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NEWS 2014


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24.12.   Merry Christman & Happy New Year!

We had a great Nattaset Chistmas party with 28 people and 21 dogs in Inginmaa, Koria. Thank you everybody for coming and making my day <3


What a great start for the Nattaset "Love" team  Best-In Puppy show in Helsinki today, judge Hilkka Salohalla:

  • BPOB Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti"
  • BPOS Nattaset I Love You "Kirppu"
  • 2nd best bitch puppy Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha"
  • 3rd best bitch puppy Nattaset Rakastan Rakastan "Windy"
  • 4th Best Breeder Group in Show Nattaset Love puppies 

I am so very proud of the orange Love team - well done everybody!!!!

Nattaset Love puppies Nattaset Love puppies Nattaset Love puppies


Lahti Puppy show, judge Pirjo Aaltonen (not an official judge for our breed)

  • Nattaset Rakastan Rakastan "Windy" 1st in puppy class

Nattaset Blue Vicky ValeEst VCh Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale "Annu"

(16.6.2001 - 15.10.2014)

My thoughts are with Annu's family.

" En ole ikiunessa, en ole poissa,
olen tuhat tuulta puistikoissa,
olen valon välke aallokossa.
Olen timantti hankien loistossa.
En ole jättänyt teitä, en ole vaiti,
olen lintujen laulu taivaalla,
olen kuiskaus viljapellolla,
olen henkäys rakkaani poskella.
On elämä meri ja suuret sen aavat,
toisistaan tukea ystävät saavat...

En ole ikiunessa, en ole poissa,
kuljen mukanasi karikoissa. "
(Eino Leino)


What a great day at Eckerö int ch show!!! Judge Attila Czegledi, Hungary.


Gimo int ch show in Sweden, judge Leen van Genechten, Belgium

  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" BD2
  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" BD3

Well done Erika, Eva-Lena and Nina!!!


Porvoo ch show, judge Michael Leonard, Ireland

Thanks to everyone for coming and congrats for the great results!!!


Svenska Hundklubben Int show Västerås, judge: Marianne Jaeger Denmark

  • Nattaset Stree Dancer "Blixten" BOB, CAC, BIG-1, BIS-1

Kouvola all breeds ch show under Alenka Pokorn:

Big congrats and thanks again Katja! Thank you a lot for the handling help Johanna Kemppi and Sari Lahtinen!!!


Raisio national show, judge Cathy Neill, Ireland


Wds2014 in Helsinki, judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary

All Nattasets (Jack, Ossi, Verna, Milli, Vilma, Chiara, Mette and Fiina) got excellent. HUGE thanks to the whole Nattaset team! Well done Minna with Elli, Anna with Kaunas and Anne with Shanty too  Special congrats and thanks to Katja for Luca's and Riesa's great success!! And thanks to their breeders Ewa and Margaret & Brian!


Kurikka ch "group" show, judge Rune Fagerström

We didn't stay for the final competition. Huge congrats Jenni!!!


Today at Adazi national show (judge Laura Cox, Ireland) and Latvian Gundogs club show (judge Laszlo Erdös, Hungary)

  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOB, JCAC (nat show)
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BOS-Junior, JCAC -> Latvian junCh, BB3 (club show)
  • Nattaset Mommy's Angel "Milli" BB5, CAC - > Latvian ch
  • The Gordon Setters Despina Amazing Love "Seela" 2x BOS, Nattaset Prima Amore "Bella" 2x excellent, 1x cq -> Latvian JunCh

Int ch show in Riga, judge Marina Ostrovskaya, Russia

  • The Gordon Setter Nattaset Prima Amore "Bella" JunCAC -> Latvian JunCh, BB4

Ristiina ch show, judge Mr. Kips, Luxenburg 


Another great show day in Tvååker, judge Mr. Hollings, GB

BIG thanks to Katja Väkiparta, Nina Andersson and Pernilla Magnusson for showing their Nattasets and make possible to represent our lovely breed and especially the English "the one and only for me" type in the final rings too! Congrsts to Annelie Granath for her king's Bonzo great BVOB wins on both days!! Also well done Kätlin Kaldoja and Anne-Stiina Kaldoja for Shanty's nice results. We have had a great time with all of you here in Sweden. With love "the kitchen miracle" from Finland :D


Int ch show Tvååker, Sweden, judge Martha Kips, Luxenburg


In Loving Memoriam

INT & EST & LV & LT & BALT Sh Ch,  EST JCh

Nattaset Blue Catwoman "Lilli"

16.6.2001 - 27.6.2014


Setter & Pointer club show in Tampere, judge Yvonne Decoster, kennel Vicary's

Gordon Setters:

  • Despina Amazing Love "Seela" champion class exellent
  • Nattaset Primo Bella "Bella" junior class 1st
  • Nattaset Vera Passione "Rilla" junior class 2nd
  • Nattaset Bacio Di Cioccolato "Cindy" junior class 3rd
  • Nattaset 2nd best breeder group of breed
  • Despina Amazing Love "Seela" BIS-2 progeny group

    Roosa & Ines; junior handler 1
    Ruusu & Cindy: Child & Dog 2
    Wellcdone GIRLS!

    BIG thanks to Katja, Jossu, Eija, Nelly, Ulla-Maija, Anne, Jonna & Paula for these nice results!!! Well done!

Int Ch Show Hamina, judge Hannele Jokisilta

  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" 2nd best bitch, res-CAC, res-CACIB (picture by Juuli A & Pilvi U)

Ch show Västerås, Sweden, judge Judge: Jenny Mille England (pictures by Siw Ottilia Lindelöf)

  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" BOB


Int ch show Imatra, judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland


Mette (LV Ch, Fin JW-10 Nattaset Samba Dancer) finished her International and Estonian Show Champion titles at Narva int ch show on Saturday with Katja. Huge congratulations to Mette's owner Pia! BIG thanks to Katja for taking Mette with and handling her so professionally!

The Gordon Setter Despina Amazing Love "Seela" got BOB, CAC and CACIB at Narva int ch show too. BIG congrats Jossu!


Vilma's and Luca puppies are now 5 weeks old. They are looking adorable <3

16.04.   Big congratulations to Hannelore für Finja's (Nattaset Exotic Dancer) new Polish Champion title!!!
25.03.   Huge congratulations to Pia and Jossu for the new ch titles!!! "Mette" Nattaset Samba Dancer and the Gordon Setter "Seela" Despina Amazing Love are now Latvian champions!

Vilma (Int & Lv & Est ShCh Nattaset Arctic Winter) gave birth to seven lovely puppies today morning. Two boys and five girls and the mum are doing good. Pictures of the puppies in my finnish blog.

Vilma (C.I.E. Lv & EE MVA Nattaset Arctic Winter) sai tänä aamuna seitsemän pentua; kaksi poikaa ja viisi tyttöä. Emä ja pennut voivat hyvin.

Pentublogi täällä


Nat Ch Shows in Valmiera, Latvia judges: Maciej Kozber, Poland and Harto Stockmari, Finland

  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" junior class 2nd (vg)
  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" intermediate class 2nd (vg)
  • Despina Amazing Love "Seela" BOB, CAC -> Lc Ch & Est ShCh
  • Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" 2nd best bitch, junCAC

2nd day:




Pilvi took Chiara with her to the int ch show in Jyväskylä. Unfortunatelly the show was on the same weekend I was with Jossu and four dogs at Valmiera shows in Latvia, so we couldn't show more dogs under Mr John Thirwell.... but Pilvi and Chiara kept the Nattaset flag flying very high - BIG thanks Pilvi!!! They didn't stay in the group competitons.


The Setter and Pointer Club "KSP" had their open show for young Setters and Pointers today, The judge was Markku Santamäki. Team Nattaset did great job again! (pictures by Pilvi Uotila & Nelly Kemppi)

  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" intermediate class 2nd, very good
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BJOB, BIS-3 Junior
  • White Edelweiss Lofty "Rita" junior class 2nd, very good
  • White Eagle Lofty "Turo" junior class 1st, very good

The Gordon Setters

  • Nattaset Vera Passione "Rilla" BJOS
  • Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" junior class 2nd, excellent
  • Nattaset Bacio Di Cioccolato "Cindy" junior class 3rd, very good
  • Nattaset best breeder group of breed, BIS-3 breeder group

08.02.   Happy 10-years birthday to all "Flower" puppies Nekku, Nelli, Bertta, Luna, Jaana and Veksi!!!

Vilma has been ultra sound scanned today - and she is IN WHELP!!!! Our vet Hannu found seven puppies - we are so happy!!! The puppies are due Mid March, 2014. More information on "puppies" page.


Mariglen Holy MosesIn Loving Memoriam

Mariglen Holy Moses "Moses"

6.5.2004 - 30.1.2014

Moses sired two lovely litters by Nattaset; all together 12 puppies. His beauty and lovely temperament can be seen in his children and grand children. Thank you Jane Dennis for this lovely boy and Terhi for the great co-operation. Moses was owned and loved by Terhi and her family in Lahti.


Great start for the Show Year 2014:

Turku Int Winter Ch Show, judge Oliver Simon, Croatien (picture by Emmi Seppänen)

  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" BOB, CACIB
  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" BOS, CC, CACIB

The Gordon Setters, judge Eeva Rautala:

  • Nattaset Vera Passione "Rilla" junior class 1st, excellent
  • Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" junior class 3rd, very good
  • Nattaset Bacio Di Cioccolato "Cindy" junior class 4th, very good

11.01.   Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" has been mated today to our World Winner-13 Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" - puppies are expected Mid March, 2014.
10.01.   Nattaset English Setter puppies 2014