8 months (he is now almost 10 months) in Finland - but no-one is interested in him. This tells everything about our breed over here. But actually I am not so very gutted if he is staying with me ;-) Thank you Pilvi for handling Frankie so lovely for the pictures!

Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset


WHAT A DAY!!! Ksp Setter and Pointer club show today, judge Patricia Rutherford , UK (Kennel Clonageera):

  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" BIS-3
  • Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig "Anni" BB2
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" BB3
  • Nattaset Of Bodon "Kerppu" BB4
  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" Ch class 2nd, HP
  • Seaset Storm Rider For Nattaset "Frankie" BD2
  • Winning Ticket Of Slow Fox "Foxy" BVOS
  • Judge's choice "Anni"
  • Nattaset Breeder group BIS-1 Breeder

Thank you everybody for this great day <3 Bis-3 picture by Minna Palonen.


Great news from Vaasa Int Ch Show: Int ShCh, Est & Lv Ch, Fin JW-10 Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette" (9,5 years) BOB and BVOB under the honoured gundog specialist Henrik Fryckstrand from Sweden. Huge congratulations Pia and thank you for keeping Mette in so excellent condition!!!


I had such lovely visitors today - Nattaset Autumn Play "Nasu" and her grand mom Int ShCh, Lv & Est Ch, Fin JW-10 Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette". Mette, 9,5 years, ready for the int Ch show in Vaasa. Good luck little darling <3


Happy two years birthday to my little darling Irma and all her siblings!!!


Pulla before, during and after the grooming session :-D


International Dog Show 23.3.2019, Turku, judge MADSEN JESSIE BORREGAARD, Denmark

  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BM3
  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" BB2,CAC,RES-CACIB
  • Nattaset Jag Älskar Dig "Anni" BPOB

Pictures by Mikko Sokka.


Greetings from Kennel Wandsfell, Kennel Nattaset och Kennel Farthingale English Setters in Sweden. Pictures by Annelie Granath.

23.03.   Wohoo, Tallinn all breeds ch show BOB, CC and brand new Estonian Sh Ch Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha". The judge was Olga Sinko Kuprianova, Slovenia. Huge congratulations Panja!!!

Happy 7 years birthday to Nattaset "Fairy tale" puppies Keiju, Ossi Jr and Toivo!


Happy 5 years birthday to Nattaset "Love" puppies Kirppu, Kerttu, Sasha, Windy, Nuutti and Vallu!!!


Chiara's best friend veterinary physiotherapist Mirka Vaalivirta <3


Happy 6 years birthday to all Nattaset "Amore" Gordon Setter puppies!!!


Happy 11 years birthday to Nattaset "Star Wars" Gordon Setter puppies! I gave my kennel name and all help and support needed to kiia and Tommi who took excellent care of all nine lovely puppies with mom Aada and "aunt" Lupu <3


What happens when you try to take some serious birthday card pictures of your English Setters ;-)


Sister and her brother 7 years ago - today they are celebrating 10 years birthday - time flies! Happy birthday Seela and Morris!


We got a picture greeting from Nattaset Tackar och Bockar "Alice" living in Sweden <3


Swedish Irish Setter Club's show in Valla, judge Ewa Widstrand: BPOB and BPIS-3 Nattaset Trevlig Resa "Samba". Huge congratulations Carina and thank you for the picture Camilla Östman!


Lovely sunny winter day in my garden with doggy friends <3


We have 73 cm snow... Enough is enough :-O


Wohoo, what a great start for this show year! Thank you Mr Bell for thinking so highly of our dogs. And huge congratulations and thanks to Team Nattaset, Seaset and Deringan for keeping the true English type flag flying so high today!!!

  • Bournehouse Stormy Weather "Branson" BD1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
  • Mariglen McLaren "Risto" BD2, res-CACIB, res-CAC
  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" BB1, CACIB, CAC, BOB
  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" BB2, res-CACIB
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BB3
  • Nattaset Of Bodom "Kerppu" open cl 2nd
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" open cl 3rd
  • Valsett Starlite Rainbow "Moira" open cl 4th
  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" champion class 3rd
  • Nattaset Best breeder group of breed


Wohoo, Pilvi and Verna did it, BOB and CC at Tarto all breeds ch show under George Kostopoulos, Greece!!! May I introduce a brand new Estonian Show Champion Nattaset Blue Angel! Huge congratulations Pilvi!!! Who could though some years ago after many operations in her badly broken leg that she can some day take part to a dog show again... And even win some new champion titles???!!!