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22.12. Merry Christmas to all our friends and thank you for the year 2008! 
07.12. Vilkku's litter brother 1,5 years old "Kamu" (Nattaset Rock Star) came back to me because of the changed situation in his family and I am looking for a new loving family for him. Kamu is a very handsome and healthy boy; also promissing for the shows.

Vilkun veli "Kamu" Nattaset Rock Star tuli takaisin minulle perheen muuttuneen tilanteen vuoksi (EI ongelmakoira!) ja etsin Kamulle uutta hyvää ja rakastavaa kotia. Kamu on terve "herrasmies" ja lupaava myös näyttelyitä ajatellen.

23.11. We had a lovely Christmas Party today - My heartfull thanks to everybody who took part to this traditionel fun day with the dogs! And greetings to all of you, who couldn't come this time. We were 24 people, 15 English Setters, 3 Gordon Setters, 1 Jack Russel Terrier, 1 Labrador Retriever, 1 Flatcoated Retriever and 1 Dreever. I was worried about the home trips because we had an awfull snow storm here in Finland and Renu's family had the longest way to drive (about 230 km). I am so happy that everybody came safely home!

Pictures by Janne Karhu here and pictures by me here!

While we were celebrating in Koria - Hoyt's (EST & LV JCH, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born) progenies did excellent at Jyväskylä Int. Ch Show. Helmi (Riekonhovin High Hopes) was Best Puppy of Breed and her litter brother Pyry (Riekonhovin High Fidelity) was Best Puppy of the Opposite Sex. Huge congratulations Tuula, Kaisu and Satu, well done!

18.11. Nattaset Picasa Web Album updated with a lot of new pictures! Welcome to visit!
09.11. We visited Tarto Int. Ch show with Kiia. The success of Vilkku and Lupu was not so great (very good) but we had lovely time at Morris' place. Thank you Marek and Tina for your hospitality! The dogs had fun too! Lovely pictures in my Nattaset Picasa Web Album.

26.10. The very first Nattaset Gordon Setter puppies (actually four of them) visited today Lahti puppy show (judge by Rune Fagerström) with great results. Tessa (Nattaset Princes Leia) was Best puppy of breed, Mortti (Nattaset Skywalker) Best male puppy, Gini (Nattaset Nabrum Leids) 2nd best bitch puppy, Karo (Nattaset Badme Amidala) 3rd best bitch puppy. We also got the prize of hounour with our breeder group! Thank you Marja, Jukka, Johanna, Ismo, Tarja, Katja, Kiia and Tommi for coming and sharing the nice showday with me. And congrats especially to Kiia, Tommi and Jenni for Aada's and Leevi's lovely puppies!
08.10. Morris (Est & LV & Lt & Balt JCH Nattaset May Blob) passed the field-trial test in Estonia with the I grade. It is almost unbelievable, because Morris is the FIRST show-setter EVER who has passed the field-trial in Estonia and with the I grade just at the first-time! Huge congratulations Marek and Tina - I am so proud of all of you! With this field trial result Marek can aply for the Estonian Show Champion title for Morris too!

04.10. New pictures in Picasa web album! ("Show trip to Åland island" and "Fun on the fields"
03.10. Today we got nice guests - three of the Nattaset Gordon Setter puppies (Eddie, Caro and Mortti) and mother Aada, nurse Lupu, Eddie's "big brother"  Aksu and of course their owners visited me. The dogs had so fun together on the field - unfortunatelly it was getting dark, so I didn't get any good pictures. But anyway I put some pictures into my Picasa web album.
29.09. We had a lovely show trip to Åland island. On Saturday int. Ch Show in Eckerö the English Setters were judged by Hans Lehtinen. Our results:

Thanks for the nice trip to everyone and congrats for the great results! More pictures coming up soon! Thank you Minna and Tomi for the picture of  Spice!

21.09. Today we visited Muru (Nattaset Ciao Bella; Mirella) and took some nice pictures of her and her "big sister" Milli (labrador retriever).

Muru (Mirella) was the tiny puppy who we were very concerned about. But now she is growing normally and it seems that she will get the normal size :o) She is a little bit smaller than Chiara but not a "mini-setter" anymore! And she is still the most cutest puppy with lovely tricolour I have ever had!!!

20.09. Kiia took part to the Ch show in Hyvinkää with Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite "Ada" (Gordon Setter) today. The judge was Svein Nordang, Gordon Setter breeder (field type) from Norway and he liked Aada very much and put her to win BOB! Congratulations Kiia and Tommi - well done!
06.09. Leona (LVW-07, EST & LV JCH Nattaset Marigold) was BOB at Sandviken Int. Ch Show today. The judge was Bertil Lundgren. Big congratulations Kickie for Leona's great result again!
27.08. All puppies have now loving new homes. Cassie (Olivia) went with Maria to Sweden on Sunday, Mirella left us yesterday for her home by Mikko and Marika in Kotka, Carlo will go today to Tuomo to Hämeenlinna, Aurora is going to Camilla and Ragnar to Sweden and Chiara is staying at home. (Picture: Maria & Cassie at Helsinki airport)

Kaikilla pennuilla on nyt rakastavat kodit. Cassie meni Marian kanssa Ruotsiin sunnuntaina, Mirella lähti eilen perheensä kanssa uuteen kotiin Kotkaan, Carlo lähtee tänään Tuomon luo Hämeenlinnaan, Aurora menee Camillan ja Ragnarin luo Ruotsiin ja Chiara jää tänne kotiin. (kuva: Maria ja Cassie lentokentällä)

23.08. Great show day at Hämeenlinna Int. Ch Show, judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary:

Big congrats Kiia for Lupu's BOS - as well as Katja, Eija and Terhi for Jill's, Luca's and Ossi's great results! YOU made my day again!

Special congratulations to Päivi for Sonny's (Deringan Star Fonzie) BOB - He was absolutelly worth it! WELL DONE!

Pictures in my Picasa webalbum! Thanks Tommi for the nice pictures!

18.08. The puppies are now 7 weeks and 4 days old. Daniel left us on Saturday for her new lovely family in Orivesi. Good luck Kirsi with the little fellow! There are still some puppies available for loving and permanent homes! New pictures in Picasa webalbum!

Pennut ovat nyt 7 viikkoa ja 4 päivää vanhoja. Daniel lähti uuteen ihanaan kotiinsa Orivedelle lauantaina. Paljon onnea Kirsille pikku poitsun kanssa! Muutama pentu on vielä vailla rakastavaa ja pysyvää kotia. Uusia kuvia Picasa webbialbumissa!

17.08. Leona (LVW-07, EST & LV JCH Nattaset Marigold) and Kickie took two BOBs at Ch Shows in Sweden last weekend. On Sunday they got also Group 5th placing!

On Saturday in Nyköping the judge was Ricky L-Romans from Belgium and on Sunday in Norrköping the judge was Gordon Setter breeder Martin Johansson. Congrats - Well done girls!

09.08. Great news from from Helsinki Ch Show (judge Eeva Rautala) Ossi (Nattaset Have A Look) was BOB and Group 4th and Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) was BOS.

Well done Eija and Kiia and huge congratulations!

07.08 The puppies are now 6 weeks old. New pictures in my Picasa Web Album.

Pennut ovat nyt 6 viikon ikäisiä. Uusia kuvia Picasan webbialbumissani.

Lisätietoa pennuista ja niiden vanhemmista täältä.

03.08. We arrived home from our "Via Baltica" trip today evening. Three people + four dogs, two dog shows and 1580 km drive :o) But it was absolutelly lovely trip. Thank you Satu and Piia for the crazy travel companion! And thank you Kätlin, Andrus and Anne for quiding us to Vilnius and back to Tallinn ("Tom Tom" was working very well!!!), for lovely barbeque evening on Saturday evening and for making accomodation bookings also for us! And congrats for Annie's Baltic Winner-08 title! THANK YOU SATU FOR THE LOVELY PICTURES!!!!
02.08. Baltic Winner 2008 Int. Ch Show in Vilnius, Lithuania, judge Laszlo Erdos, Hungary (13 entries)
01.08. Vilnius Int. Ch Summer Show 2008, judge Ron Besoff from Autralia (11 entries)
31.07. New pictures of now 5 weeks old puppies here.

Uusia kuvia nyt 5 viikkoa vanhoista pennuista täällä.

Lisätietoa pennuista ja niiden vanhemmista täältä.

21.07. The puppies are now 3,5 weeks old. New pictures here at Picasa Album. Some puppies still available! Don't hesitate to ask more tel. +358 40 533 1366 or e-mail:

Pennut ovat nyt 3,5 viikkoa vanhoja. Uusia kuvia Picasa Albumissa. Muutama pentu vielä vapaana! Tiedustelut: puh. 040 - 533 1366. Sähköposti

20.07. Estonian Setter Club Special ch show, judge Sharon Littlechild (Ravensett), England
19.07. Haapsalu all breed Ch Show, judge Jose Baddeley, England
17.07. ISF World Wide Setter Open Show pictures by Kickie Boman (Photos - Photoalbums at Picasaweb - WW Setter Show 1)

Pictures of Ines and Luca's 3 weeks old puppies here

Kuvia Ineksen ja Lucan 3 viikkoisista pennuista täällä

The very first NATTASET English Setter litter "That"celebrated their 10 years birthday today.
Congratulations Natta, Jill, Iita, Nikita, Oliver, Rick, Dayna and Shiva!
Thank you Kickie for the lovely picture of always so lovely Nikita!

09.07. ISF World Wide Setter Open Show pictures by Eija Lammi

Pictures of Ines and Luca's puppies here

08.07. We had a great show trip to the World Winner Show in Stockholm and World Wide Setter Show in Taxinge.

Our results WW-show; judge Laurent Pichart, CH (72 entries)

ISF World Wide Setter Open Show judge Chris Sayers, GB (34 entries)

Thank you Päivi, Katri, Eija and Tuisku for the lovely trip together! And it was so nice to see Setter friends from all over the Europe - congrats for the wins and thanks to the ISF for organizing such a lovely show with an English Setter specialist judge! Hope to see all of you next year again!

01.07. Great news: Our little girl Nattaset Ciao Bella "Mirella" is doing better now. She started to get more weight on Sunday evening. On Sunday morning she had 275 g and on Thuesday evening her weight was 350 g. Here are some new pictures of Mirella & other puppies:

31.06. Today Nattaset "Star Wars" Gordon Setter puppies got their second vaccinations - and I had the pleasure to met four of the puppies and their owners! Some pictures here!
30.06. New: Ines' and Luca's photo pages.
29.06. Finally we had time to give a bath and groome our youngsters, who are going next weekend to the Wold Winner and Setter World Wide Setter Shows in Sweden. Here are some brand new pictures of Nattaset Rock Baby "Vilkku" and Swannery Unforgettable "Luca".

29.06. The little girl is eating now and she is very lively but her weigh is not going up and she is so tiny compering with the other puppies. The other puppies are growing very fast - the biggest boy Daniel is already in weight over 500 g!

27.06. The puppies and mum are well - only the small girl is not getting so much more weight like the others but she is still fighting for her life. Please keep your fingers crossed that she learns to eat also her mother's milk. Klick the pictures to enlarge them.

26.06. Our long long (3,5 years) wait came to a happy end today. Ines gave birth to 6 living puppies - 2 boys and 4 girls.

The first puppy was born at 13.50 o'clock and the last one at 17.50 o'clock. Well done Ines!

Unfortunatelly the last puppy was dead and I am afraid that we will loose one more puppy if she is not starting to eat. But anyway we are so happy that Ines is well and at least five puppies have survived the birth without any problems. If you are interested in these for us very precious puppies, don't hesitate to ask more.

Pitkä, pitkä odotuksemme (3,5 vuotta) sai tänään onnellisen lopun. Ines synnytti 6 elävää pentua - kaksi urosta ja neljä narttua. Ensimmäinen pentu syntyi kello 13.50 ja viimeinen, valitettavasti kuollut, kello 17.50. Pelkäämme vielä ensimmäisenä syntyneen narttupennun puolesta, sillä se on niin heikko, ettei ole vielä suostunut syömään emän tissistä, vaan olen ruokkinut sitä pipetillä. Oli oikeastaan ihme, että se yleensäkin virkosi henkiin. Parinkymmenen minuutin elvytyksen jälkeen olin jo melko varma, että pentu ei pysty hengittämään itse, kun se haukkoi henkeään kuin kala kuivalla maalla. Nyt sen hengitys on kuitenkin tasaantunut ja pidämme peukkuja, että se vahvistuu vähitellen ja että sillä on kaikki kunnossa.

25.06. We are here waiting for the birth of Ines' puppies. I think they will born in 24 hours now. I will keep the home page updated :o)
23.06. I think Katja is not yet tomorrow getting the "puppy gift" from Ines.... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATJA for your 30 years birthday anyway!!! Klick the pictures to enlarge them :o) You can send the congrats to Katja via e-mail.
19.06. Ines has been x-rayed today to make sure how many puppies she will get - 7 puppies!!! So, now we are only waiting for the birth of the puppies. Ines is doing very well and everything is ready for this very much waited litter.
16.06. Happy 7-years birthday "Batman-litter" Lilli. Annu and Batman! We ate here Lillis' birthday cake and took some sparkling wine :-) Actually we were also celebrating Ines' coming puppies and Luca's club show win.
15.06. "Leona" (Est&Lv JCH, LvW-07 Nattaset Marigold) was 3rd best bitch at Int ch show in Forssa. Shj was the only english type ES who got excellent! Congratulations Kickie, well done! The judge was Jukka Kuusisto.
14.06 "Lupu" (Nattaset Bluebell) was at Kotka Int. ch show with Kiia. Lupu got "very good". The judge Sofia Sollenberg from Sweden preferred the american type. Well done anyway Kiia!
08.06 Nice news from Joutseno Ch Show. Nattaset Bluebottle "Fiina" was 2nd best bitch.- It was Kati's very first time when she handled Fiina. Well done and huge congratulations! The judge was Jelena Kruus from Estonia.
02.06. Some pictures from the club show here. Thanks Janne for the lovely pictures again!!!
01.06.  We took part to the Club Show for all setters with excellent results. The judge was Marika Laaring from Estonia. 22 English Setters were entered to this show.

Heartfull thanks to the whole "Nattaset gang" and congratulations for the great success!

Pictures coming up soon.

25.05. Today we celebrated Vilkku's (Nattaset Rock Baby) 1-year birthday at Paukku's hunting club place in Koria. We all enjoyed the day very much! Thank you so much for the nice presents and lovely day together with all of you (Kiia, Tommi, Niko, Jani & dogs Lupu, Aada, Mortti; Tarja & dogs Tytti, Tessa; Jenni with Elmo; Katja with Luca, Ines, Lilli; Noora & her friend with Jamppa; and Miia with Pirre). Tuula, Kaaka and Venkku visited us on Sunday evening at home - as well as Sirkku and Ahti with Nalle on Monday.

A lot of pictures on my Picasa web album.

24.05. Great day at Hamina Int. Ch Show; the judge was Eeva Rautala:

Congratulations Eija & Lasse - and thank you so much Eija & Tuisku for the lovely show day!!! Pictures on Picasa web album.

23.05. Congratulations to all "Rock" puppies for your 1-Years Bithday!!!
21.05. Unbelievable news - INES IS IN WHELP!!! This is so amazing - I can't almost believe it's true! This was our fourth time to try to get puppies on Ines - and now it is really true. She has been ultra scanned - and the vet found at least five puppies! The puppies are due End of June. Here is a ultra scan picture of two puppies - klick the picture to enlarge it ;o)
11.05. We had nice guests from Kerimäki. Jassu and her young cocker spaniel bitch Muskettikoiran Sunflower "Mimmi" visited us. We took some cute pictures. Klick the picture to enlarge it.

05.05. All "Star Wars" puppies have gone to their new homes. Good luck everybody!

Kaikki "Star Wars" pennut ovat menneet uusiin koteihinsa. Onnea kaikille!

01.05. Four puppies have gone to their new homes already. We are so lucky to get so lovely homes for all our puppies. And now it is also time to say BIG THANKS to Kiia and Tommi for the excellent caring of the puppies as well as the mum Aada! It was a big honour and enjoy for me to get these puppies on Nattaset name! But all honour of puppies' great condition and development belongs to Kiia and Tommi! New pictures on Picasa Album.

Neljä pentua on lähtenyt jo uusiin koteihinsa. Olemme hyvin onnekkaita, kun kaikki pennut ovat saaneet niin ihanat kodit. Nyt viimeistään on myös aika sanoa SUURKIITOKSET Kiialle ja Tommille pentujen ja niiden emän Aadan hienosta hoitamisesta! Minulle on ollut suuri ilo ja kunnia saada pennut Nattaset kennelnimen alle. Mutta kaikki kunnia pentujen hienosta kunnosta ja kehittymisestä kuuluu täysin Kiialle ja Tommille! Uusia kuvia Picasa albumissa.

25.04. New head shots here. The names of the "Star Wars" puppies are now on puppy page.

Uusia pääkuvia täällä. "Star Wars" pentujen nimet ovat nyt pentusivulla.

25.04. The puppies has been tested today by a dog therapist Kirsi Liikanen (kennel Rochallor). She made the Volhards Puppy Personality Profile -test for all puppies. The results were very nice - and I hope it helped us to choose the right puppies for each family who has booked a "Star Wars" puppy from us.

Koiraterapeutti Kirsi Liikanen (kennel Rochallor) teki tänään pennuille Volhardsin pentutestin. Tulokset olivat oikein hyviä ja toivottavasti se auttoi meitä valitsemaan oikeat pennut kuhunkin pennun varanneeseen perheeseen. Toki pennun ostajat ovat esittäneet omia toiveitaan, joita olemme pyrkineet täyttämään :o)


24.04. We got great news - our young "English gentleman" Luca (Swannery Unforgettable) has healthy hips (B). Hungarian Sh Ch, BaltW-07, SW-06, NordW-05 Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines" has been mated to Luca today - so we keep our fingers crossed for Nattaset English Setter puppies in Summer 2008!

Saimme hienoja uutisia - nuoren englantilaisen "herrasmiehemme" Lucan (Swannery Unforgettable) lonkat ovat terveet (B). Ines (Unkarin MVA, SV-06, PmV-05, BaltV-07 Nattaset Special Feeling) astutettiin tänään Lucalla - pidämme peukkuja pystyssä kesän 2008 Nattaset englanninsetteripennuille!

22.04. The "Star Wars" puppies are today 6 weeks old - Kiia and Tommi brought them to our vet Hannu Pajulahti, who gave the puppies the first vaccinatios and healthy conroll. The puppies have been also micro chipped.  In the evening we took some new standing pictures -  Thank you very much Tiina for your help and opinions about the puppies!

"Star Wars" pennut täyttivät tänään 6 viikkoa - Kiia ja Tommi veivät pennut eläinlääkärillemme Hannu Pajulahdelle, joka antoi pennuille ensimmäiset rokotukset ja teki terveystarkastuksen. Pennut tunnistusmerkittiin samalla myös mikrosiruilla. Illalla otimme uusia seisotuskuvia - kiitos paljon Tiina avustasi ja mielipiteistäsi pentujen suhteen!

19.04. Great news from Estonia: EST & LV& LT & BALT JCH Nattaset May Blob "Morris" was Group 3rd at Sillamäe Ch Show in Estonia today. Huge congratulations Tiina & Marek! Well done again! Klick the picture to enlarge it.

Hienoja uutisia Virosta: EST & LV& LT & BALT JCH Nattaset May Blob "Morris" oli RYP-3 Sillamäen näyttelyssä Virossa tänään. Hurjasti paljon onnea Tiinalle ja Marekille! Klikkaa kuvaa suurentaaksesi sen.

19.04. Hungarian Sh Ch, BaltW-07, SW-06, NordW-05 Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines" will propably be mated in a week... so maybe there are also some Nattaset English Setter puppies available this summer. We are also waiting for Venla's (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) season. More of the puppy plans coming up soon.

Ines (Unkarin MVA, SV-06, PmV-05, BaltV-07 Nattaset Special Feeling) astutetaan todennäköisesti viikon päästä... joten Nattaset englanninsetterinpentuja saattaa olla saatavissa ensi kesänä. Odottelemme myös Venlalle (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) juoksua alkukesästä.

19.04. Today I visited Tuula Korhonen & Riekonhovin English Setters in Tikkakoski. Hoyt's (EST & LV JCH, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born) first puppies born here in Finland are now 6 weeks old and we took some nice pictures of the puppies. There are still one male and one female puppy available in this litter. You can ask more about the puppies from Tuula

Tänään kävin vierailulla Tuula Korhosen luona kennel Riekonhovissa Tikkakoskella. Hoytin ensimmäiset Suomessa syntyneet pennut ovat nyt 6 viikkoa vanhoja ja otimme joitakin kivoja kuvia pennuista. Vapaana on vielä yksi uros ja yksi narttupentu. Pentuja voit kysellä Tuulalta: Puh. 050-304 1758 tai

19.04. "Star Wars" puppy pictures now on Picasa web album

"Star Wars" pentujen kuvia Picasa web albumissa

17.04. The "Star Wars" Gordon Setter puppies are now over 5 weeks old. One male puppy is still available. We took some new pictures - you can see some of them on the puppy page... more are coming soon into my Picasa web album.

"Star Wars" gordoninpennut ovat nyt reilun 5 viikkoa vanhoja; yksi urospentu on vielä vapaana. Otimme tänään uusia kuvia - voit nähdä muutaman niistä pentusivuilla - lisää kuvia tulee piakkoin Picasa webbialbumiini.

08.04. Congratulations Katja for Luca's (Swannery Unforgettable) 1-year birtday!!!! We will celebrate a little bit later when I have time to make the cake.

Finally we got a standing picture of the boy Nr5! He was so sleepy that he was standing even several seconds, so Tommi managed to take some pictures! Here are some pictures take today. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

05.04. Great news from Marek and Tina. Morris (EST&LV&LT&BALT JCH Nattaset May Blob) was BOB at Rakvere Ch Show today. The judge was Ove Germundsson. Huge congratulations Tina & Marek! Well done!

Klick the picture to enlarge it.

05.04. Otimme tänään uusia seisotuskuvia pennuista; ne löytyvät nyt pentusivuilta. Olisi mukava kuulla mielipiteesi pennuista. Itse olemme kovasti tyytyväisiä koko pentueeseen!

Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) pääsi tänään ensimmäistä kertaa vierailemaan pentulaatikossa - Lupu oli sitä mieltä, että hän voi auttaa pentujen hoidossa ja kävi maaten pentujen keskelle :o)

We took new standing pictures of the puppies today. It would be nice to hear your opinion of the puppies. We are very pleased with the whole litter!

Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) was the first time in puppy bed today - and she thought that she can help with nursing the puppies and layed down by the puppies right away :o)

04.04. Pennut kasvavat kovaa vauhtia ja Aada hoitaa niitä edelleenkin erinomaisesti. Nyt pennut saavat jo lisäruokaa ja ne alkavat olemaan jo aika äänekkäitä ja hauskoja leikkiessään keskenään.

Lisätietoja ja kuvia pennuista niiden omalla sivulla.

30.03. Aada's Gordon Setter puppies will be 3 weeks next Thuesday. We took the first "standing pictures" of the puppies today - it was really fun but I couldn't publish all the pictures, because some puppies didn't want to stand for us at all ;-) But I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Aadan gordonipennut täyttävät tulevana tiistaina kolme viikkoa. Otimme niistä tänään ensimmäiset "seisotuskuvat" - meillä oli hauskaa mutta en voinut julkaista kaikkia kuvia, sillä osa pennuista ei halunnut seistä meille ollenkaan ;-) Mutta toivottavasti tykkäät kuvista!

Aada hoitaa pentujaan loistavasti ja vieraatkin ovat voineet jo käydä ihastelemassa niitä. Neljä pennuista on tällä hetkellä varattu. Mikäli olet kiinnostunut, niin ota ihmeessä yhteyttä!

29.03. Vanquish Delight "Demi" gave birth to seven lovely puppies at Kennel Vanquish in Belgium.The proud sire Hoyt (EST & LV JCH, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born) and his owners Jaana & Minna send a lot of congrats to Yolanda and Mark - and a lot of hugs and kisses to the brave mother Demi!
23.03. Nattaset Bluebottle "Fiina" took part to Lappeenranta Int Ch Show with her owner Kati. Fiina was the 2nd best bitch with res.cacib. The judge was Harri Lehkonen.

Huge congratulations Kati and thank you very much Heidi for handling Fiina!

19.03. Kickie is ready with her Tampere Ch Show photo album. Take a look at the lovely pictures - Rose Reflections home page - and then choose Updated 190308 news page, photoalbum with photos from Tampere show & morning walk

By the way - this time the judge didn't like our dogs at all - both Luca and Vilkku got "good". The judging report of Vilkku started with "good type...." and the judging "levels" are excellent - very good - good... And Luca was too round, feminine, he had very round ribs, too soft coat, not good front angulations, not harmony at all etc. I didn't understand what the judge meant with "too round" - in which part? Luca has always been very slim and he is still very "puppy-like". But I am not worried at all because he is only 11 months old and I don't like too big and heavy dogs :o) Leona and Kickie did the best of us - very good ;-)

Here are the pictures of Leona, Luca and Vilkku at the show. Thanks Kickie and Katja for these lovely pictures!

16.03. Aada's puppies are now 5 days old. The new pictures on Aada's puppy album 16.3.2008.

Aadan pennut ovat nyt 5 päivää vanhoja. Uusia kuvia Aadan pennut albumissa 16.3.2008.

15.03. Unfortunatelly Aada's smallest dog puppy went into the dog's heaven today. He was so tiny but brave - he tried to do his best to survive and Kiia was helpng him but he slept away while eating. Good by litle angel!

Valitettavasti Aadan pienin urospentu meni koirien taivaaseen tänään. Hän oli niin pieni mutta urhea - yritti tehdä parhaansa selviytyäkseen ja Kiia auttoi häntä mutta hän nukkui pois kesken syönnin. Hyvästi pikku enkeli!

14.03. The "Flower" litter (Leona, Venla, Fiina, Lupu, Ulla, Inna and Morris) has their 2-years birthday today. Huge congratulations - hopefully you have got some delicious cake with a lot of cream :o)
12.03. Aada and the puppies are just fine! Aada is an excellent mother! Aada ja pennut voivat hyvin. Aada on erinomainen äiti!

Take a look at the photos taken yesterday. Eilen otettuja kuvia täällä.

11.03. Aada's (Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite) gave birth to 10 lovely puppies today. All puppies and the mother are doing well. Congratulations Kiia & Tommi and Aada's breeders Helena & Christina as well as Moonset Black Dancer "Leevi's" owner Jenni and breeders Tarja and Kari! And thank you so much again for letting us use Leevi to stud for Aada!

09.03. Today I visited Aada's (Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite) and Lupu's (Nattaset Bluebell) family in Kotka. I brought the puppy bed for Aada - so everything is ready for the coming puppies ;-) Aada was looking good and the puppies were moving very lively ;-) The puppies are due already next week! You can see the puppies' pedigree here.

Kävin kylässä Aadan ja Lupun perheen luona Kotkassa ja vein Aadalle pentulaatikon. Tuleva äippä voi oikein hyvin ja pennut liikkuivat vilkkaasti Aadan masussa. Pentujen odotetaan syntyvän viikon sisällä. Odottelen nyt vain jännityksellä kutsua avuksi Aadan synnytykseen, kun sen aika koittaa! Voit nähdä pentujen sukutaulun täällä!

07.03. Riekonhovin puppies - 3 boys and 2 girls - were born last night. The mother is Fin JW-02 Riekonhovin Charming Carmen "Walma" and the proud sire is our Hoyt (EST & LV JCH, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born). Congratulations Tuula and Hoyt's family for the new born puppies!


03.03. Our Hoyt (EST & LV JCH, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born) will be father soon again!
  • Fin JW-02 Riekonhovin Charming Carmen "Walma" at Riekonhovin kennel here in Finland will get puppies in few days. More about the upcoming litter on Riekonhovin home page.
  • Vanquish Delight "Demi" has been ultra scanned and the vet saw at least five puppies. The puppies are due about 30th March and they will born at Kennel Vanquish in Belgium.

I got some new pictures from Yolanda and Mark (kennel Vanquish). The left one is Nattaset Model Of The Moon "Jaana" and the other one is her daughter Vanquish Delight "Demi". Thank you so much for these lovely pictures!

01.03 Great show news from Nattaset again :o) Luca took part the first time to a show in Finland - and he did it  - he won BOB with the age of 10,5 months!!! Congratulations Katja! Congrats to Terhi for Jill's BOS and BVOB and to Minna for Spice's 2nd best bitch! Well done and thanks again!

Valkeala ch show, judge Tiina Illukka:

  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" BOB, CC
  • Nattaset After That "Jill" Best bitch, Best Veteran of Breed
  • Nattaset Special Spice "Spice" 2nd best bitch
  • Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale "Annu" Open class 1st (very good)
  • Nattaset Rock Baby Junior class 1st (very good)
  • Nattaset Best Breeder Group of Breed
24.02. All show results updated with judging reports on each dog's own page.

Luca (Swannery Unforgettable) and Vilkku (Nattaset Rock Baby) got their own pages - finally indeed!

We have very fun here at my place - Katja and Terhi has winter vacation and they have travelled away - and the dogs spend their holiday at my place ;-) 7 setters in my small house - sometimes crazy - but most of the time very lovely!


22.02. I got some new lovely pictures from Tina and Marek - thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us! The pictures are taken last autumn in Estonia - Morris (EST&LV&LT&BALT JCH Nattaset May Blob) has proven that an excellent show setter can also be an excellent hunting dog!  Pictures here!

Congratulations Tina and Marek also for Morris' healthy (B) hips and elbows!

13.02. Kickie Boman took a lot of beautiful pictures at the Setter special show in Tallinn. Please, take a look at the pictures here!
12.02. Photos (by Janne Karhu) from the Setter Special Ch Shown in Tallinn 9.2.2008.

Thanks a lot Janne for the lovely pictures!!!!

10.02. Another great show day for us (judges Leen Van Genechten, Bournefield kennel, Belgium and Inga Siil, Estonia):

Photos coming up in few days!

Thank you all (Kiia, Tommi, Jani, Niko, Minna, Janne, Riina, Veera, Kati, Mikko, Katja, Kaaka, Tuula, Eija, Sanna and Kickie) for the lovely travel company! Congrats to Kätlin too for Happy's and Annie's wins!

09.02. We had a wonderful day at the int. ch show in Tallinn (judge Marija Kavcic, Slovenia):

We also had a lovely and relaxing evening in our hotel's sauna and whirling pool.

08.02. Aada (Jaquilines Amazing Afrodite) has been ultra scanned today - and the Vet found 7 puppies ;-) The proud sire is Moonset Black Dancer "Leevi". Puppy inquiries and reservations by tel. +358 40 5331366.

Aada (Jaquilines Amazing Afrodite) ultrattiin tänään ja eläinlääkäri löysi 7 pentua ;-) Ylpeä tuleva isä on Moonset Black Dancer "Leevi". Pentutiedustelut ja varaukset: tai puh. 040-533 1366 / Jaana tai 040-744 7254 / Kiia Hynninen

30.01. Today Yolanda and Demi flew back to Belgium. Hoyt and Demi had a nice honey moon and now we keep our fingers crossed for lovely puppies at Vanaquish kennel! Klick the pictures to enlarge them. Thank you so much Katja and Piia for keeping company to Yolanda while I was working!!!

29.01. We visited also Katja and took some pictures of Luca (Swannery Unforgettable) Here is also one new picture of Vilkku (Nattaset Rock Baby).

26.01. We had a very busy day today!

First we visited Turku Int Ch Show, ESs judged by Anja Puumala:

Congrtulations Päivi for Andy's (Deringan Star Emigrant - son of Nattaset That's All) BOB! Well done Eija with Ossi, the very first time in junior class - and congrats Tuula & Kaaka for Nekku's CACIB and Venla's nice behaving in the ring ;-) Unfortunatelly Leona (Nattaset Marigold) had to stay at home - get well soon again Kickie!

After driving back home from Turku - we started our trip to Lappeenranta to pick up Demi's boy friend Hoyt (Farthigngale HIgh Born)... so when we came home to Koria at 22 o'clock we had about 1000 km drive behind us (we started our jorney to Turku at 5 o'clock in the morning)!

25.01. We got nice guests: Yolanda Falise (kennel VANQUISH) and Demi (Vanquish Delight - the daughter of Nattaset Model Of The Moon (Moon Magic Po Pengtsson x  Nattaset That's The Way)  from Belgium! Demi is a grand grand daughter of Bisse (Bothwell Piece Of Heaven) and you can see it ;-D

19.01. Gordon Setter "Aada" (Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite) got also own page - with pedigree, show results and pictures.
19.01. Lv & Ltu Ch, Lt JCh, Lv & BaltW-04 Impala Of Meadow's Brook "Emba"  gave birth to six puppies (5 boys and 1 girl) last night in Latvia. These puppies are the very first puppies sired by our 1,5 years old boy EST & LV JCH, BaltJW-07 Farthingale High Born "Hoyt". Congratulations Dina, Aivars and Hoyt's family! Puppy inquiries; Aivars Gailis

Lv & Ltu Ch, Lt JCh, Lv & BaltW-04
Impala Of Meadow's Brook "Emba"
EST & LV JCH, BaltW-07
Farthingale High Born "Hoyt"
18.01. So many friends have asked me how Bisse is doing now... She is doing just fine. Eating well and playing again with Vilkku. Bisse sends her love to everyone who was so worried about her!
14.01. My beloved 12 years old Bisse (Bothwell Piece Of Heaven) has been operated today - the vet Piia Kesti took three badly inflamed teeth and one broken canine tooth away from her - lucky us Bisse is doing ok after the big and long operation. We hope she is getting well soon again! Vilkku (Nattaset Rock Baby) is very worried about her best friend too and wants to sleep and stay very close to Bisse ;-)
13.01. Surprise surprise - We are expecting the very first Nattaset Gordon Setter puppies! "Aada" Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite (imp. from Sweden) has been mated today to the gorgeous "Leevi" Moonset Black Dancer. Both parents have excellent show results and hips! Don't hesitate to ask more about this upcoming litter! Thank you Jenni and Tero so much for letting us to use Leevi to stud for Aada! More pictures and details coming soon...

Yllätys yllätys - ensimmäisten Nattaset gordoninsettereiden odotetaan syntyvän maaliskuun puolivälissä! Aada (Ruotsin tuonti Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite) astutettiin tänään upealla Leevillä (Moonset Black Dancer). Molemmat vanhemmat ovat pärjänneet hienosti näyttelyissä ja ovat tervelonkkaisia. Suurkiitokset Jennille ja Terolle, että saimme käyttää Leeviä Aadalle.

05.01. Fin JW-02 Riekonhovin Charming Carmen "Walma" visited us today - we hope for the puppies in two months at Riekonhovin kennel. The proud sire is again Lv & Est JCh, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born "Hoyt". More about the upcoming litter on Riekonhovin home page.
05.01 I got excellent news from Latvia! Lv & Ltu Ch, Lt JCh, Lv & BaltW-04 Impala Of Meadow's Brook is in whelp and the puppies are due about on 18th January! The very proud sire is our Lv & Est JCh, Balt JW-07 Farthingale High Born "Hoyt".

If you are interested in these puppies, don't hesitate to ask more from me or Aivars Gailis