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NEWS 2016


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24.12.   Merry Christmas from Nattaset!

Finnish Winner 2016 int ch show, judge Rachel Shaw-Rainey, Ireland

  • Mariglen McLaren "Chris" junior class 1st, Fin JW-16
  • Nattaset Von Hertzen Brother "Elton" jun cl 2nd, cq, res-cac
  • Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" interm class 2nd
  • Ceilono Autumn Blues "Kaunas" open cl 4th
  • Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" junior class 1st, Fin JW-16, res-cac
  • Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" BB2, cac, res-cabib (turns into cacib)
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" ch class 1st, cq
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" open class 4th, cq
  • Nattaset breeder group 2nd with Prize of honour

Helsinki Winner 2016 int ch show, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

  • Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" BOB, HelW-16, cacib, cc
  • Ceilono Autumn Blues "Kaunas" BD3
  • Mariglen McLaren "Chris" junior class 2nd
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" ch class 3rd
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BB3, res-cacib
  • Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" BB4, res-cc
  • Nattaset of Bodom "Kerppu" junior class 4th
  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" junior class very good
  • Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" BVOB, HelVW-16
  • Nattaset breeder group 2nd with Prize of honour

Well done everybody!!!!

04.12.   Today at Northern English Setter society Ch show, judge for bitches Mrs. J. Day (Decoverley), Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" won the strong junior class and gained the JUNIOR WARRANT title - thank you Jane Dennis & co, well done!!!!

Today at Swedish Winner 2016 show under John Thirlwell:

  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOB, SW-16, Cacib
  • Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" BB2, BVOB, SVW-16
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BD2, Cacib
  • Mariglen McLaren "Chris" junior class 2nd
30.11.   Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" 2nd in very strong junior class at Southern English Setter Association's ch show last Sunday :-) Well done Jane Dennis & co!!!
27.11.   We had a lovely Nattaset Christmas party with 26 people and 25 dogs :-D
12.11.   Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen kept the finnish flag flying high in Scotland under Greg Brown from Australia by winning the junior class again! Well done Jane & co!

Our Latvian Setter Speciality winners under Diane Stewart-Ritchie, GB today:

  • Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" BIS, BVIS
  • Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" BJIS, Lv JCh, Est JCh

Great news from Tarto Int Ch Show today too, judge Tony Rainey from Ireland.

  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" BOS, CACIB, CAC
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BD3
  • Nattaset of Bodon "Kerppu" 1st in junior class (very good)

Well done girls & Nuutti!!! Have a safe home trip!


Great news from Tarto Int Ch Show, judge Domenico di Matteo, Italy!

  • Nattaset of Bodon "Kerppu" BOS, BJOB and Jun CAC
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" BB2, CACIB, CAC
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BD2, reserve-CACIB.

Well done girls & Nuutti <3 Thank you Anu, Mari, Mikko and Minna for keeping Nattaset flag flying so high this weekend!!!


Gundog Society of Wales Ch show today, judge Mr  Stewart Cummings

  • Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" 1st in both junior and novice classes

Well done girls and thank you Mr Cumming for thinking of Panda so highly!

07.10.   South WALES CH SHOW, 07/10/16, judge Jeff Horswell
Junior bitch 1st Denniss, Harris & Morgan’s Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen, very typy bitch who excels in profile action. She has a super head, kind expression. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Deep chest. Could come up on leg a fraction for her length still. Level in topline. Well bent stifle. Just needs to tighten out & back.
Well done girls!!!
28.09.   Huge congratulations for Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" and White Lily Lofty "Riesa" brand new champion titles - both are now officially Latvian Junior Champions as well as Latvian Show Champions!!!
25.09.   STOKE ON TRENT & District Gundog club, Gundog group open show 25/09/16, judge ANNE CIELECKI (Annapurna) – Junior class 1st Dennis, Harris & Morgan's Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen, beautiful dark blue bitch who oozed quality from the tip of her nose to the end of her ever wagging tail. She had the sweetest chiselled head with darkest of eyes that melted my heart. Her construction was good throughout showing balance & poise for one so young. She was quietly & sympathetically handled to show her at her very best. BOB, shortlisted for BIS.
Well done Jane & Panda!!!
25.09.   Nattaset "Autumn" puppies today 1 year - happy birthday Blackie, Osku, Simo, Mason, Loitsu, Nasu and Pomps <3

Eckero Int ch today under Diane Stewart-Richie, Ireland
What a great day again!!!! 

  • Mariglan McLaren “Chris” Jun cl 2nd 
  • Nattaset Arctic Monkey “Kalle” Jun cl 3rd
  • Nattaset Von Herzen Brother ”Elton” jun cl 1st, CQ, BM1, BOS
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love”Nuutti” open cl 1st
  • Nattaset of Bodom “Kerppu” jun cl 1st, CQ, BB4, CAC
  • Nattaset Silirimpsis “Pulla” jun cl 3rd
  • Nattaset Wild Rose ”Veera” jun cl 2nd
  • Nattaset Winter Love “Kerttu” open cl 2nd, CQ, Res CAC
  • White Lily Lofty “Riesa” open cl 1st, BB1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2
  • Nattaset Samba Dancer “Mette” ch cl 1st, CQ, BB3, res-CACIB
  • Nattaset Bluebottle “Fiina” vet cl 2nd, CQ
  • Nattaset Droppo Bella “Chiara” vet cl 1st, CQ, BB2, BVOB
  • Nattaset breeder group Best breeder group of breed with HP


  • Nattaset Promo Amore "Bella" ch cl 3rd
  • Despina Amazing Love "Seela" ch cl 1st, CQ, BB1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3
16.09.   Our breeding plans with Nattaset Arctic Winter " Vilma" turned into the tumour operation today :-( Vilma is doing ok after the operation and we wish her a quick recovery. Thank you again Aitovet clinik!!!
12.09.   Happy 1 year birthday Chris (Mariglen McLaren) and all his brothers and sisters!!!
11.09.   Today Panda (Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen) was 2nd in a very strong junior class (9 entries) at Richmond Championship Dog Show under Mr John Thirlwell (Ferndell). Big congratulations Jane Dennis, Linda and Di! Well done to Panda's handler Christopher Gosling. We are so very proud of our sweet little girl <3
09.09.   Happy six years birthday to all Nattaset "ARCTIC puppies" Vilma, Sara, Poppy, Ina, Winny, Hudson and Skippy! Kisses and hugs to Jack over the rainbow bridge <3
05.09.   Our guests - after trimming :-) Two very handsome boys owned by Anna Antikainen. FinW-13 Ceilono Autumn Blues "Kaunas" (almost 6 years) and Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" 17 months.

We lost another special friend yesterday: 
Lv Ch, Est & Lv JCh, Balt JW-13, Fin JW-13 Nattaset Mommy's Angel "Milli" 
(31.7.2012 - 1.9.2016)

We may not be together
In the way we used to be;
We are still connected by a
Cord no eye can see.
So whenever you need to find me
We're never far apart
If you look beyond the horizon
And listen with your heart.

My warmest sympathies go to Milli's owner Jenni Tommila <3 Milli's great character and beauty lives in her lovely progenies. Run free little darling!


INT Sh Ch, WW-13, EST & LV Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10, TLNW-13, NordW-15, NordVW-15 Swannery Unforgettable "Luca"
(8.4.2007 - 1.9.2016)

I Lost a Friend 
I lost a special friend yesterday
the kind you can't replace,
and looking at his empty bed
I still can see his beautiful face.
I know he's in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.
I know he's watching over me
He'll be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on his beloved head
I told my friend goodbye.

Our special boy is gone, but he has left a lot of beautiful memories in our hearts. We miss him so much <3

01.09.   Today the vet made a endoscopy to Luca but the stomack was looking ok. At the same time she found a "ball" near by his penis. The other vet operated him and there was a quite big tumor in his small intestine. She took the tumor away but there is no quarantine that he will recover, because he is so anemic. We cannot give him new blood because he got so bad complications last time when he was in Helsinki univercity clinik after the snake bite. So, now we pray and hope the best,that his blood will get better and that the operated intestine will heal and work.
01.09.   Happy 7 years birthday Nattaset Dancer "puppies" Blixten, Vili, Kerttu, Mette, Vilma, Finja, Fanny and Salsa
31.08.   Our sweet gentleman Luca is very poorly today. His packed cell volume, PCV is getting all time lower and lower. The vet didn't find why this happens, but we still try to find out to get him feeling better again <3
27.08.   We celebrated today my house-warming with lovely friends :-)
22.08.   Summer house
15.08.   Grooming day with Katja :-)
10.08.   Guests in my garden
04.08.   I entered Chiara to a dog show - and what decited she to do!!!???
04.08.   Happy 1 year birthday to the "Band" litter Nike, Kalle, Elton, Panda, Veera, Misty, Kerppu and Pulla!!!
24.07.   In our Summer house <3
20.07.   Today we visited Riekonhovin beautiful puppies sired by Lv Ch Lv JCh Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti".

Another great show day at Ogre, Latvia, judge Liam Moran from Ireland

  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOB
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti"BOS
  • Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" BB2 with jun CAC. I am so happy and proud!

Wohoo, what a great day at Ogre show in Latvia! 

  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOB and brand new Latvian show champion
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BOS and also new Latvian show champion
  • Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" was BB2 and got her first junior CAC!!! Huge congrats Katja, Kati, Mari ja Mikko!
13.07.   Happy 5-years birthday to Nattaset "Perfume" litter; Esko, Greta, Alison, Fien, Kaffe and Alma!!

Today is a special day for Nattaset English Setters! The very first Nattaset puppies were born 18 years ago. N After That "Jill", N For All that "Shiva", N That's It "Nikita", N That's That "Dayna", N That's The Way "Iita", N That's All "Oliver" and N That's Right "Rick".
Sire: BaltW-98, Nord&FinW-97 Tuliketun Tulilintu (Valsett Star Performance x Tuliketun Neitoperho; grand daughter of Suntop Nightingale) 
Dam: Int ShCh, Lv & Dutch ShCh, LvW-98 Bothwell Piece Of Heaven (Valsett Starlite Flyer x Bothwell East Of Eden; from Yeo parents).

08.07.   Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" hips B/B, elbows 0/0 - happy happy!!!
03.07.   In our summer house with Chiara and Kirppu <3
29.06.   Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" hips B/B & elbows 0/0.
28.06.   We moved with Chiara!!!
27.06.   Happy 8-years birthday to the "Italian" litter; Chiara, Muru, Viola, Cassie, Valter ja Grande!!! The way into the veteran class is open now :-D
25.06.   Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen BPOS today at Blackpool ch show under Mr Mike Gadsby. Thank you very much Tereza Watkins for this lovely picture. Well done Jane Dennis & Panda!
25.06.   Happy Midsummer!!!
21.06.   Some new pictures of Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" (before and after the grooming)
Sire: INT Sh Ch, WW-13, EST & LV Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10, TLNW-13, NordW-15, NordVW-15 Swannery Unforgettable "Luca"
Dam: INT & EST & LV ShCh , LV & EST JCh Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma"
16.06.   Our dog physiotherapist Mirka - everybody wants to be close to her!!!

Estonian Setter Speciality 4.6.2016, judge Catherine Pil, Belgium

  • BPIS, BPOB Mariglen Mclaren “Chris”
  • BVIS-2, BD2, Vet CAC -> Est VCh Swannery Unforgettable “Luca”
  • Jun class 2nd, CQ Nattaset Of Bodom “Kerppu”
  • BJIS-2, BB4, Jun CAC Nattaset Silirimpsis ”Pulla”
  • BIS-2, BOB, CAC White Lily Lofty “Riesa”
  • Open class 3rd, CQ Fantail's Królowa Z Orszaku “Elli”
  • Ch class 2nd, CQ Nattaset Arctic Winter “Vilma”
  • BB2 Nattaset Droppo Bella ”Chiara”
  • Vet CAC Nattaset Bluebottle “Fiina”
  • Best Breeder In Show 2nd Nattaset

The Gordon Setters:

  • BB2 Despina Amazing Love “Seela”
  • BB3, CAC -> Est ShCh Nattaset Primo Amore “Bella”

Absolutelly amazing day for Team Nattaset! BIG thanks for the great weekend and congrats to all of you Katja Väkiparta, Anu Lehto, Minna Palonen, Tomi Palonen, Peppi, Kati Falck, Mikko, Julius, Johanna Kemppi and Pete Kemppi!!! And thank you so much Mrs Catherine Pil for thinking so highly of our dogs! Huge congrats to Kätlin Kaldoja for Shanty's BOS and Vicky's BB3 and it was great to spend a nice barbeque evening with you!

30.05.   Nikke went to his own home in Sweden. Good luck little boy <3
28.05.   Today at Järvenpää all breeds ch show Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" 2nd best bitch under Trevor Hiscock, South Africa (there was a change of judge again). Huge congratulations Panja & Sasha!!!!
23.05.   Today Nattaset Rock "puppies" have their 9 years birthday - many happy returns Vilkku, Jamppa and Eetu!!!

I am so proud of the Team Nattaset again!!! Int Ch Show today in Helsinki, judge Eeva Rautala:

  • BOB, BVOB Swannery Unforgettable "Luca"
  • BOS, BVOS, CAC Nattaset Rock Baby "Vilkku"
  • BB2, CACIB White Lily Lofty "Riesa"
  • BD3, res-CAC, res-CACIB Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti"

Well done Katja, Mari, Mikko, Panja and thanks for the cheer Anu!!!

15.05.   Today at Midland English Setter Society open show our little girl Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" won a strong Puppy class (8 entries) as well as the Maiden bitch class too. She was the BPOS. Huge congratulations Jane Dennis, Linda Harris and Di Morgan! Thank you for the great pictures Tereza & Jill!
11.05.   Team Nattaset Vilkku, Sasha, Kirppu, Chiara and Riesa (Veera has left the picture...) today at Käyrälampi dog beach.

Brilliant show day again. Ch show (FCI groups 5, 6, 7 and 8) today in Kouvola, breed and group 7/8 judge Hannele Jokisilta, BIS-judge Tuula Savolainen, Team Nattaset results:

  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" BPOB
  • Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" 2nd best puppy
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOB, CC, BIG-1, BIS-1
  • Nattaset Rock Baby "Vilkku" BB2, res CC, BVOB
  • Nattaset Bluebottle "Fiina" BB3
  • Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu" BB4
  • Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" open cl 3rd
  • Best breeder group of breed Nattaset

The Gordon Setter:

  • Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" 2nd best bitch with res. CC

Huge congratulations and BIG thanks to all owners and handlers!!!!! You made my day again <3


KSP club show for setters and pointers under the judge Claire Lewis from GB. 

  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" BPOB, BPIS
  • Nattaset Von Hertzen Brother "Elton" BPOS
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOB, BIS-1, Best progeny group of Breed, BIS-2 Progeny group
  • Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette" BB3
  • Nattaset Mommy's Angel "Milli" BB4
  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" BVOS, BD2
  • Nattaset Of Bodom "Kerppu" Puppy cl 2nd
  • Nattaset Autumn Mist "Misty" Turist cl 3rd
  • White Edelseiss Lofty "Rita" Open cl 3rd
  • Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu" Open cl 4th
  • Nattaset: Nattaset Blue Angel" "Verna" Best cheer leader of Team Nattaset
  • Nattaset Best breeder group of breed, BIS-4 breeder group
16.04.   Farthingale Setter show in Sweden

WOHOO!!! Great results from Mäntsälä ch show: Judge Aila Lehmussaari.

  • Nattaset of Bodom "Kerppu" BPOB
  • Gordon Setter: Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" BOS

Huge congrats Minna and Jossu!

03.04.   ESS of Wales ch show Best puppy in show Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" (Int ShCh, Est & Lv ShCh, Lv & Lt JCh Nattaset Arctic Night - Junior World Winner 2014 (BOS), Lv JCh White Lily Lofty).

Wohoo great morning at Lahti int ch show under Domenico Di Matteo from Italy:

  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" BOS and BVOB
  • Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" BB2 with CAC and Res-CACIB which turns into CACIB!!!

Well done Katja and Luca!!! Congrats to Panja & Sasha too!

01.04.   Pictures of Nuutti & Vappu
28.03.   New pictures of Nattaset Nightwish "Nikke"

Imatra Int Ch Show under Anca Giura, Israel (there was a change of the judge):

  • Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla" BPOB
  • Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu" 2nd in open class

Well done girls!!!

22.03.   Chiara has been operated today - some tumors
16.03.   We had a lovely "walk" with Chiara, Nike, Sasha, Vilkku, Kerttu, Vilma and Elli on the lake ice today.
14.03.   Happy 10-years birthday to Nattaset "Flower puppies" Venla, Leona, Fiina and Morris!!! My thoughts are also with Ulla, Lupu and Inna's owners.
13.03.   Happy two years birthday to all Nattaset "Love" puppies Vallu, Nuutti, Windy, Kerttu, Sasha and Kirppu! Kisses to the little Kaisla over the rainbow bridge <3 Is it really two years already. Uuups, vielä kolme synttärisankaria tänään!!!! Eli Huisin PAAAALjon onnee 4-vuotissynttäreiden johdosta Nattaset "Fairy tale" pennuille Ossille, Toivolle ja Keijulle!!!!
12.03.   Winter fun with Pulla, Fiina, Chiara and Nike
12.03.   Synttäreitä pukkaa taas :-D Tänään onnittelemme Nattaset "Amore" gordoninsetteripentuetta eli Bellaa, Rillaa, Cindyä, Dorista ja Tinoa 3-vuotissynttäreiden johdosta! Huomenna ja ylihuomennakin on Nattasilla aihetta juhlaan
12.03.   Goda nyheter från SKK Strängnäs! Nattaset Arctic Monkey "Kalle" debuterade med den äran, BIR-valp!! Domare Bertil Lundgren. Grattis till ägare Nina Andersson och uppfödare Jaana Pöllänen från stolt gudmor 
11.03.   Winter fun with Chiara, Blackie and Nike
11.03.   Huge congratulations to Nattaset Gordon Setter "puppies" from the "Star wars"litter for their 8 years birthday!!!!
07.03.   For those of you who were wondering where she was flying to at the weekend, Nattaset Sonata Arctica is here with me living with her great grandpa Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson's Legacy. There has been a small hiccup with her name Sanni which sounds very like Xanthe and Frankie so she will now be known as Panda. My grateful thanks to Jaana Pöllänen andKatja Väkiparta for allowing her to join Mariglen

Nattaset Nightwish "Nikke" 7,5 kk etsii vielä omaa rakastavaa kotia! Nike on kiltti, jo aikuisen koiran mitoissa oleva setteriuros. Nike on sisäsiisti, terve, sisällä rauhallinen ja ulkona sopivan reipas ihanan lutunen poika. Sopii hyvin myös lapsiperheeseen. Tiedustelut p. 040 - 533 1366 tai

Nattaset Nightwish Nattaset Nightwish Nattaset Nichtwish


Puppy show in Kouvola, judge Marja Talvitie. The judge didn't understand the beautyness of our girls Nattaset Autumn Dream "Loitsu" & Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera", but I was very proud of them and how they were behaving in their very first show! Well done top handlers Hanna and Pilvi!

Nattaset Wild Rose Nattaset Wild Rose

05.03.   Panda to Uk

We had nice guests today. Satu and Nattaset Von Hertzen Brother "Elton" visited us and Sanni had a lot of fun with his two brothers in my back yeard :-) Thank you Satu for the visit and great pictures!

Nattaset von Herzen Brother


Puppy Show in Lahti, judge Rainer Vuorinen.

  • Nattaset Of Bodom "Kerppu" 1st with prize of honour

Huge congratulations Minna & Kerppu!!!

08.02.   Happy 13 years birthday to Nattaset Moonshine "Nelli" (picture taken in 2012)!!! Her litter sisters Jaana, Tytti, Luna and Berta and brothers Veksi, Nalle and Börje are already celebrating the birthday in dog's heaven.

Bisquit and Minna organized a match show for the puppies today in Lahti. We took part with Mariglen McLaren "Chris", Nattaset Nightwish "Nike" & Nattaset Sonata Arctica "Sanni" :-D



What a great day at KSP ry construction review for setters and pointers, judge Reia Leikola-Walden!

  • Nattaset Sonata Arctica "Sanni" BPOB, BPIS-4
  • Nattaset Black Eyed Pea "Misty" 2nd in puppy class
  • Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" BOB & BIS-3 Intermediate class, Best head (English Setters)
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" 2nd best bitch Intermediate class
  • Nattaset BIS-2 breeder group

Huge congratulations and thanks to Katja, Anu, Panja and Laura!!!


Winter fun on the lake ice :-) Klick the pictures to enlarge them.


Today it was time to say good bye to our little darling Ines - run free, we miss you so much <3

Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines"

18.01.   All "Autumn" puppies are happily in their own lovely homes!

Nattaset Of Bodom "Kerppu" and Minna started Kerppu's show carreer at the puppy show in Helsinki under the judge Irina Poletaeva. Kerppu got a quite nice description, but didn't get the prize of honour. But as Peppi said, she was the best one!!! Well done girls!

01.01.   Happy New Year!!!