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12.12. I got a very sad phone call today from Anneli, the owner of Iita. Iita had the lymphoma found two months ago and she started to get medical care, and regular chemotherapy - but unfortunatelly her lymphoma was very aggressive form of cancer and the treatment didn't help.
Nattaset That's The Way "Iita" (almost 13,5 years) has gone over The Rainbow Bridge today. My thoughts are with Iita's owner Anneli.


11.12. Nordic Winner 2011 Show in Stockholm, judge Per Iverssen, Norway
  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" 2nd in junior class, excellent
  Nattaset Invitation Show 22nd January, 2012 in Kaarina (near by Turku). Read more...
04.12. Finnish Winner 2011 Int Ch Show, judge Hannele Jokisilta
  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" FinW-11, BOB, CC, CACIB
  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" Fin JW-11, 3rd best dog
  • Nattaset Special Spice "Spice" (9,5 years) Best Veteran of Breed
  • Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma" 2nd in junior class, excellent, CQ
  • Nattaset Bluebottle "Fiina" 3rd in open class, excellent, CQ
  • Nattaset Breeder group 2nd with HP

Huge congrats to Camilla, Nina, Minna, Anu and Kati! Thank you so much, you made my day! Klick the pictures to enlarge them :)


03.12. Helsinki Winner 2011 Int Ch Show, judge Jose Haro Haro, Spain

27.11. We spend a lovely day together with 28 people and 35 dogs - little games, christmas food, Santa Claus with presents and the dogs enjoyed running and playing free :) Thank you  Kirsi, Väiski, Anu, Katja, Marjatta, Pia, Jossu, Pete, Nelly, Nora, Rosa, Kati, Risto, Manu, Mirva, Timo, Mia, Teemu, Kiia, Niko, Jani, Piia, Petri, Miia, Tuula, Kristiina and Tarja as well as the dogs Grande, Greta, Elli, Vilma, Luca, Ines, Lilli, Mette, Molly, Misty, Magie, Seela, Piitu, Helmi, Fiina, Kukka, Manne, Renu, Hero, Olga, Viivi, Mortti, Aada, Kaapo, Sulo, Uuno, Alma, Pirre, Noora, Nekku, Salsa, Chiara, Sandra, Tytti & Tessa. You made my day! Klick the pictures to enlarge them!

05.11. Imatra Ch show, judge Paavo Mattila

Huge congrats to Kati and Jossu - and big thanks to Pete for the great pictures again!

21.10. In Memoriam

Nattaset Moonlight "Nalle"
8.2.2003 - 21.10.2011

My loving thoughts go out to Sirkku and Ahti. I remember so many good times spent with Nalle and he will be very missed.

09.10. Siauliai Ch Show in Lithuania, judge Mrs Renata Petkeviciene, Lithuania

Big thanks to Katja for the great travel companion and huge congratulations to Katja, Satu, Anu and Pia for the great success we got!

08.10. Valmiera Ch Show in Latvia, judge Mr. Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia

Big thanks to our judge gundog specialist Mr. Zlatko Jojkic for thinking so highly of our Setters!

24.09. Eckerö Int Ch Show, judge Nicola Ruigrok, Ireland

BIG thanks to Anu, 2 x Minna, Tomi, Kaaka, Harald, Pia, Kätlin, Andrus, Eija, Tuisku and Lasse for the lovely travel companion and huge congrats to everyone for the great show results. Special thanks to our judge Mrs. Nicola Ruigrok for thinking so highly of our Setters! Mrs. Ruigrok told us after the best of breed competition that this was her very last time as a dog show judge - it made the show and results even more valuable and special! Big thanks also to Kickie for handling Jack and Venla so excellent and congrats also to Nina for Jack very first official show with great success! I am so very proud of all of you!!! Thanks for taking such a good care of  your Nattasets and keeping the Nattaset flag flying so high!

19.09. Högbo (Sandviken) Int. Ch Show in Sweden, judge Raija Tammelin
  • Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette" BIG-3, BOB, CACIB
  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" open class 1st with excellent (Blixten was handled so well by Erika Brolin)

Big thanks to Eva-Lena for staying and cheering us in the group competition - and finally sharing the joy with me when Mette won the 3rd place! Huge congrats to Mette's co-owner Pia!

17.09. Jazzille on löytynyt oma ihana koti Haukiputaalta :) Mutta Esko, 9 vko etsii vielä omaa rakastavaa, näyttelyistä kiinnostunutta kotia!
13.09. Nattaset Absolutely Me "Esko" is still searching for a loving, show interested home :)

Nattaset Absolutely Me "Esko" etsii vieläkin rakastavaa, näyttelyistä kiinnostunutta kotia.


10.09. Gimo Int. Ch Show in Sweden, judge Tony Rainey

Nattaset Arctic litter; Jack, Skippy, Hudson, Winny, Vilma, Ina, Poppy and Sara today 1 year - happy happy birthday!!!

07.09. Minna visited me with Annu, Spice and Nyyti today. We had a lovely trimming day with lovely lunch ala Minna :) Here some pictures of "Annu" Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale (10 years) and "Spice" Nattaset Special Spice (9 years).

01.09. Happy 2-years birthday to "Dancer" litter: Fanny, Finja, Kerttu, Mette, Salsa, Blixten and Vili!
28.08. Jazz 8 kk nuoriherra etsii uutta rakastavaa ja pysyvää kotia. Tiedustelut p. 040-5331366

27.08. Chiaran pennuista urospentu Nattaset Absolutely Me "Esko" etsii vielä rakastavaa, mahdollisesti näyttelyistä kiinnostunutta kotia. Tiedustelut p. 040-5331366 tai

27.08. Visby Int Ch Show today, judge Rouli Kantzou, Greece
  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" BOB, CACIB
  • Nattaset Arctic Poppy "Poppy" 3rd best bitch
24.08. Happy 9-years birthday and many returns to Nattaset "Special puppies" Spice, Ines, Muusa. Lotta, Alma and Wilma!
21.08. Swedish Winner 2011 show in Norrköping today, judge Gordon Williams, GB
  • Nattaset Arctic Poppy "Poppy" 2nd best bitch, best junior bitch
  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola"

20.08. The puppies were first time out today - take a look at the pictures on my Picasa Web album.

Pennut olivat tänään ensimmäistä kertaa ulkona - katso kuvia Picasa webbialbumistani.

15.08. We took new pictures of the puppies today - The very first "show" excercise went very well and we got lovely photos! You can see all puppies here.

Puppy inquiries are welcome :)


Otimme pennuista tänään uusia kuvia ja ihka ensimmäiset seisotusharjoitukset, jotka menivät hienosti! Voit katsoa kuvia täältä.

Pentukyselyt ovat tervetulleita :)

14.08. VAPAANA vielä yksi narttu- ja yksi urospentu. Katso lisätietoja "Puppies" sivulta. One bitch and one dog puppy still available! Take a look at more details on "Puppies" page.
13.08. Mikkeli ch show, judge Hannele Jokisilta

The Gordon Setter:

  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" 2nd best dog, Res-CC

Lieto all breeds Ch Show, judge Inge Siil, Estonia

  • Nattaset Special Spice "Spice" Best Veteran of Breed
  • Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale "Annu" 2nd in Veteran class, excellent

Great show results again - big congrats to Pia, Satu, Risto and Minna!

31.07. 3 x Int Ch Show in Ransäter, Sweden,
  • 31.07. judge Ruth Thompson Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola"  BOS, CACIB
  • 30.07. judge Luis Pinto Teixeira Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" excellent
  • 29.07. judge Phil Thompson Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola"  BOS
24.07. Mäurupe two all breeds Ch Shows in Latvia. We had a great trip with lovely results :)

24.7. judge Rui Oliveira, Portugal

23.7. judge Richard Kinsey, GB

Thank you Anu for the lovely travel company - and huge congrats to Satu, Anu and Pia for the great success of Winny, Vilma and Mette! And thank you Katja for taking care of Jazz, Chiara and the puppies here at home!

16.07. We had a lovely trip to Oulu Ch Show with great results under Lydia Erhart, Holland:

The Gordon Setter:

Huge thanks to Jossu and Pete for the great travel company - to Mari for the nice hospitality and to Katja & Pia for taking such a good care of Chiara & puppies as well as Jazz here at home! Amazing to have friends like you! Huge congrats to Tuomo, Pia, Jossu and Pete for the great success! All pictures by Pete Kemppi - thanks a lot for the great pictures!

13.07. Great puppy news!!! Chiara gave birth to six lovely puppies today (one boy and five girls). The mother and puppies are fine :)

Hienoja pentu-uutisia! Chiara sai tänään kuusi ihanaa pentusta (yhden pojan ja viisi tyttöä). Emä ja pennut voivat hyvin :)

12.07. We are here waiting for the birth of the 12th Nattaset English Setter litter - the puppy news will be updated as soon as the first puppies are born :)
11.07. Happy happy 13 years birthday and many returns to the Nattaset very first English Setter litter  "That"; at least Jill, Natta and Iita who are still living for sure :) I am not quite sure about Dayna in Germany or Shiva in Switzerland. But unfortunatelly we have lost already Nikita, Rick and Oliver.
03.07. We had a wonderful trip to Windsor - it was lovely to meet friends and beautiful setters! But the most important thing was that we got our boys finally with us to Finland - INT Sh Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10  Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" ja our new boy Ravensett Burberry "Jazz". Big thanks to Luca's breeders Margaret & Brian Attwood for taking such a good care of our boy - and big thanks to Jazz's breeders Sharon and Graham Littlechild for trusting us to get this lovely, very promissing puppy to Finland! And huge thanks to Pernilla & Peter Magnusson, kennel Farthingale, the co-owners of Jazz for the great co-operation (picture of family Magnusson with our Jazz).
02.07. While me and Katja were at Windsor show, kept Anu and Pia the Nattaset flag flying high at Tuusula all breeds Ch Show under the judge Freda Marshall, GB
19.06. Another great show day for Nattasets - this time here in Finland under a very nice judge Mrs Frank Kane from UK. Kotka Int Ch Show results:

The Gordon Setters:

Thanks to everyone  for the absolutelly lovely show day and huge congratulations for the great results!

18.06. Great news from UK - INT Sh Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10  Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" won Reserve CC at Border Union Ch Show today under the judge Mrs Aidine Howes. Well done Margaret & Luca - thanks for the great news!
16.06. Happy 10 years birthday to "Lilli" INT & EST & LV & LT & BALT SH Ch, EST JCh Nattaset Blue Catwoman and "Annu" Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale! Of course also to "Batman" INT SH CH, EST & LTU CH, EST JW-02, EST & LV JCH Nattaset Blue Batman who went over the rainbow bridge only few weeks ago <3
11.06. The life goes on... Kickie sent me lovely news from Åland - Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" won BOB and BIG-3 at Open Show in Åland today. The judge was Mikaela Sandbacka. Well handled Kickie again and huge congrats to Jack's owner Nina! Jack is a grand grand grand son of my late "Bisse"  :)

By the way, yeasterday I noticed that Bisse has gotten many many  CACIBs from three different countries - but I haven't remembered it before. What a pity, that she cannot celebrate with us her International Show Champion title - but I will send her C.I.E. title application to our kennel club on Monday!

10.06. Three Counties Ch Show, judge Jane Bishop
07.06. We have been at vet today with Chiara (Nattaset Droppo Bella). Our vet Hannu Pajulahti ultra scanned Chiara and she is in whelp - we saw six puppies :) The puppies are due on about 11th July, 2011. The proud sire is PL Ch Givancy Magenta-In-Blue "Hubert". He has healthy hips (A), clear eyes and he is also BAER normal (hearing test). Thank you Justina for all co-operation!

Hienoja uutisia - Chiara on kantavana! Joten pentujen (ultrassa näkyi 6 pentua) pitäisi syntyä noin 11. heinäkuuta, 2011. Isänä pennuilla on Puolan muotovalio Givancy Magenta-In-Blue - täysin englantilaislinjainen (englantilaiset vanhemmat), nuori, kaunis, terve uros.

04.06. Neumünster Ch Show, Germany, judge Wilfried Peper DE
  • Nattaset Exotic Dancer "Finja"  2nd in intermediate class (excellent). Well done again Finja & Hannelore!
03.06. Southern Counties Ch Show, judge Mrs Loynd
02.06. WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! Setter and Pointer Club Show, judge Karen Sillence, GB

The Gordon Setters:

Thanks to all Nattaset owners, handlers and all who cheered our team! It was absolutelly lovely show day! Take alook at the pictures in my facebook album.

29.05. Time to Go (from Nikita to her dear "mum" Kickie)

The time has come I think you know
The Lord is calling so I must go
I love you so much; I wish it wasn't so
I wish I could stay; I don't want to go

You're the best family a dog ever had
So kind and gentle, never mean or mad
I'll never forget the day that we met
I was so lucky to become your pet

You opened your door and showed me your heart
I'll never forget you; we'll never part
You loved me and cared for me over the years
You taught me everything and took away my fears

The Lord is calling now I must go
But before I go I want you to know
I know it hurts to lose a friend
But I'll always be with you even to the end.

(John Quealy) picture by Kickie Boman

In Loving Memory of Nattaset That's It "Nikita"
11.7.1998 - 29.5.2011

28.05. Ch show Österbybruk, Sweden, judge Alenka Pokorn
  • Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" BOS
  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" 2nd best bitch

Huge congrats to Camilla and Eva-Lena and of course to Martin and Pernilla for Farthingale Deceptive Colour "Balti's" BOB and finally BIG-2! Big thanks to Linnea for handling Blixten so well!

25.05. A Bridge Called Love

It takes us back to brighter years, to happier sunlit days
And to precious moments that will be with us always.
And these fond recollections are treasured in the heart
To bring us always close to those, from whom we had to part.
There is a bridge of memories from earth to Heaven above...
It keeps our dear ones near us;
It's the bridge that we call "love".

In Loving Memory of INT & EST & LTU SH CH, EST JW-02, EST & LV JCH, Hungarian Club Winner -03, Vilnus Cup Winner-04 Nattaset Blue Batman "Pätu"
16.6.2001 - 25.5.2011

24.05. Happy 5-years birthday to Est & Lv Jun Ch, Balt JunW-07 Farthingale High Born "Hoyt"!
23.05. Happy 4-years birthday to the Rock litter; Vilkku, Kamu, Eetu and Jamppa!
22.05. What a lovely show day for Nattasets incl. Luca!

SKC Ch Show

Hässleholm, Sweden Int Ch Show, judge Horst Kliebenstein, Germany

  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" BOB, CACIB
  • Nattaset Arctic Poppy "Poppy" puppy class 1st

Åland Ch Show, judge Ann Carlström, Sweden

  • Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" Best puppy of Breed

Hamina Int Ch Show, judge Boris Spoljarik, Croatia

  • Nattaset Have A Look "Ossi" 3rd best dog
  • Nattaset Blue Bottle "Fiina" 3rd best bitch

BIG thanks to all owners and handlers (Margaret, Camilla, Pernilla, Nina, Kickie, Kati and Eija) - I am so very proud of you all!!!

21.05. Ch Show Bestensee, Germany, judge Gabriele Weitl, Germany
  • Nattaset Exotic Dancer "Finja"  won the intermediate class and finally she was 2nd best bitch with reserve CAC. Congratulations, well done again Hannelore!
15.05. Great news from UK - INT Sh Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10  Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" won the open class today at MESS open show. Well done Margaret & Luca!
14.05. Rauma all breeds Ch Show, judge Hans Lehtinen.

11.05. "Chiara" Est JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella has been mated today to a very handsome and healthy gentleman :) More information coming up soon into the puppies page!
08.05. National, Birmingham, judge Peter Schoneville, handler David Smith INT Sh Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10  Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" got 4th in open class (from 10 entries). Well done David and Luca!
01.05. This seems to be a great week for us :) I got a lovely phone call from Margaret and Brian Attwood, the breeders of our pride INT Sh Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10  Swannery Unforgettable "Luca". Luca won today BIS at N.E.S.S. open show - well done Margaret & Luca! And thank you to Mrs Sheila Tait (Moordale) who tought so highly of our sweetheart!
30.04. Finally "Chiara" Est JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella started her season. If everything goes well, we are happy to welcome new Nattaset puppies Mid July, 2011 :) Puppy inquiries are welcome.

Vihdoin ja viimein "Chiara" Est JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella aloitti juoksunsa. Jos kaikki menee hyvin, voimme toivottaa uudet Nattaset pennut tervetulleiksi heinäkuun puolessa välissä :) Pentukyselyt ovat tervetulleita.

24.04. Happy 7-years birthday to "Hjallis" Farthingale Put Yorkshire On You!
Nattaset Street Dancer "Blixten" was 2nd best male at Västerås ch show under Annika Ulltveit-Moe today. Congratulations Eva-Lena & Maria! Blixten was handled by Erika Brolin, well done Erika!
17.04. Margaret & Brian took Luca today to ESA ch show and he was 3rd in open class handled by Jane Dennis. Well done friends! Big thanks also to Tereza for the "online results" and Jill for the lovely photos!

15.04. We are waiting and waiting... that "Chiara" will get into the season soon :) She will be mated to a lovely, very English gentleman - more details are coming later :)
09.04. Nattaset Have A Look "Ossi" took part into the Int Ch show in Vaasa today with his owner Eija. The judge was Theo Leenen from Belgium. He didn't like Ossi that much - Ossi got very good, but as you can see on the pictures, Ossi is looking gorgeous! Well done Eija! Thanks Tuisku for the great pictures! Klick the pictures to enlarge them :)

08.04. Happy 4-years birthday to "Luca" Swannery Unforgettable!!!
04.04. Super news!!! We will get a new family member this summer - "Jazz" from Ravensett, UK. More about Jazz on his own page :) Thank you Tereza, Sharon and Graham for the posibility to get this lovely boy - and thanks to Pernilla for the co-operation! Klick the pictures to enlarge them :)

28.03. I got very sad news from Sweden. "Inna" Nattaset Passion Flower has passed away on Saturday. The tears are rolling down my cheeks while writing this - my warmest sympathies to Inna's family in Stockholm!

The picture was taken in June, 2008 when I met Inna and her family in Sweden. Inna, we miss you so much!

27.03. Kickie visited Nina and "Jack" Nattaset Arctic Winter and took some lovely pictures. Thanks a lot Kickie! Nina, I am so very proud of your gorgeous boy!
27.03. We spent a lovely "Winter fun" day with four of Nattaset Arctic puppies Ina, Vilma, Skippy and Winny and with their owners. Take a look at the pictures in my Picasa web album.
23.03. Puppies page updated :)
14.03. Happy 5-years birthday to Nattaset "Flower" English Setter "puppies" Fiina, Inna, Leona, Lupu, Ulla, Venla and Morris!
11.03. Happy 3-years birthday to Nattaset "Star Wars" Gordon Setter "puppies" Bessy, Caro, Gini, Tessa, Alpo, Edi, Manne, Mortti and Rontti!

10.03. We took part to Crufts, World's largest dog show in Birmingham. It was so lovely to see all the beautiful setters and lovely setter friends :) Luca and Katja were looking so good in the ring - but unfortunatelly the judge Sandra Wallis didn't place them in open class. I had the great pleasure and honour to handle "Finja" German JCh, German JW-10 Nattaset Excotic Dancer in yarling class. We were not lucky either to be placed (no dog with a foregn handler placed) Thank you Nick and Silvia for the nice pictures!


Big thanks to Margaret & Brian for their great hospitality and to Katja, Anu, Eija, Tuisku, Yolanda and Anna for the lovely travel company! Huge thanks to Boy for the drive from Brussels to NEC!

Luca is staying at Margaret and Brian's place in UK for some shows until July and he is offered at stud to suitably bred bitches. Stud inquiries in UK: Jane Dennis tel. 01283 713581.

05.03. Valkeala Ch Show, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Congrats to Pia and Katja - and also to Anu & Boy for Fantail's Królowa Z Orszaku "Elli-Noora's" 3rd best bitch!

28.02.. Only 10 nights to the world biggest dog show Crufts. May I introduce you our "show team" German JCh, German JW-10 Nattaset Excotic Dancer "Finja" (owned by Hannelore Prässler, Germany) and his sire INT Sh Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10  Swannery Unforgettable "Luca". Luca (right) is staying at his breeders Margaret & Brian Attwood in UK couple of months for some more shows and he is offered at stud to suitably bred bitches in UK. More information of Luca on his own page.

28.02. Happy 2-years birthday to Seela (Despina Amazing Love) and Morris (Despina Auriferous Dancer)!
19.02. I had a great week with five Setters. Annu, Spice and Winny spent their holiday here at my place while their families were having propably a very boring vacation without dogs ;-) Now it is very calm and empty here... only Chiara and Bisse keep me on moving.
15.02. Great news! Luca's staying in UK after Crufts is sponsored by Specific :) We are so thankful to Mr Brown for his support!
15.02. Happy 4-years birthday to the "Look" litter; Ossi. Mosse, Pirre, Hansu and Renu!
13.02. Int Ch Show Rheinberg, Germany, judge Uwe Fischer, Germany
  • Nattaset Exotic Dancer "Finja"  was 2nd in intermediate class with excellent. Well done again Hannelore!


08.02. Happy 8-years birthday to the whole "Moon" litter; Berta, Luna, Nekku, Nelli, Ninja, Tytti, Börje, Nalle and Veksi!
06.02. Jossu visited Parkano Ch show with "Seela" Despina Amazing Love. They won the intermediate class but the judge Paavo Mattila was strict and didn't give Seela the CQ - but well done girls anyway!
05.02. "Jack" Nattaset Arctic Snow went to his own loving family to Åland Islands. Good luck Nina with my "golden boy"! Now all Arctic puppies have their own precious homes. Hope to see you all soon again!
26.01. It is so exciting to prepair Luca's trip to Crufts and staying in UK for couple of months after the show :) The advertisement for ESA year book is ready - big thanks to Anski for finishing the ad! And huge thanks to Saara Kangasniemi for the gorgeous pictures taken at the Finnish Winner show!
22.01. We visited the Turku Int Ch Show to meet some Setter friends. I had "Jack" Nattaset Arctic Snow with me and Kickie took some nice pictures of him - thanks Kickie! Thank you Pete & Jossu for the drive!

21.01. Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny" went to his own loving home to Kouvola - Good luck Satu and Matti with Winny!
08.01. Minna visited Tarto Ch Show with her girls. The judge Nina Karlsdotter from Sweden gave "Annu" Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale very good in veteran class. "Spice" Nattaset Special Spice won the champion class with excellent and finally 2nd best bitch and CAC. Coingrats, well done Minna!
08.01. Nattaset Arctic Thunder "Skippy" went to his own home to Jyväskylä today. Good luck Johanna with the sweet little boy!

Nattaset Arctic Snow "Jack" ja Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny" etsivät vielä rakastavia koteja. Lisätietoa näistä komeista pojista täältä :)

Winny and Jack are still looking for loving homes.


03.01. Great healthy news:

HUGE congratulations Pia, Tarja, Kiia, Jossu and Egle!!! AND BIG thanks to Anjalan Eläinlääkäriasema (Vet Klinic) and special thanks to Hannu Pajulahti for the great pictures!!!