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NEWS 2015


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Nordic Winner 2015 int. ch show today in Stockholm, judge :

06.12.   So sad news - Nattaset Piece Of Moon "Berta" (Moon Magic Po Pengtsson - Nattaset That's The Way) has crossed over the rainbow bridge today with the age of almost 13 years. My deepest sympathy goes out to Berta's owners Ina  and Annika.

Muutama pentu vielä vapaana.


In Loving Memoriam

Nattaset Rock Star "Kamu"

23.5.2007 - 20.11.2015

The best and most beautiful
Things in the world cannot
Be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.
-Helen Keller-


02.11.   May i introduce you the new Nattaset team member Mariglen McLaren "Chris".
14.10.   Int ShCh Nattaset Have A Look "Ossi" (8,5 years) - well done Pyry & Ossi!!!

Pentuja vielä vapaana Millin 24.9.2015 syntyneestä pentueesta. Pennut ovat luovutusiässä 12.11. alkaen.

27.09.   Team Nattaset did it today at Eckerö int ch show in Åland! Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BOB, CAC, Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" BOS, CACIB ja Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" BB2, CAC, res-CACIB. Congrats, thanks and cheers! The top judge today was Henrik Frycksrand from Sweden Thank you Kickie for these great pictures!!!
24.09.   Milli (Lv ShCh, BaltJW-13, Fin JW-13, Lv & Est JCh Nattaset Mommy's Angel) gave birth to 7 lovely puppies. The proud sire is FinW-13 Ceilono Autumn's Blues "Kaunas". More information on puppies page.
09.09.   Happy 5 years birthday to Nattaset "Arctic" litter Skippy, Hudson, Winny, Vilma, Ina, Sara and Poppy!!! Special wishes to Jack to the rainbow bridge, you live in our hearts forever.

Two national Ch Shows in Ventspils, Latvia. Judges Zsuzsanna Vaczi-Balough, Hungary and Zoya Olenikova, Ukranian.

  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BOB, JUN-CAC => Latvian Junior Champion
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" BOS, CAC

In Loving Memoriam

Nattaset Moonface "Luna"
8.2.2003 - 24.8.2015

"The best and most beautiful
Things in the world cannot
Be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart."
-Helen Keller


Chiara (Nattaset Droppo Bella) palkittiin tänään Kouvolan näyttelyn yhteydessä Kennelliiton kaverikoirien ansiomitalilla.


There will be two Nattaset English Setter litters this year! Milli is also in whelp and the puppies are due End of September. Puppy inquiries are welcome. We have still some bitch puppies available from Riesa's litter. more information on puppies page.


Junior World Winner 2014 (BOS), Lv JCh White Lily Lofty "Riesa" (hips B, elbows 0/0, BAER normal) gave birtht to eight (5 bitches, 3 dogs) lovely puppies . The proud sire is our own home bred gentleman Int ShCh, Est & Lv ShCh, Lv & Lt JCh Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny" (hips C/B, elbows 0/0, BAER normal). Some bitch puppies are still available. More information on "Puppies" page.

Juniori Maailman Voittaja 2014 (VSP), Lv JMVA White Lily Lofty "Riesa" (lonkat B, kyynärät 0/0, BAER normaali) sai kahdeksan (5 narttua, 3 urosta) ihanaa pentua. Ylpeä isä on oma kasvattini C.I.E., Est & Lv MVA, Lv & Lt JMVA Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny" (lonkat C/B, kyynärät 0/0, BAER normaali).Muutama narttupentu vielä vapaana. Lisätietoja "Puppies" sivulla.

29.07.   Riesa has been x-rayed today and we found eight puppies in the picture :-)

Wohoo! Team Kemppi did it!!!

Today at 2 x Ch Show Adazi, Latvia under Antoan Hlebarov, Bulgaria and Elena Kuleshova, Russia

  • GS Despina Amazing Love "Seela" 2 x BOB
  • GS Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" BB3 and on the second show BB2 with CAC, which made her a brand new Latvian Champion!!!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Jossu and Nelly! Well done Rosa too who handled Bella!


Int Ch Show Adazi, Latvia, judge Renata Petkeviciene, Lithuania

  • Despina Amazing Love "Seela" BOS, CACIB -> Brand new Int ShCh!!!
24.07.   There might be another Nattaset litter this year.... more information coming soon :-)
13.07.   Today the lovely 8 years old girl Nattaset Rock Baby "Vilkku" moved back home to me <3

Nattaset Oulu team today:

  • Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" BOS, CACIB
  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" BD3, BVOB
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" intermediate class winner with excellent

Well done Team Oulu!!!


Great show day in Ogre, Latvia under Mr. Chris Hancock!

  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" BOB, CAC, brand new Latvian Champion!!! And finally she won BIG-2 too!!!
  • Nattaset Meaning of Love " Sasha" BB2, jun-CAC, brand new Latvian Junior Champion!!!
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BD2, jun-CAC

What a great end for our show trip to Ogre, Latvia! Nattaset breeder group (Nuutti, Sasha & Verna) won the 5th place in Best In Show Breeder Groups competition.... and this was not all... Nordic Junior Winner-13 and brand new Latvian Champion Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" won 2nd place after an Irish Setter in Group competition under the Irish judge Mr Chris Hancock.


Team "Nattaset Oulu" today under Mr. Michael Gadsby

  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" BOB and BVOB
  • Nattaset Winter Love " Kerttu" BOS, CAC, CACIB
  • Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" BB2, res-CACIB

I am sooooo very very happy happy happy - well done team Oulu!!!!


Nattaset team in Ogre 2015Wohoo, team "Nattaset Latvia" today under Curcic Zoran:

  • Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" BOB, JUN-CAC, Ogre JunW-15
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BOS, JUN-CAC, Ogre JunW-15
  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" BB2, CAC, OgreW-15

Int Ch Show Tvåker, Sweden under Mr John O’Gorman, Irland

  • Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" BOB, CACIB
03.07.   White Lily Lofty "Riesa" is in whelp <3 The puppies are due beginning of August!

Happy 7-years birthday Nattaset "Italian" puppies!!!

Birthday party Nattaset


Welcome to Finland Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" (Quensha Nigh Fever - Pasja Z Orszaku Chrobrego)!!! Congratulations Anna for your new boy and big thanks to Kasia for letting him come to Finland!

Loki Pride Rawandlil Loki Pride Ravandlil


Happy Mid Summer!!!

Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara"

10.06.   Verna (NordJW-13 Nattaset Blue Angel) almost 3 years old. Owner Pilvi Uotila. Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna"
07.06.   Great news - Nattaset English Setter puppies hoped for this Summer :-) <3 <3  Our Junior World Winner 2014 and Nattaset show 2015 Best in Show winner White Lily Lofty "Riesa" has been mated to our gorgeous boy Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny".
06.06.   Nattaset Invitation Show, judge Pernilla Magnusson, kennel Farthingale, Sweden. Her paparazzi assistant Annlie Granath.Double win for Katja at Nattaset show - huge congratulations!!!!! BOB White Lily Lofty "Riesa" and BOS Swannery Unforgettable "Luca". All results here:
05.06.   Nattaset Summer days and invitation show at Taavetin Lomakeskus 5.-7. June, 2015

Happy happy happy!!!! The best birthday present is a great dog show day :-)

Int ch show in Helsinki under Mrs Patsy Hollings

  • Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" BOB, CACIB
  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" BOS, BVOB
  • Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" BB2, res-CACIB
  • Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" BB4, CAC, BJOB,
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BD3, CAC
  • Nattaset Rakastan Rakastan "Windy" Jun class 2nd (excellent)
  • Nattaset Winter Love " Kerttu" Jun class 3rd (excellent)
  • Nattaset Best breeder group of breed 

Int Dogshow Hässleholm, Sweden, judge Frank Kane

  • Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" BOB, CACIB

Ch show Rauma, judge Anca Giura

  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" Best Junior of Breed, reserve-CAC, 4th best dog

Huge congratulations Pernilla & Mari and big thanks for keeping Nattaset flag flying so high again!!!


Varkaus Int Ch Show, judge Paula Sunebring, Sweden

  • Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu" junior class 2nd

Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu" Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu"


Today at Elimäki show the Gordon Setter Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" won BOB and CC under the judge Paavo Mattila . Huge congratulations Nelly! Well handled Jossu!

Nattaset Primo Bella Nattaset Primo Bella Nattaset Primo Bella


Nattaset Special FeelingWe celebrated Luca's and Riesa's great show success at Katja and Ismo's place. Queen Ines (INT & Hungarian & EST & LV ShCh, EST VCh, SW-06, NordW-05, BaltW-07, ESTW-09 Nattaset Special Feeling) almost 13 years.


Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly"Int dogshow Lidköping , Sweden, judge Sjoerd Jobse

  • Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" BOB, CACIB
  • SE V-12 Nattaset Arctic Poppy "Poppy" BB-2, res-CACIB
29.04.   NordJW-13 Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" got her health results today: hips A/B and elbows 0/0 and her back is ok. Huge congratulations Pilvi!

KPS Setter and Pointer club show, judge Joanne Blackburn-Bennett, UK


Stockholm Int SW-15 Ch Show, judge Jarmer Sigrid, Autria

  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" SW-15, BOS, CACIB

Malmö Int Ch Show Sweden, judge Alenka Pokorn, Slovenia

  • Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" BOS, CACIB

Turku Int Ch Show, judge Rachel Shaw-Rainey, Irlanti

Gordon Setter

22.03.   Happy birthday Nattaset One 'N' Only "Aino" 11 years today!!!

Riga Int Ch Show, judge Dorothea Hanlon Carroll, Ireland

  • Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" Jun class 2nd
  • White Lily Lofty intermed. class 2nd

Riga Int Ch Show, judge Viera Staviarska, Slovakia

  • Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" Jun class 1st, Jun CAC, 2nd best bitch
  • White Lily Lofty intermed. class 3rd

Nattaset Special SpiceNattaset Special Spice "Spice"

24.8.2002 - 17.3.2015

Nyt olet vapaa ja mukana tuulen, 
saat kulkea rajalla ajattomuuden.
Olet kimallus tähtien, pilven lento,
kasteisen aamun pisara hento.

12,5 vuotias mummukoira lähti tänään Annun ja Nyytin kaveriksi sateenkaarisillalle - lämmin osanottoni Minnalle perheineen <3.


Nattaset Meaning of LoveValkeala Ch Show, judge Markku Mähönen

  • Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" Jun class 1st (good, the judge thought she is too small....)

Virolahti Ch Show, judge Tapio Eerola

  • Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" Jun class 1st (very good)

Nattaset Love puppiesUnofficial special show for young Setters and Pointers, judge Hannele Jokisilta:

BIS 3 Junior Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" (ES)
BIS 1 Youngster JWW-14 White Lily Lofty "Riesa" (ES)
BIS 4 Youngster Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" (GS)
BIS 2 Breeder Nattaset (ES)

Gordon Setters:
  • Nattaset Bacio Di Cioccolato "Cindy" INT EXCL 3
  • Nattaset Dolce Pacio "Donna" INT VG 4
  • Nattaset Amore puppies gordon setterNattaset Primo Amore "Bella" INT EXCL 1 HP BB1-Youngster, BIS-4 Youngster
  • Nattaset Vera Passione "Rilla" INT EXCL 2
  • Nattaset Breeder glass 2nd

English Setters:

  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" JUN EXCL 1 HP BD1-Junior, BOS-Junior
  • Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu" JUN EXCL 2 HP
  • Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" JUN EXCL 1 HP BB1-Junior, BOB-Junior, BIS-3 Junior
  • White Lily LoftyNattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" JUN EXCL 3
  • White Eagle Lofty "Turo" INT EXCL 1 HP BD1-Youngster, BOS-Youngster
  • White Edelweiss Lofty "Rita" INT EXCL 2 HP
  • White Lily Lofty INT EXCL 1 HP BB1-Youngster, BOB-Youngster, BIS-1 Youngster
  • Lofty Breeder group 2nd
  • Nattaset Breeder group 1st, HP, BBIS-2