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29.12. Today is Bisse's (Dutch Sh Ch, LvW-98 Bothwell Piece Of Heaven) official 14 years birthday! Congratulations dear Bisse!!! We have been celebrating her birthday already at the Nordic Winner show in Helsinki but we will have some little party at home in the near future too.
24.12. Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to everybody!

18.12. Cinna's last puppy "Kerttu" Nattaset Private Dancer went to her new home today - good luck Johanna and the whole family with her! The next Nattaset puppies are planned for Autumn 2010.
13.12. Great day at the Nordic Winner Int. Ch Show in Helsinki today. The judge was Moray Armstrong from England:

Int Ch Show in Stockholm, judge Patsy Hollings from England:

  • Nattaset Da Vero Bella "Viola" 2nd best bitch

Huge congratulations Katja, Kiia, Kati and Camilla - well done!!! Hope to get some pictures from Kickie soon :)

I got excellent news from Luca's breeders Margaret and Brian Attwood too - Luca's litter sister Swannery Finlandia won her 3rd CC today - and now she is a Show Champion. Congratulations!!!

08.12. Now I have only one puppy at home - I so much would like to keep her at home - but it is absolutelly impossible with my work and all other dogs - unfortunatelly I don't have enough time for a new puppy :-( So, I am looking for a loving and permament home for my favorite girl Kerttu (Nattaset Private Dancer) too. I hope she will stay here in the near so I can see her and maybe bring her to the shows too!

Nyt on enää yksi pentu jäljellä täällä kotona - haluaisin niin pitää pikku Kertun itselläni, mutta se on aivan mahdoton ajatus töitteni vuoksi ja ajatellen muita koiriani. Yksinkertaisesti aika ja voimat eivät riitä pennun kasvattamiseen tällä haavaa :-( Niinpä etsinkin vielä rakastavaa ja pysyvää kotia Kertulle (Nattaset Private Dancer). Toivon Kertun jäävän tähän lähiseudulle, perheeseen, joka on innostunut näyttelyistä tai että voisin itse näyttelyttää Kerttua silloin tällöin.

01.12. Happy 7-years birthday dear Cinna (Kahenkoon I'm Chosen)!!!
29.11. Viivi (Nattaset Rain Dancer) went to her new home in Estonia- Good luck with "Fanny" Merle and the whole family!
28.11. Great show news from Tiina & Marek: Est & Lv & Lt & Balt Ch, Est & Lv & Lt & Balt JCh Nattaset May Blob "Morris" won BIG-1 at Sillamäe all breeds ch show in Estonia!!! The judge was Svetlana Radjuk from Belarussia.
28.11. We took part to the int. All breeds ch show in Turku, the judge was Andrew Brace, GB.:

Congrats Katja, Camilla and Ragnar - well done!

18.11. Some new pictures of Nattaset Rain Dancer "Viivi", Nattaset Private Dancer "Kerttu" and their dad Swannery Unforgettable "Luca".


16.11. One 11 weeks old bitch puppy ,Nattaset Rain Dancer "Viivi", is due to cancellation still available. She is healthy, registered, vaccinated, 4 x dewormed, micro chipped,  she has a passport and is BAER normal. Klick the pictures to enlarge them. More information about this litter and the parents from here.

Yksi 11 vko vanha narttupentu Nattaset Rain Dancer "Viivi" on vielä peruutuksen vuoksi vapaana.  Viivi on reipas, kaunis, terve, rekisteröity, rokotettu, 4 x madotettu, sirutettu ja se on myös kuulotestattu BAER normaali (molemmin puolin kuuleva). Klikkaa kuvaa, niin saat sen suuremmaksi. Lisätietoja pentueesta ja vanhemmista täältä.

08.11. Tarto Int Ch Show, judge Boris Spoljaric. Huge congratulations Tina and Marek - and thanks to Morris' handler Kersti Paju too, very well done!!!
  • Nattaset May Blob "Morris" BOB, CACIB, BIG-2
08.11. Puppy show in Helsinki, judge Eeva Anttinen:
  • Despina Amazing Love "Sheila" BPOS
  • Despina Auriferous Dancer "Boris" 2nd best dog puppy
07.11. Tarto Int Ch Show, judge Michaela Frangopol
  • Nattaset May Blob "Morris" BOB, CACIB, BIG-2
01.11. We spent a lovely "Nattaset days" weekend together with 31 people and 27 dogs. We had really great time with the program: Children & trick with the dog, Nattaset Man handler 2009, Nattaset Speed race 2009, Nattaset Agility Winner 2009, breeding control, DNA tests,  sauna, good food and excellent company ;-) And OF COURSE the dogs were allowed to run free and play with each others! Pictures and results coming soon!!!
01.11. Six puppies have gone to their new homes now - lovely to hear that they are doing well!

Kuusi pennuista on jo mennyt uusiin koteihinsa. Vapaana vielä narttupentu. Tiedustelut p. 040-5331366

20.10. New pictures of the puppies here.

Uusia kuvia pennuista täällä. Vapaana vielä yksi uros- ja narttupentu.

18.10. National all breeds ch show in Siauliai, Lithuania

WELL DONE KATJA!!! Two group wins and two champion titles on the same weekend - unbelievable!!! Thanks for the UNFORGETTABLE show trip!

17.10. National all breeds ch show in Valmiera, Latvia
15.10. New pictures of the puppies here. Uusia kuvia pennuista täällä.
07.10. New standing pictures of the puppies here. Uusia seisotuskuvia pennuista täällä.
06.10. Cinna and Luca's puppies are now five weeks old. New pictures on my Picasa album.

Cinnan ja Lucan pennut ovat nyt viisi viikkoa vanhoja. Uusia kuvia Picasa albumissani.

30.09. We took the first standing pictures of the four week old puppies today. Thank you Katja and Kaisa for the help! You will see the pictures on the "Dancer" puppies page.

Otimme tänään neliviikkoisista pennuista ensimmäiset seisotuskuvat. Kiitos Katjalle ja Kaisalle avusta! Voit nähdä kuvat "Dancer" pentusivuilla. Vapaana vielä yksi uros- ja narttupentu.

26.09. We had a lovely show trip to the Åland islands. Thank you Katja, Kati, Mikko, Minna, Tomi, Anita, Eija, Tuisku, Satu, Piia, Anna, Ami and all 11 dogs for these three nice days!

Eckerö int. ch show, judge Inga Siil, Estonia:

20.09. Great news from Tiina and Marek in Estonia. Est&Lv Ch, Est&LV&Lt&Balt JCh Nattaset May Blob "Morris" won BOB, CC, BIG-1 at Panevezys ch show in Lithuania and can now apply for the Lithuanian and Baltian Champion titles! Well done - huge congratulations!!!

19.09. Cinna and Luca's puppies are now 2,5 weeks old. New pictures on my Picasa album

Cinnan ja Lucan pennut ovat nyt 2,5 viikkoa vanhoja. Vapaana yksi narttu ja yksi urospentu. Uusia kuvia Picasa albumissani.

19.09. New home page of Mariglen English Setters
13.09. Congratulations Marek for Morris' (Est&LV Ch, Est&LV&Lt&Balt JCh Nattaset May Blob) first partridge this autumn! Marek, Morris and Bärri's hunting pictures in my picasa album. The last five pictures taken last weekend. Thank you Tiina & Marek for these lovely pictures!
13.09. Porvoo Ch show today, judge Knut-Sigurd Wilberg, GB (Norway)


  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" 3rd best dog, res-CAC
  • Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite "Aada" 1st in open class (very good)
03.09. Some new pictures of the proud mother Cinna and her lovely puppies ;-)

01.09. The puppies are here now! Cinna gave birth to six lovely girls and two handsome boys. Everything wend well and the mum and pups are doing fine. Klick the pictures to enlarge them.

30.08. Cinna (FIN JW-03 Kahenkoon I'm Chosen) is doing fine and we are waiting for the birth of the puppies any day now. Please keep your fingers crossed for the safe delivery and healthy puppies!
24.08. Happy 7 years birthday to the "Special" litter: Spice, Ines, Muusa, Lotta, Alma, Wilma and Pera!
22.08. Kouvola ch show, judge Vincent O'Brien, Ireland and group judge Laszlo Erdös, Hungary


  • Nattaset Darth Millenial "Manne" Intermediate class 1st, res-CAC

Congrats Katja, Eija and Risto - great done!!!

16.08. Ch Show in Ikaalinen, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari:
  • Nattaset Have A Look "Ossi" BOS, CC
16.08. International all breeds Ch Show Norrköping, Sweden, judge John Thirlwell, UK; group judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden
15.08. All breeds ch show in Nyköping, Sweden, judge Jozef Verrees, Belgium:
10.08. We got nice guest today - Tuomo visited us with "Walter" (Nattaset Grande Casanova) and "Victor" (Pitman's Wallace at Uwexin). Walter has also been x-rayed and his hips & elbows looked very good. Now we are waiting for the official HD and ED scores from our Kennel Club.

08.08. Lovely show day again: Mäntyharju all breed ch chow, judge Hannele Jokisilta:

Pictures of the Gordon Setters at Mäntyharju show in my Picasa web album.

07.08. Est&Lv Ch, Est&LV&Lt&Balt JCh Nattaset May Blob "Morris" won 2nd best male today in Lithuania. Congratulations Marek and Tina - well done!
07.08. Our young Gordon Setter girl "Olga" (Despina Amazing Love) went today to her new home (co-owned with me) in Hamina. Good luck and hope to see you all soon again! New pictures of Olga and her litter brother "Boris" (Despina Auferious Dancer who stayed here at home with Pilsu, Chiara and Cinna) in my Picasa web album.
05.08. Chiara (EST JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella) and Grande (Nattaset Grande Amore) have been x-rayd - both have A hips and 0/0 elbows (excellent)!!!
29.07. PUPPY NEWS! Cinna (FIN JW-03 Kahenkoon I'm Chosen has been ultra scanned today and she is in whelp. The proud sire is our young English gentleman "Luca" ESTW-09, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, EST & LT JCH Swannery Unforgettable. The puppies are due End of August.

Chiara's (Nattaset Droppo Bella) HD and ED results came today from the Finnish Kennel Union. She has A hips and 0/0 (healthy) elbows ;-)

26.07. Estonian Setter Club Ch Show for Setters, judge Marianne Gyárfás, Hungary


  • Nattaset Skywalker "Mortti" 1st in Junior class (vg)
  • Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite "Aada" 2nd best bitch

Congratulations to everybody for the lovely results and THANKS A LOT for the lovely trip to Katja, Tuula, Kiia, Tommi, Niko, Jani Kati, Mikko, 2 x Minna, Sanna, "The agility King" Heikki, Salla, Anita, Eija, Lasse, Tuisku and all 19 dogs!

25.07. Haapsalu All breed Ch Show, Estonia. Judge Lydia Erhart from the Netherlands:


  • Nattaset Skywalker "Mortti" 2nd in Junior class (vg)
  • Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite "Aada" Best bitch, CC
25.07. Int Ch Show in Mikkeli, judge Richy Loch-Romans, Belgium:
23.07. Lisätietoja aivan ihanista Despina gordoninsetteripennuista, joista toinen etsii aktiivista, luotettavaa, hyvää sijoituskotia max. 100 km Kouvolasta.
22.07. Today we arrived back home from our "holiday" in Jurmala with Katja. It was a short but lovely trip and in Riga, on our way home, we met two lovely ladies from Lithuenia - from kennel Despina. Heartfull thanks to Egde and her mother for trusting me so much and letting these two gorgeous 4,5 months old Gordon Setter puppies to travel with us to Finland. More details of the puppies coming soon...


18.07. A lot of nice things seem to happen now... I got great news from Kickie. Leona (LVW-07, EST & LV JCH Nattaset Marigold) went BOB and got her 4th CACIB at the Int Ch Show in Köping, Sweden (judge Ann Gormley from Ireland). Now Kickie can apply for the Internation Beauty Champion title for Leona. Huge congrats Kickie, well done!!! Picture by Siv Lindelöf.
11.07. Est Ch, Est&LV&Lt&Balt JCh Nattaset May Blob "Morris"  won today BOB and BIG-IV at the Ch Show in Latvia. Now he is also LV Ch - huge congratulations Marek & Tiina, well done!

11.07. Happy 11 years birthday to Nattaset "That" litter!!!

with love, Jaana, Chiara, Cinna and the mum Pilsu 13,5 years

08.07. I got new lovely pictures of Viola (Nattaset Da Vero Bella), Grande (Nattaset Grande Amore) and Leona (Nattaset Marigold). Thank you Camilla and Kickie for the lovely pictures - and thank you Kirsi and Väiski for the visit with Grande. It was great to see you and groom "Grande" the first time properly ;-) Klick the pictures to enlarge them.

05.07. Great show news from Hyvinkää Ch Show, judge Markku Santamäki:
  • Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale "Annu" Best Veteran of Breed, 2nd best bitch
  • Nattaset Special Spice "Spice" 3rd best bitch (picture)

Huge congratulations Minna - well done!

29.06. PUPPY NEWS! Cinna (FIN JW-03 Kahenkoon I'm Chosen has been mated to our young English gentleman "Luca" ESTW-09, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, EST & LT JCH Swannery Unforgettable. The puppies are due End of August.

PENTU-UUTISIA! Cinna (JV-03 Kahenkoon I'm Chosen) on astutettu nuorella englantilaisella "gentlemannillamme" Lucalla (ESTW-09, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, EST & LT JCH Swannery Unforgettable). Pentujen odotetaan syntyvän elokuun lopulla.

27.06. Congratulations to Marja for Gini's (Nattaset Nabrum Leids) 3rd best bitch at Hämeenlinnan int. Ch Show - well done! Click the picture to enlarge it.
26.06. Happy 1 year birthday to the "Italian litter": Muru, Viola, Cassie, Chiara, Walter and Grande!
16.06. Happy 8 years birthday Annu. Lilli and Batman! Klick the picture to enlarge it ;-)
13.06. We had a lovely weekend with a lot of friends and dogs at my place. We visited also Kotka Int Ch Show, judge Robert Mc Coy from Ireland:

After the show we were invited to Kiia and Tommi's place and we had lovely time with delicious smoked salmon and the dogs played in the garden.  Thanks to everyone for the nice days - and huge congratulations to Kätlin, Andrus and Anne-Stiina for Annie's BOB! More pictures coming up soon!

09.06. We took new pictures of our Estonian Winners-09 Luca and Ines. You can see the pictures on their own photoalbums: Ines and Luca
07.06. Katja and Tuula did it! We were joking that they will bring three Winners back to Finland after visiting the Estonian Winner -09 show in Tallinn with the "Italian family" Luca, Ines and Chiara today... but after the show it wasn't a joke any more! They really did it! Three Winner titles! The dad  "Luca" JWW-08, BALTW-08, EST JCH Swannery Unforgettable was Best of Breed and Group 4th. the mum Hungarian Sh Ch, BaltW-07, SW-06, NordW-05 Nattaset Special Feeling was the Best Bitch - and their daughter Chiara (Nattaset Droppo Bella) was the best junior of breed! We can now also apply for Ines' Int Sh Ch title! Tuula, Katja and the dogs arrived here at about 01.00 o'clock in the night - and we celebrated their successfull trip with the champagn and cake :-)

31.05. Very hot show news... 28 degrees ;-) We visited a small Ch Show in Iitti with Chiara (Nattaset Droppo Bella), Karo (Nattaset Padme Amidala) and the English Cocker Spaniel Mimmi (Muskettikoiran Sunflower) owned by my nice. Both judges were extreamly strict - very few dogs got excellent. Chiara and Karo got both "very good" with nice judgements - so I think we should be very pleased with "vg" this time ;-) Here is a new picture of Karo - taken after the ring today. Isn't she looking lovely? Klick the picture to enlarge it.
29.05. We got a new lovely family member "Cinna" (Kahenkoon I'm Chosen). Thank you Tuula (Kennel Riekonhovin) for this lovely lady - we are so happy to got her into our gang!

Our "baby" Chiara (11 months)  is in season now and hopefully Cinna will start her season soon too - she will be mated to our English gentleman "Luca" JWW-08, BALTW-08, EST JCH Swannery Unforgettable.

24.05. Five lovely Gordon Setter puppies were born at Groovin kennel. The proud sire is "Manne" Nattaset Darth Millenial. More about the puppies at Groovin home page. Congratulations Tiina and Anu - and of course the beautiful mum "Aada" Groovin Boogie Woogie - well done!
23.05. Happy 2-years birthday Nattaset "Rock" litter: Toto, Eetu, Jamppa, Kamu and Vilkku!

After two days Kamu's staying at Tarja's place I got the great news that the boys are already playing together and having real fun! No signs of  jealoysy or nonconformity. Waiting for new pictures from Tarja :-)

21.05. Today I brought Kamu (Nattaset Rock Star) into his new home by Tarja, Ilkka and Rick (Nattaset That's Right) near by Uimaharju.
20.05. I got  some new pictures of Tessa (Nattaset Princess Leia). Thank you Tarja for the lovely pictures!
16.05. Today I visited Kotka Int. Ch Show. I didn't have any dogs with me from home but I had the pleasure to handle Manne (Nattaset Darth Millenial) and Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) in the ring. The judge Robert Schill from Romania was very strict and it looked like he didn't like judging at all. Only few English and Gordon Setters got excellent. Both Manne and Lupu got very good - and Mortti didn't want the judge touch him at all... no wonder...

Katja picked up her dogs (Lilli, Ines and Luca have been at my place since Wednesday) and we took some new pictures of Chiara, Nattaset Droppo Bella, who is now 10,5 months old. Chiara will go to her very first official show in two weeks; please keep your fingers crossed that she is behaving... not only jumping and playing  ;-) More pictures on Chiara's photo page.

14.05. We got nice guests today; Minna with her girls Spice (Nattaset Special Spice), Annu (Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale) and Nyyti the cocker spaniel. I took some lovely head shots of  Spice and Pilsu :-)
05.05. Uusia kuvia kohta 2-vuotiaista sisaruksista Vilkusta (BaltJW-08 Nattaset Rock Baby) ja Kamusta (Nattaset Rock Star). Valitettavasti Venla ei saa pentuja tällä kertaa, mutta toivon mukaan saisimme seuraavat Nattaset englanninsetteripennut vielä tämän kesän aikana; isänä juniori maailmanvoittajamme "Luca" (Swannery Unforgettable). Lisätietoja tulossa lähiaikoina "puppies" sivulle.

New pictures of our soon 2-years old litter sister and brother Vilkku (BaltJW-08 Nattaset Rock Baby) ja Kamu (Nattaset Rock Star). Unfortunatelly Venla doesn't get puppies this time - but we hope to get Nattaset English Setter puppies later this summer sired by our Junior World Winner "Luca" (Swannery Unforgettable). More details coming up into the "puppies" page.

28.04. Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) has been ultra scanned today - and unfortunatelly the vet couldn't find any puppies. But she wants to ultra scan Venla one more time next Monday - so we will wait until that to know for sure if she is empty or in whelp.

But there are good news too. Our young handsome Gordon Setter boy "Manne" (Nattaset Darth Millenial) visited a very attractive lady Aada (Groovin Boogie Woogie) successfully - the puppies are due on the week 22 at kennel Groovin. Congratulations Tiina, Anu and Risto for the upcoming litter! I am so happy for all of you!

26.04. Lovely warm and sunny day! I visited Lahti Int. Ch Show with Kiia and Tommi today. The judge for English and Gordon Setters was Arja Koskelo, who was really trict in judging. From 11 English Setters only five got "excellent", three "very good", two "good" and one even "fair"! I had the honour to handle Hoyt's son Riekonhovin High Fidelity "Pyry", 13 months young gentleman in junior class. The judge loved him and told me that he will have a brilliant future in the show rings! Pyry was 2nd best dog! Congratulations Tuula and Satu! Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) did also very well by getting 2nd place (from four bitches) with "very good" in open class.

After the show I got nice guests; Eddie (Nattaset Stormtrooper) and Axu with their owners. Here are pictures of the both hansome boys after the grooming. Pictures from the left: Axu, Eddie and Pyry.

18.04. I got some lovely pictures of Tessa (Nattaset Princess Leia) and Tytti (Nattaset Moon Sonata) from Tarja today. Thanks Tarja for the pictures!


13.04. We had a lovely Nattaset Gordon Setter meeting at my place today. The mum Aada with her five 13 months old "pups" Mortti, Manne, Rontti, Eddie and Karo were here with their owners. It was a extempore meeting because Rontti visited us the first time since she went to Kajaani with the age of eight weeks. Thanks to all for coming! It was fun indeed!
12.04. Kickie took part into the Int. Ch Show in Stockholm, Sweden with Leona (Nattaset Marigold), Leona got the 1st price. The judge was Hans Rosenberg. Well done Kickie and Leona!
11.04. Fiina (Nattaset Bluebottle) was 3rd best bitch at Imatra Int. Ch Show today. Congrats Kati and thank you Heidi for handling Fiina!
29.03. "Toto" Nattaset Heavy Rock took part to his very first official Ch show in Korpilahti today. The judge was Soile Bister and Toto got very good. Well done Sari! Thank you for the lovely pictures!

29.03. Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) has been mated now to the gorgeous gentleman "Andy" Deringan Star Emigrant. We hope to get puppies End of May. More about the planned litter on "Puppies" page. Puppy inquiries are welcome.

Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) on nyt astutettu komealla gentlemannilla "Andylla" (Deringan Star Emigrant).. Meinasimme kokeilla jälleen kahdella uroksella astuttamista, mutta Venla ilmoitti tänään Huittisista Andyn luota palattuamme erittäin kipakkaan sävyyn, että hän aikoo olla uskollinen sydämensä valitulle Andylle :-) Joten pidämme nyt peukkuja pystyssä ja ristissä, että pikku "ämpyräisiä ja kenkkiksiä" syntyy toukokuun lopulla. Lisää pennuista ja sukutaulu "puppies" sivuilla. Pentukyselyt ovat tervetulleita.

24.03. I got some lovely pictures of Manne (Nattaset Darth Millenial) and Mortti (Nattaset Skywalker). Thank you Kiia, Tommi and Risto for the nice pictures!


15.03. Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) started her season today. She will be mated in about two weeks to the handsome "Andy" Deringan Star Emigrant. We hope to get puppies End of May. Puppy inquiries are welcome.
14.03. The Nattaset "Flower" English Setters celebrated today their 3-years birthday - huge congratulations Venla, Lupu, Inna, Leona, Fiina, Ulla and Morris! Links to the nice picture albums of this litter here.
11.03. Huge congratulations to all Nattaset "Star Wars" Gordon Setters for your 1-year birthday!

On the picture (left) Mortti with his delicious cake and sparkling wine! Thanks Kiia and Tommi for the lovely picture! I got two more pictures of Gini and her lovely sausage cake :o) Thanks Marja for sharing the nice pictures with us.

01.03. The winter holidays here in Finland are now over and it is time to go back to the "normal life" also here at Nattaset. We had here up eight English Setters! Hjallis and Nalle stayed here last week over the weekend and Jill and Natta had nine days holiday while their family was skiing in Kuusamo. We had fun in any case :o) Now four dogs (Bisse, Kamu, Vilkku and Chiara) at home don't seem to be so huge number... though I prefer only two-three dogs at home :-)
24.02. New KSP open show pictures of the Nattaset team on Nattaset Picasa web album. Thank you so much Niina for the lovely pictures!

"Our Setters", "Litters" and Chiara's own page also updated..

21.02. The Happy End with  "Ruffe", "Hjallis" (= Farthingale Put Yorkshire On You) and his family Antikainen :o)

19.02. Welcome back home (by family Antikainen) dear "Ruffe" (Farthingale Put Yorkshire On You)!!!
16.02. Estonian Setter Club Show results and pictures.

Janne's Picasa web album club show pictures.

15.02. Happy 2-years birthday "Moon litter" Ossi, Mosse, Renu, Pirre and Hansu!
15.02. Estonian Setter Club Show, judge Ann Paleski, Kennel Dubliner, Sweden. Today we had a very very lovely show day - not only the results but also the nice athmosphere, prizes, very friendly judge for the dogs, big show ring and nice people! We enjoyd the day very much indeed. Many thanks to the Estonian Setter club for this lovely show and Mrs. Paleski, who thought so highly of our Setters! And thank you Sanna for handling Vilkku so gorgeous - you looked so good!!! And big thanks to all of you... Sanna, Kiia, Tommi, Niko, Jani, Janne, Veera, Kati, Mikko, Eija and Tuisku - it was so great to spend the Valentines day and the whole weekend with you!!!


  • Nattaset Skywalker "Mortti" BOS, 2nd Best Junior In Show
  • Nattaset Princess Leia "Tessa" 2nd best bitch, Best Junior bitch of Breed
14.02. Int. Ch Show in Tallinn, judge Miklos Levente from Hungary - and his very very strange opinions about the English Setters!!! He said that our dogs are wrong breed type with wrong type of coats, heads, movements and even Jill's legs were too short!!!
  • Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" BPOB
  • Nattaset After That "Jill" 2nd best bitch
  • Hoyt, Ossi, Lupu, Fiina, Mortti, Tessa and Aada got "good" or "very good"
10.02. KSP Open Show pictures: Janne's Picasa web album, Kätlin's Picasa web album and Nattaset Picasa album. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures with us!
10.02. Nattaset Rock Star "Kamu" is looking for a new loving home. He is absolutelly lovely and healthy (hips A, elbows 0) 20 months old gentleman and he was the 2nd best male after our Luca (imported from UK) at the Setter and Pointer open show (39 Engliish Setter entries). Inquiries are welcome tel. +358 40 5331366 or e-mail.

Nattaset Rock Star "Kamu" etsii uutta rakastavaa kotia. Kamu on aivan ihana ja täysin terve (lonkat A, kyynärät 0) 20 kk vanha herrasmies. Kamu oli viikonloppuna elämänsä ensimmäisessä näyttelyssään, KSP:n open showssa (39 englanninsetteriä) ja sijoittui toiseksi parhaaksi urokseksi tuontikoiramme Lucan jälkeen. Tiedustelut p. 040-5331366 tai e-mail.

08.02. Huge congratulations Moon -puppies (Bertta, Jaana, Luna, Nekku, Nelli, Tytti, Börje, Nalle and Veksi) for your 6 years birthday!!! Klick the picture to enlagre it :o)


07.02. We had a lovely show day at KSP open show in Hyvinkää. Our judge was Éva Mód, kennel Blue Jeans from Hungary. The number of English Setter entries was 39 and the Gordon Setter entries 18!!! A huge number here in Finland. Thank you for all Nattaset English and Gordon Setters for coming to the show - and it was so lovely to see all of you!

Some results (sorry, I don't remember all... but I will update the results as soon I get them from our ring secretary):


  • Nattaset Dart Millenial "Manne" BIS-2 Tourist, 3rd best dog
  • Nattaset Skywalker "Mortti" 4th best dog
  • Nattaset Princess Leia "Tessa" 1st in junior class
  • Nattaset Nabrum Leids "Gini" 2nd in junior class
  • Nattaset Chall Bekan "Bessie" Best bitch tourist of breed
  • Nattaset 3rd best breeder group of breed with prize of honour
15.01. The Estonian Kennel Union confirmed the following CH titles:

INT & EST SH CH Nattaset After That "Jill" is now EST VET CH too.

JWW-08, BALTW-08 Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" is now EST JCH too- now we can apply for the LT JCH title too.

Congrats Katja and Terhi! And thank you very much Kätlin for the help with the applications!

04.01. Another great show day for Camilla and Viola (Nattaset Da Vero Bella)! This time the show was Int Ch Show in Gothenburg and the judge was Bertil Lundgren. Viola was Best Puppy of Breed again.Congrats Camilla and Ragnar! Hope to get some pictures from the show....

Bertil Lundgren has put also Viola's mother "Ines" (Hungarian Sh Ch, BaltW-07, SW-06, NordW-05 Nattaset Special Feeling)  to win Group 2nd at Ch Show Österbybruk in 2006 and and "Nikita" Nattaset That's It Group 1st in Hyvinkää 2001 and Group 3rd in Nyköping 2001.

Many thanks to Mr Lundgren who always thought so highly of  Nattaset Setters and keep smiling!!! Picture left: Ines, Katja and Mr Lundgren in 2006 and picture right: Nikita, Kickie and Mr Lundgren.

03.01. Today Viola (Nattaset Da Vero Bella) made her show debute as a first of the "Italian" puppies. And she did it really well - Rune Fagerström put her to win Best Puppy of Breed at all breed ch show in Gothenburg. Well done and congratulations Camilla & Ragnar! We keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow!
01.01. Happy New Year!