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NEWS 2013


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Fantastic show news again. Today the Finnish Winner -2013 Int Ch show, judge Heather Cox, Ireland

"Turo" made his debut in his show career with great result Best Puppy of Breed. Big congratulations to Turo's owner Mari Saarinen and breeder Ewa Wójcik-Maksymiec.

It was alsolutelly amazing weekend for the whole Nattaset team!!! This was the culmination of the succesful show year 2013. Thank you all my friends, I am so very proud of you all!!!


Nordic Winner 2013 Int Ch Show, judge Rune Fagerström, Finland. What a great day for Nattasets!!!

13.12.   Helsinki Winner -13 Int Ch Show. Judge Tino Pehar, Croatia. White Edelweiss Lofty "Rita" made her debut in her show career with great result Best Puppy of Breed handled by Pilvi Uotila. Big congratulations to Rita's owner Ulla-Maija Jääskeläinen and breeder Ewa Wójcik-Maksymiec! Huge thanks and well done Pilvi!

Swedish Winner 2013 Int ch show in Stockholm, judge Hans Van Den Berg, Netherlands

  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" BOB, CACIB, Swedish Winner 2013

Nattaset Lil ANgelCh Show Kassel, Germany. Judge Wim Wellens, Netherlands

  • Nattaset Lil´Angel BOB, JCh VDH (pending)

Latvian Gundog Club Setter speciality ch show, Riga, judge Julia Pataki, Hungary


Baltic Winner-13 Int Ch Show in Riga, Latvia. Judge Marko Lepasaar, Estonia


Int Ch Show Komarom, Hungary, judge Laszlo Erdös, Hungary


Int Ch Show Komarom, Hungary, judge Sandor Szabo, Hungary


Int ch show Eckerö, judge Marija Kavcic


Ch Show Porvoo, judge Penny Williams, Bournehouse English Setters, GB

The Gordon Setter


Another great show day for Nattasets :

Int Ch Show Högby, Sweden, judge Paul Scanlon, Ireland

  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" BOB, CACIB, BIG-3

Inoffic. show in Åland, judge Daniel Granqvist, Sweden

  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" BOB, BIG-3

The breeder (=me) is very very HAPPY and proud!!! Huge congrats Eva-Lena and Nina - and BIG thanks to Blixten's great handler Erika Brolin!!!! Well done!


Nat Ch Show Tallinn, Estonia, judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary

Thanks to Mr. Jakkel who thought so highly of our Setters! What a pity that he didn't judge the group competiton...


Nattaset Blue AngelNat Ch Show Mäntyharju, judge Hannele Jokisilta

Nattaset Special Feeling Nattaset Droppo Bella


Great news from Visby int Ch Show, Sweden, judge Bertil Lundgren

  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" BOB, CACIB

Nattaset Mommy's ANgelInt Ch Show Tallinn, Estonia, judge Vitor Veiga, Portugal

The Gordon Setter

  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" 2nd best dog , Res-CACIB

Nat Ch Show Kouvola, judge Zoran Brankovic, Serbia


Int Ch Show Eskilstuna, judge Tomasz Borkowski, Poland

  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" BOB, CACIB, BIG-2

Int Ch Show Tallinn, Estonia. Judge Diane Stewart-Ritchie, Ireland

The Gordon Setter

  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" BOS, CC, CACIB -> Int Sh Ch

Nattaset Arctic Winter Nattaset Darth Millenial

16.08.   Actually not so much to say about today's show in Rapla, judge Eva Jönsson, Sweden... she didn't like our Milli and Mette at all - both girls got "very good"

Int Ch Show Ronneby, Sweden, judge Carole A Coode, England

  • Nattaset Arctic Poppy "Poppy" BOB, CACIB
  • Nattaset Almost An Angel "Holly" 2nd best bitch

Huge congratulations to Poppy's and Holly's owners Pernilla and Peter Magnusson! Thank you Annelie for the great pictures!!! (left Poppy, middle Holly, right Bonzo, Maddie, Holly & Poppy)

Nattaset Arctic Poppy Nattaset Almost An Angel


In our summer place with Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" and Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna"


Riesa's very first hunting exercise with Katja and Ismo:


May I introduce our new Nattaset team members: White Edelweiss Lofty "Rita" (owner Ulla-Maija Jääskeläinen), Lofty White Lily "Riesa" (owned by me in partnership with Katja Väkiparta) and White Eagle Lofty "Turo" (owner Mari Saarinen). Thank you Ewa and Leszek for these beautiful puppies! (Pictures by Lofty kennel, puppies at the age of 11 weeks). Pedigree of the puppies here.


Int Ch Show Bremen, Germany judge Bettina Smith-Horn

  • Nattaset Exotic Dancer CAC CACIB, BOB
  • Nattaset Lil´Angel junior class very good

Happy 1 year birthday to Nattaset "Angel" puppies Julius, Finn, Essu, Hilu, Verna, Milli, Nellie, Holly & Lilla!!!

Nattaset Angel Puppies 2012 Nattaset Angel puppies


Leeds Ch Show, judge Christine Bexon, GB

  • Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella puppy dog 1st (6), Best Puppy Dog (picture by Tereza Watkins)

Nattaset Snow Angel Over Ingella


Diana Cup Latvian Hunting dog ch show, judge Dick Rutten, the Netherlands

Nattaset Arctic Winter Nattaset Mommy's Angel Nattaset Samba Dancer

Reto ch show in Jaunmarupe in Latvia, judge Theo Leenen, Belgium


Reto ch show in Jaunmarupe in Latvia, judge Natalia Sedykh (Russia)


Helsinki Int Ch Show, judge Patsy Hollings, GB

Nattaset breeder group 2013

15.07.   Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" has been ultra scanned today - unfortunatelly she is not in whelp but she will be mated in 2014 again.
13.07.   Happy two years birthday to Nattaset "Perfume" puppies Esko, Greata, Alison, Fien, Sandra & Alma!!!Nattaset Perfume puppies 2011

Today it is 15 years ago when the very first Nattaset English Setter puppies were born. Sire: BaltW-98, Nord&FinW-97 Tuliketun Tulilintu (GB Sh Ch Valsett Star Performance - Tuliketun Neitoperho)
Dam: Dutch & Lv Ch, LvW-98 Bothwell Piece Of Heaven (Valsett Starlite Flyer - EuW'91 FinW'91 McW'92-93 Bothwell East of Eden)

Bisse & Elmo Nattaset puppies 1998

Nattaset That litter 1998

Nattaset After That Nattaset That's It Nattaset That's Right

Nattaset That's The Way Nattaset That's All Nattaset In That Case

Nattaset That's That Nattaset


East of England Ch show, judge Peter Upton

  •  Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella puppy dog 2nd

Ch Show Alfta, Sweden, judge Alenka Pokorn, Poland

  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" BOS

Ch Show Hämeenlinna, Jetta Tsokkinen (there was a change of the judge....)


Edwinstoew Open Show

  • Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella avnsc gundog puppy 2nd (3)

Nattaset invitation show in Taavetti holiday resort, judge Margaret Attwood, kennnel Swannery, GB

  • the results are coming....
22.05.   All Seela's puppies have now own lovely homes.

Loughborough Open Show

  • Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella puppy dog 1st (2), Best Puppy Dog

World Winner Show in Budapest, judge Moray Armstrong, GB


Helsinki Int Ch Show, judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden

Nattaset Arctic WinterNattaset Mommy's Angel Nattaset Samba Dancer


Midland English Setter Open Show, judge Sue Callander (Shambellie)

  • Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella puppy dog 2nd (6)

Birmingham Ch Show, judge Per Iverssen, Norway

  • Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella qualified for Cruft , 2nd out of 5 in Puppy class

Kymen Setterit ja Pointterit Club Show, judge Boy De Bok, The Netherlands


Tampere Int Ch Show, judge Ronald W James, GB


Lahti Int Ch Show, judge Hannele Jokisilta

Nattaset Arctic Night Nattaset Samba Dancer Nattaset Mommy's Angel


Nattaset Snow Angel over IngellaESA 60th Ch Show in UK Nattaset Snow Angel over Ingella 5th in Minor Puppy class. Well done Finn & Ingrid!!!

I had a lovely trip to Uk. BIG thanks Ingrid for your great hospitality - I enjoyed a lot!!!


Nattaset Blue AngelHyvinkää all breeds puppy show, judge Tuula Savolainen

Well done girls!!!



Nattaset Gordon SEtter puppies 2013Pentusivut päivitetty uusilla kuvilla ja pentujen nimillä. Seuraa myös pentublogia ja Picasan pentualbumia. Vapaana vielä kolme narttupentua. Pentujen luovutus 30.4. alkaen.

Puppies page updated with new pictures and names. Take a look at more pictures in my Picasa album. Puppy blog in Finnish. Three bitch puppies are still available - they are ready to go to their own homes 30th April, 2013.


Swannery UnforgettableTallinn Winner 2013 Int Ch Show, judge Andrew Beare, Ireland

The Gordon Setter

  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" open class 3rd, excellent

Stockholm Int Ch Show, judge Mary O´Donoghue, IrlandNattaset Street DAncer Blixten

The Gordon Setter

  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" BOS, CACIB

New picture page of Nattaset "Amore" Gordon Setter puppies' sire Courtier's Beloved HERE. And now also pictures on my Picasa Album

Uusi kuvasivu pentujen isästä Sinkosta TÄÄLLÄ. Ja nyt myös kuvia Picasa albumissani

14.03.   Happy 7 years birthday to Nattaset "Flower" puppies!!!
13.03.   Happy ONE year birthday to Nattaset "Fairy Tale" puppies Keiju, Toivo and Ossi!

Seela's Gordon Setter puppiesSeela gave birth to five puppies today (1 boy and 4 girls). The mum and pups are doing ok.

Puppy blog in Finnish HERE!

Seela sai viisi pentua tänään; 1 poika ja 4 tyttöä. Emä ja pennut voivat hyvin.

Pentublogi TÄÄLLÄ!

11.03.   Happy 5 years birthday to Nattaset "Star Wars" Gordon Setter puppies!!!

The Setter and Pointer club had an unofficial show for young dogs today. The judge was Eeva Anttinen.

  • Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" 2nd in puppy class (vg)
  • Nattaset Mommy's Angel "Milli" 3rd in puppy class (vg)
  • Nattaset Sui Dreams "Sandra" 1st in intermediate class (excellent)

Well done girls Jenni & Pilvi and thanks Katja for your big help!

03.03.   Seela (Despina Amazing Love) is doing great and the puppies are due already in about two weeks! Take a look at the puppy advert with a new picture of dad Courtier's Beloved "Sinko" in puppies page :)

Ch Show in Kouvola, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Pictures by Pilvi Uotila.

Nattaset Droppo Bella & Swannery Unforgettable Nattaset Blue Angel Nattaset Special Feeling


New exciting puppy news for Summer 2013 are now published:

Nattaset English Setter puppies 2013


Nattaset puppies playingWe spent a lovely Nattaset winter day with 33 people and 29 dogs at the local hunting club "Paukku" house in Koria. Pictures are already on my Facebook wall - I will upload them later this week to my Picasa album too.

BIG thanks to everyone who took part to our winter fun day and special thanks to Katja for the help and Pilvi & Pia for the great program!!!

The next Nattaset fun days will be 24.-26.5.2013!

(picture by Pilvi Uotila)

15.02.   Happy 6 years birthday to "Look" puppies Ossi, Hansu, Pirre, Renu and Mosse!!!

Despina Amazing Love "Seela"Valmiera Ch Show in Latvia, judge Elena Kruus, Estonia

The Gordon Setter

Thank you Anu for the great trip company and huge congrats to Jossu and Satu for Seela's and Winny's great wins!!! Anu & Pia, next time better luck with Vilma and Mette too!!!


Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny"Valmiera Ch Show in Latvia, judge Renata Petkevičiene, Lithuania

The Gordon Setter


08.02.   BIG 10-years birthday congratulations to the "MOON" litter!!!

Today we went to Anjalan Vet Clinik for Seela's ultra sound scan - and Hannu Pajulahti found at least five puppies!!! You can see the very happy faces in the picture :) Big congratulations to Seela's owner Johanna for the coming Nattaset Gordon Setter puppies!

Tänään olimme Seelan kanssa ultrassa Anjalan Eläinlääkäriasemalla. Luottoeläinlääkärimme Hannu Pajulahti löysi vähintään viisi pentua. Ja kuten kuvasta näkyy, ilmeet olivat iloiset! Paljon onnea Seelan omistajalle Jossulle Seelan tulevista Nattaset pennuista!

31.01.   Gordon Setter Puppies expected  by Despina Amazing Love "Seela". The proud sire is Courtier's Beloved. More information coming next week after the ultra sound scan :)


19.01.   Turku Top Dog Show, judge Attila Áron Czeglédi, Hungary

Big thanks to our judge who thought so highly about our NATTASETs! Huge congrats to Katja, Eija, Anu, Pia & Jenni for the great results - and thanks for the great weekend! Special thanks to Luca's handler Tuisku, who really surpriced all of oss - damn well done and Nelly, my dogsitter, who helped me a lot while Katja was in flu at home!!!

Nattaset In That Case "Natta"
C.I.B. Est Ch & Est VCh Nattaset After That "Jill"
(11.7. 1998- 28.12.2012)

went together to the Rainbow Bridge today
with the age of 14,5 years.

My thoughts are with Terhi and the whole family.