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30.12. Today we celebrated Bisse's (NL Sh Ch, LvW-97 Bothwell Piece Of Heaven) 12 years birthday with a lot of friends and delicious cake etc. Bisse thanks all her friends for the congratulations and nice presents - it was nice to see you again! Thanks for coming to my birthday party!

Some pictures here!

29.12. Yesterday night I came back from my Christmas vacation in Germany. Thank you so much Katja for taking good care of the little monster Vilkku and Terhi & co of  Bisse!

Today my beloved "Pilsu" "Bisse" - Bothwell Piece of Heaven has her 12 years birthday. Huge congratulations Pilsu! We will celebrate her birthday tomorrow with our friends. Photos coming...

16.12. Great show news again: Leona (Nattaset Marigold) was the 2nd best bitch at Nordic Winner-07 Show in Stockholm today. Congratulations Kickie - well done!
09.12. An unusual show day for us... we visited the Finnish Winner -07 show today without any Nattaset dogs! The judge was Francisco Salvador Janeiro, Portugali. Sorry, we didn't have any interest to show our dogs for him :-/  From 32 entries, there were 9 from English type - from which even 3 absent. But we were very happy for the final result - Deringan Star Edison "Dino" (sired by Nattaset That's All) won BOB and the Winner-07 title. Huge congratulations to Dino's owner Katri Merinen and his breeder Päivi Ylänne - well done!
25.11. Today we had a lovely day together with 35 people and 27 dogs, from which 15 bred by Nattaset. Thank you to everybody for coming to Nattaset "breeder day" and Christmas party!!! Special thanks for the Nattaset "friend book" with 30 stories and pictures of the dogs (the most of them bred by me) and the bottle of  "Nattaset sparkling wine"!!! I was so touched and surpriced by getting such lovely presents!

You can see pictures taken at Nattaset Christmas party here!

11.11. We had a very successful trip to the Baltic Winner Show in Riga! The judge was Rui Oliveira from Portugal.

Congratulations Katja - and Hoyt's family too! Congrats to Kätlin and Andrus for Happy's (Iron Man Of Slow Fox) BOS and Baltic Winner 2007 title and thanks for the lovely trip together and for your kind hospitality again! Some pictures here.

11.11. Congratulations Kiia for Aada's (Gordon Setter Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite) BOS and CC at Valkeala Ch Show! Well done!
03.11. Tarto Int. Ch Chow, judge Patsy Hollings, England

Congratulations also to Laura for Fortunaviola Kora Gracia "Kessi" (daughter of  Nattaset Special Moment) BOS! Thanks a lot to Kätlin and Andrus for the hospitality - and see you next weekend again!

22.10. Our life is getting quite easy and calm. "Mosse" Nattaset LookALike moved to his new home in Valkeala today. Good luck Mari with our funny boy Mosse. I hope he is not doing stupid things like eating more shoes etc.

Now I have only Bisse (Bothwell Piece Of Heaven, almost 12 years old) and Vilkku (Nattaset Rock Baby, 5 months) at home - but lucky us we have so many Setter friends in the near - so we aren't alone.... Now Luca (Swannery Unforgettable) is staying some days here and playing with Vilkku ;-)

21.10. My resque dog "Eppu" is now finally healthy and ready to go to the new family. His new loving owners are Kirsi and Isto from Parikkala. Eppu has a Setter friend 5,5 months old "Elmo", who he seemed to like a lot. Elmo and Eppu started to play with each others right away when they met at my place. Good luck Kirsi and Isto with both of your Setters - and thanks for giving such a good home for Eppu! We will miss you Eppu, you are a really Gentleman By Nature!
20.10. We visited Rakvere All Breed Ch Show in Estonia (judge Rune Fagerström).

Our great show results:

  • Nattaset After That "Jill" Best Veteran in Show, BOB, Group 3rd (picture)
  • Nattaset Blubell "Lupu" 2nd best bitch, CC (picture)
  • Farthingale High Born "Hoyt" Best dog, BOS, Best Junior of Breed with junCC
  • Nattaset May Blob "Morris" 2nd Best Dog
  • Nattaset Have A Look "Ossi" Best Puppy of Breed
  • Swannery Unforgettable "Luca" 2nd best male puppy
  • Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite "Ada" (Gordon Setter) 2nd Best Bitch with CC
  • Alfredo (Katja's Jack Russel Terrier) Open class 1st, CC

Congratulations to all for the great success and thanks for the lovely trip. Special thanks to Kätlin and Andrus - our hosts - that we were allowed to stay at their guest house in Viinistu Küla! And congratulations for Annie's (Bournehouse White Witch) 3rd best bitch at Rakvere!

Today we celebrated Eppu's recovery with coffee and cake at Anjalan Eläinlääkäriasema - clinic. I am so thankful to the Vet Hannu Pajulahti and my best friend and "small animal attendant" Katja who helped me to rescue Eppu's life!
14.10. An unusual weekend for me... Paris without any dogs! Lovely city with wonderful weather +18 degrees and the sun was shining from the bright sky! But how unbelievable it was - I met two French men in the connection train at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport - they had two dog cages with them - and in the cages two English Setter puppies imported from Russland! The puppies were going to South of Franche for hunting dogs. I thought I was dreaming - and that was not all. One woman standing in the same coach told us with fluent English that she owns two English Setters too!


06.10. "Leona" Nattaset Marigold took part to Int All Breed Ch Shown in Sundswall, Sweden - with great result Best Of Breed, CC and Cacib. Congratulations Kickie!
05.10. May I introduce You my resque dog (since Beginning of July, 2007) "Eppu".

Eppu had a very bad cronical anal sack infection - he was bleeding a lot and the first vet didn't give him much hopes to survive and his owner wanted to give up and put him to sleep. I felt so sorry for Eppu, the grand son of my Bisse. Eppu was only 5 years old and very friendly and easy going gentleman - so I asked the owner if I can try to get him healthy and to find a new loving and caring home for him. I took a big risk - even my own Vet Hannu Pajulahti, who has been seeing and treating a lot of these kind of anal problems, didn't promise me anything when we started to nurse Eppu. I have some pictures of Eppu's anus taken in July and I am 100% sure that you don't want to see those horrible pictures! You couldn't see which hole is his anus and which holes the inflammed skin! But with patience Hannu Pajulahti checked Eppu about every two weeks to make sure that the treatment is just right for him. After we thought the worst was over, his anal sacks got inflammed again. And we started the treatment from the beginning. After some more weeks Eppu was ready for the big operation, where Hannu made the surgical removal of his anal sacks. The operation took about 2 hours - and we went home - but after we have been at home 3 hours, Eppu's anals started to bleed very badly and we had to go back to the vet. After about one hour try to find out where the blood comes from we almost gave up and discussed about putting him to sleep... but at the same time Hannu found the place where the blood came from and he managed to stop the bleeding - at the last minute indeed! After the operation we had a very hard week - but Eppu was very brave and he really fought to get healthy again! The girls and Hannu from the clinic called me every day and asked how Eppu is doing - as well as all my friends who knew about the big operation. Now it is two weeks after the operation and it looks like Eppu is surviving and getting healthy.

30.09. Pirre (Nattaset Good Looks) visited us today and we took some new photos of Pirre and Mosse. You can see the photos here!
22.09. We had a lovely trip to the Åland Islands and Eckerö Int. Ch Show. Pictures coming up soon.

Our great show results:

From our travel "gang" Iron Man Of Slow Fox "Happy" won the Group, Bournehouse White Witch "Annie" was 4th best bitch and the flatcoated retriever Sniffens Time To Be Star "Nana" was 2nd best bitch and after the best bitch already was an int. ch the cacib will be moved to Nana! Huge congrats to Kätlin for Happy's BIG and to all others too for their great results!!!

Thanks to all our travelling companion for the lovely weekend on the sunny Åland Islands!

01.09. Great show day in Legadi, Estonia! The judge Richy Loch-Romans from Holland liked our setters A LOT:

Congratulations Kickie and Minna! It was a great pleasure to handle such activ (=wild) setters in excellent condition!

Thanks for taking such good care of these beautiful youngsters! And thanks to Kickie for patience while I was shopping in Tallinn (hih hih)  ;-)

14.08. Jive (Nattaset Rock Star) got a lovely home in Vantaa and moved there. So, I have now only Vilkku from Muusa's litter at home.

Vilkku (Nattaset Rock Baby) etsii vielä hyvää, rakastavaa sijoituskotia max. 150 km Korialta.

11.08. We have so lovely sunny weather here at the moment that I have spent one week in our summer house near by Savonlinna. First I was there three days without any dogs - BIG THANKS to Eeva, Salla and Milla - and of course "the Goldens" Moritz and Tempo for taking such a good care of my Setters here at home.

Eetu (Elvis) went to his new home on Monday - and on Thuesday I went back to Savonlinna with Bisse, Jive and Vilkku. Mosse and Eppu stayed at home with Katja and her dogs. Thank you Katja and Piia AGAIN for your BIG help!

Here is our "summer vacation" photo album

05.08. Morris (Nattaset May Blob) took part to two int. Ch Shows in Palanga, Liethuania.

On both days he got the Best Junior male with JCAC, on Saturday the judge was Istvan Nagy from Hungary and on Sunday Peter F.Berchtold (Austria). Now Tiina and Marek can apply for the LTJCH and BALTJCH title for Morris! BIG congratulations and thank you very much for the lovely pictures!!!

30.07. On Sunday we were at Vantaa all breed Ch Show, judge by Hilda Parkinson, GB. We had great show day again! Lilli was BOB and Batman BOS!

Our show results Vantaa Ch Show 30.7.2007, judge Hilda Parkinson (21 ES entries)


Photo album "Perheniemessä 23.7.2007"

23.07. We had such a lovely trip to Estonia last weekend - a lot of fun with good friends. Thank you all for the great company and congrats for all nice results - and thanks to my dogsitters Jonna and Piia for taking such good care of my dogs who stayed at home!

Photos from the trip and shows are coming up soon!

Today I brought Jill back home and Bisse and Leona had so fun by running free in Terhi's big fenced yeard! Photos coming up soon!

22.07. The second show day in Estonia: Setter Special Ch Show in Laulasmaa (judge Mr Gordon Williams, Bournehouse kennels, GB)


21.07. The first show day in Estonia: All breeds Ch Show in Haapsalu results (judge Mrs Penny Williams, Bournehouse kennels, GB):
21.07. Nattaset May Blob "Morris" took part to the Ch Show in Valka, Latvia. He was BOS and got the junior CC and the Latvian Junior Champion title! The judge was Vladimir Piskay from Slovakia. Congratulations Marek & Tiina - well done!
12.07. New pictures of Rock puppies on their own page. Roki and James went already to their new homes.

Uusia kuvia Rock pennuista niiden omalla sivulla. Roki ja James ovat muuttaneet jo uusiin koteihinsa.


11.07. Great news: Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) has healthy hips (A) and elbows! Congratulations Kaaka!
03.07. Katja and me visited with our dogs Terhi (her dogs Natta, Jill and Hippu). We had a lovely barbeque evening together and the dogs were running in the big fenced yard looking for the birds and sausages ;-)
02.07. The puppies are growing fast at the moment. There have been nice numbers of puppy inquiries, but if you are still interested in these puppies, don't hesitate to ask more.

Tomorrow the puppies will be micro shipped, vaccinted and checked by the vet.

Pennut kasvavat kovaa vauhtia tällä hetkellä. Pentukyselyjä on tullut mukavasti, mutta jos olet kiinnostunut näistä pennuista, niin älä ujostele kysyä lisätietoja.

Huomenna pennut sirutetaan, rokotetaan ja eläinlääkäri tarkistaa ne.

27.06. Hansu (Nattaset Look For Love) went to her new home in Tolkkinen. I decited to keep "Vilkku" (Nattaset Rock Baby) at home, because at least Venla and Oona has excellent hips in "Flower" litter (they are the only ones who has been x-rayed since now) and I am going to mate Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) and maybe Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) too in the future (Look and Flower litters are sired by the same sire and they are out of the litter sisters).
20.06. Luca (Swannery Unforgettable) is doing well. Thank you Kickie for the lovely picture!

By the way; Luca's dad JW Mariglen Pengtsson's Legacy "Lego" (son of our late FinW-00-01, NordW-01, SW-02 Moon Magic Po Pengtsson "Pest") got his first CC and BOB with the age of 18 months. Huge congratulations Jane! Anna and me are so proud of Pest's progenies in UK!

19.06. Puppy page updated with a lot of new photos of Muusa's (EST SH CH Nattaset Special Star) four weeks old "Rock puppies".

Pentusivu päivitetty Muusan (Est MVA Nattaset Special Star) neljä viikkoa vanhojen Rock -pentujen kuvilla. Muutama urospentu vielä vapaana.

19.06. Great news: Hoyt (Farthingale High Born) has been x-rayed and the hip score is A/A and the elbows are 0/0... both excellent! Thank you Pernilla and Peter for this lovely, healthy boy - and thanks to Hoyt's family for taking such a good gare of him!
17.06. We took part to Kotka Int Ch Show (judge Ned Burke, Ireland) with great results again:

Congratulations to all Nattasets and thanks for the lovely show day again! Big congrats to Päivi Ylänne also for "Andy's" (Deringan Star Emigrant; sired by Nattaset That's All) BOB!

Thank you Kickie for the lovely photos! I will put the photos into my home page in few days.

10.06. I moved my home page into the new webhotel and that's why my home page was not working for a week.
03.06. Our results at the Pointer and Setter Club Show:

Well done everybody and congratulations to all - AND THANKS AGAIN FOR THE LOVELY SHOW DAY! Special thanks to my "dog sitters" at home Satu, Piia and Jonna!!!

By the way - "Luca" Swannery Unforgettable is doing well - I try to take some new photos and update his own page with the pedigree next week! He will stay at Katja's place and is co-owned with me. Thank you Margaret and Brian for letting him to come over here!

02.06. Welcome Luca to Finland!!! More about Luca tomorrow after the KSP Setter and Pointer Club Show...
25.05. Muusa and all five puppies are doing well.

Thank you very much friends for the congratulations and Piia & Satu for the help with the dogs while I am working ;-)

If you want to see more pictures of the pups, please let me know by e-mail or phone.

23.05. EST SH CH Nattaset Special Star "Muusa" gave birth to five puppies tonight (4 males and 1 bitch). All puppies and Muusa are doing well. Thank you Pirkko, Katri and Päivi one more time for the co-operation with this "ROCK" litter!
13.05. Nattaset Marigold "Leona" was the 2nd best bitch at Swedish Winner -07 ch show today. It was a surprice because there was a change of the judge... and the ESs were now judged by an American judge James Hellen Lee. Huge congratulations Kickie - well done!
11.05. Congratulations Pätu (INT & EST & LTU SH CH, EST JW-02, EST & LV JCH, Hungarian Club Winner -03 Nattaset Blue Batman) for the successfull matings! Well done boy! The beautiful bride is an elegant English lady SV-02 Rockstro High Fidelity "Mel" living at kennel Farthingale in Sweden. Mel and Batman are having the honeymoon here in Koria. More pictures coming up soon.
06.05. Ch Show in Koria, judge Hannele Jokisilta. Pictures here. Our results:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVELY WEEKEND!!! I am so lucky to have friends like you! And congratulations for the great show success to everyone! You made my day!

05.05. Today we had the Nattaset Swimming School at Aptus Dog Spa in Hyvinkää. Pictures here.
29.04. Oliver (Nattaset That's All, almost 9 years old now) was Best Veteran of Breed today at Lahti Int Ch Show. Congratulations Tuomo! There were no other Nattaset setters entered into that show... the judge Jef Verrees from Belgium preferred clearly the american type setters.

Picture: Tuomo's dogs Oliver and Victor

28.04. Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble) visited us with her owners. Some nice pictures of Venla with the puppies here ;-)
27.04. Kisses and hugs to Oona (Nattaset Marigold) who moved to Kickie Boman on 18th April. Good luck and a lot of joy with my lovely orange girl! Here some lovely pictures taken by Kickie.
21.04. On Saturday 5th May we will have a "Nattaset swimming and agility shool" at dog spa Aptus in Hyvinkää. I visited the place last week and I am sure we will have an extremely funny day when thinking of the swimming ability of our setters!!! But I hope after that day we don't need the life-jackets for our setters on the beach any more ;-)

Lauantaina 5. toukokuuta vietämme "Nattaset uima- ja agilitykoulu" -päivää koirakylpylä Aptuksessa Hyvinkäällä. Kävin kylpylässä viime viikolla ja olen varma, että päivästä tulee todellakin hulvaton, ottaen huomioon koiriemme uimataidon ;-) Mutta toivottavasti emme tarvitse ko päivän jälkeen settereillemme enää pelastusliivejä mökillä.

21.04. Morris (Nattaset May Blob) took part to Sillamäe Ch Show today and he was BOS and he got his 3rd JUN CC and gained the ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION title - Huge congratulations Tiina & Marek - WELL DONE! Morris is also a very good hunting dog! Congrats also to Kätlin for Annie's (Bournehouse White Witch) BOB and JUN CC!

17.04. Kickie came to visit us today and she took lovely pictures of the puppies.

Two puppies still available! The puppies are ready to go to their new homes. Take a look at the puppy page here. Don't hesitate to ask more ;-)

Kaksi pentua vielä vapaana! Pennut ovat valmiita lähtemään uusiin koteihinsa. Katso pentusivu täältä! Annan mielelläni lisätietoja.

15.04. Some new pictures of the puppies ;-) Big thanks to Tuula and Katja for taking care of the puppies, Oona and Bisse while I was working so long days during the weekend!
11.04. Some new pictures of the puppies taken by Satu Saarinen - thank you Satu so much for taking care of the puppies yesterday and today - and for the lovely pictures!
11.04. We got the official hip score of Oona (Nattaset Marigold) and she has excellent hips (A) and elbows (0/0). Börje (Nattaset Moonwalker) has been BAER tested today and he was ok. He has sired an american/english type litter with 8 puppies by Nicoret's kennel. All puppies were also bi-literal.
08.04. Hoyt (Farthingale High Born) visited us with her family today. It was lovely to see how matured he was with the age of 10,5 months. Thanks for taking such a good gare of him! Janne took some nice pictures, you can see them on Hoyt's photo page.
04.04 New pictures - puppies 7 weeks!
03.04. New "sleeping beauties and handsomes" pictures here.
01.04 Tarja, Tytti's (Nattaset Moon Sonata) owner sent me some lovely picturtes of the proud mum (Tytti went home to Lahti last weekend and the "substitute mum" Oona plays with the puppies and teach them now ;-)
01.04. Two puppies still available! The puppies are ready to go to their new homes at Easter. Take a look at the puppy page here. Don't hesitate to ask more ;-)

Kaksi pentua vielä vapaana! Pennut ovat valmiita lähtemään uusiin koteihinsa pääsiäisenä. Katso pentusivu täältä! Annan mielelläni lisätietoja.

31.03. Nattaset May Blob "Morris" won BOS and JUN BOS with JUN CAC at Rakvere Ch Show today; the judge was Nikolai Sedõh from Russia. Huge congratulations Tina & Marek, well done!
31.03. We got nice guests today - Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) and Ada (Jaquiline's Amazing Afrodite) with their family. Thank you for your visit and lovely flowers! I took some nice pictures - take a look at them here!
30.03. Today we got the dna test results and the dam of the puppies is "SURPRISE SURPRISE":  Tytti (Nattaset Moon Sonata ;-) and the sire for also all five puppies is Moses (HU JCH Mariglen Holy Moses).

Here are some new photos of the puppies taken in our garden.

24.03. Täällä löytyy tietoja pennuista ja niiden vanhemmista suomeksi ;-)
22.03 Congratulations "Aino" Nattaset One 'N' Only for your 3 years birthday!
21.03. New puppy news ;-) Muusa (EST SH CH & JCH Nattaset Special Star) has been mated to Domoszloi Vadasz Road Show "Robbie" today. Robbie has excellent hips (A/A) and elbows (0/0). Bigger pictures on puppies page and pedigree here. Thank you Katri and Pirkko so much for all your help and trouble!

21.03. We got nice guests today - Katja visited us with her goddaughter Inka and Inka's mother. The puppies will be 5 weeks old tomorrow - we took the very first standing pictures. You can see the pictures here.

Some puppies are still available - don't hesitate to ask more!

Muutama pentu vielä vapaana - vastaan mielelläni kysymyksiin!

18.03. We took part to the Latvian Winner 2007 Int. Ch Show in Riga. Oona (Nattaset Marigold) surpised us by beeing the best bitch and she got the Latvian Winner 2007 title and Junior CAC. Her mum Nekku (Nattaset Moonflower) won the working class and was 3rd best bitch and she got the res. CACIB. Congratulations Tuula and Kaaka! Thank you very much Kätlin and Andrus for the lovely trip and travel company and Marika for handling Oona in best bitch class - well done!
15.03. Today the "Look" puppies ve been micro chipped and the Vet took the "spittle specimen" for the dna tests. It takes about one week to get the results. The puppies already eat the puppy food and they have a great appetite! Klick the picture to enlarge it.

15.03. Happy 1-year birthday to all "Flower puppies" Morris, Inna, Lupu, Venla, Ulla, Fiina and Oona! Photo taken last summer ;-)
12.03. Back to Finland again! It was quite hard trip - first on Wednesday by plane to Manchester, from there by train and Päivi's car to Margaret and Brian Attwoods (Swannery English Setters). Next day to Crufts and on Friday by airport taxi to London Gatwick airport and by plane to Vilnius (Lithua). Two shows in Vilnius and then by buss, ferry and car back home today afternoon.

Our Crufts visit was very lovely - Lilli (INT & EST & LV SH CH Nattaset Blue Catwoman) placed 5th in open class (14 entries) -and Ines (HU SH CH Nattaset Special Feeling) and Dino (NordW-06 Deringan Star Edison; sired by Nattaset That's All) did also very well with their owners Katja and Katri. We met a lot of nice Setter friends from England and all over the Europe - and we saw a lot of beautiful English Setters. It was really a great show day! Crufts photos here!

After the show we had a lovely chinese dinner at Swannery - with a lot of joking and laughing!!!

On Saturday and Sunday Katri, me, Dino and Lilli took part to two Int. Ch Shows in Vilnius, Lithua. Dino gained the Lithuan Winner 2007 title with CAC and CACIB and Lilli got Res CACIB on both days. The judges Raiko Rotner (Slovenia) and Petru Muntea (Bulgarien) had maybe a little bit different opinions of the English Setters than the judges in England ;-) But we had fun any way! Please take a look at the photos here!

07.03. Today morning I will travel to England - my friends Katja, Katri and Päivi are already there with Lilli, Ines and Dino (Deringan Star Edison). On Thursday we go to Crufts. From London Katri and me will fly with the dogs to Vilnius and take part to two shows there on Saturday and Sunday. Please, keep your fingers crossed for us! Nattaset home page will be updated next time on Thuesday or Wednesday ;-)

But before closing the page - take a look at the new puppy pictures here.

04.03. I took some short video shots of the puppies today. Look at them here.
01.03. Kaisa - our "kennel girl" has her 20-years birthday tomorrow but we celebrated it already today with a pizza and yogurt cake made by Kaisa ;-) They were very delicious indeed! Thank you Kaisa and happy birthday!!!

The puppies are now 2 weeks old and their weight is about 1,5 kg! Some new pictures here.

25.02. We had a very busy day. Hoyt visit us with his family - thank you Minna for the pictures!

Oona wanted to take part in nursing the puppies ;-) It was so fun to look at her. She was very careful and tender to the puppies and Tytti was happy to get some help.

Katja invited us to celebrate Ines' BIS at KSP Open Show. She and her friends have made lovely cakes and of course we also had some sparkling wine.

Photos of Oona with the puppies and Ines' BIS party!

22.02. Lucky us, Kaisa Kaldoja came to help us with the puppies last Sunday. It has been so relaxing to come home from work and also to have good night sleeps when you don't have to take care of the puppies by yourself ;-) The puppies are just fine as well as their mother Tytti. Tytti is a wonderfull mum - we have easy work to clean the puppy bed and give food to Tytti - Tytti takes care of the rest!
18.02. We took part to Kymen Setterit ja Pointterit ry (The Setter and Pointer club) Open show today with lovely results again. The judge was Sissi Sundberg, Kennel Gentleman By Nature from Sweden. Thank you Tarja, Kari, Minna and Heidi for the handling help! And congrats and thanks all Nattaset owners for our great success! Sorry, I didn't have time to take pictures, but you can take a look at the full results and photos on KSP home page.
16.02. Tytti and the puppies are doing well ;-) New pictures here.
15.02. Tytti gave birth to six sweet puppies, but unfortunatelly one male puppy was still-born. But the two sisters and three brothers are doing well as well as the mum. It has been a very very long day for all of us. I think the dead puppy influenced to the whole birth - the puppies were coming out now and then and we had to wait long time between each puppy. But Tytti has been a wonderfull mother - so patient and brave. And thanks to her owner Tarja, that she is in such a good condition that she has stand the long delivery so well. Best regards and thanks to the dad candidates Moses and Ruffe!

Tytti sai tänään kuusi suloista pentua, joista valitettavasti yksi urospentu syntyi kuolleena.Mutta kaksi siskoa ja kolme veljeä voivat hyvin, samoin kuin emä. Päivä on ollut erittäin pitkä meille kaikille. luulen, että kuolleella pennulla oli osuutta harvakseltaan syntyviin pentuihin; jouduimme odottamaan aina seuraavaa pentua tosi pitkään. Tytti on hieno äiti - niin kärsivällinen ja urhea. Tytin omistajalle Tarjalle kiitos siitä, että Tytti on niin hyvässä kunnossa, että se on jaksanut hyvin tämän pitkän synnytyksen. Terveiset ja kiitokset molemmille isäkandidaateille Mosekselle ja Ruffelle!

11.02. Finally the weather was a little bit warmer (-10 ° C) and we made a nice long walk in the woods. Photos here.
10.02. Morris (Nattaset May Blob) took part to the Int Ch Show in Tallinn and he was the best junior dog of breed and got the Junior CC. Congratulations Marek and Tina!
08.02. Happy 4-years birthday Nekku, Ninja, Nelli, Nalle, Luna,  Veksi, Tytti, Börje & Bertta - the whole "Moon" litter!
07.02. Enclosed some new pictures from the Estonian Setter Club Show - English Setter puppies. Venla's judging report updated too.
07.02. I got lovely pictures from the Estonian Setter Club Show from our judge Kickie Boman. Take a look at the pictures here.
05.02. Now the show results and judging reports have been updated on each dog's own show results page. Here is the judging report of
  • Nekku's progeny group (Lupu, Venla, Morris & Oona): A group of lovely type, beautiful heads showing a lot of similarity. The mother has given the best of her.
  • Nattaset breeder group (Batman, Lilli, Ines & Venla): A lovely group, all of the same type. Beautiful heads & expressions. Excellent work of the breeder.

And here some photos taken by Tomi and Minna. From left: Venla, Venla, Annu, Spice and Lupu. Klick the picture to enlarge it.

03.02. We had a lovely trip to Estonian Setter Club Show today. The judge was Kickie Boman from Åland island. I have to admit that our day was just perfect:

Thank you so much for the show organizer Eesti Setterite Klubi, judge Kickie Boman, handlers Lena, Marika, Aivi, Sanna, Minna, Kätlin and Kaisa (I hope I didn't forget anyone), "bearers" Tommi, Kiia, Tomi and Tuula, "rescuer and quide" Andrus, and the whole travel companion. You made my day! Congratulations to all Nattaset owners  and Ada's owners Tommi and Kiia for the great success!

26.01. Updated Tytti's photo page and show results. Updated also Nekku's, Oona Venla, Lupu, Lilli and Ines show results pages with the judging reports.
23.01. Spice (Nattaset Special Spice), Annu (Nattaset Blue Vicki Vale) and their new "little sister" Cocker Spaniel Nyyti (Cloudberry) have got a new lovely home page - Congratulations Minna! The address is:
20.01. We had a lovely hunting day with Oona. Photos klick here.

In the evening we got very nice guests: Lupu (Nattaset Bluebell) and Venla (Nattaset Arctic Bramble)  with their families. I trimmed Lupu, Venla and Aada (Gordon Setter) - here are some pictures taken after the trimming. Klick the picture to enlarge it.


Great news! Tytti is in whelp - we saw at least 6 puppies. The puppies are due in mid-February. The puppies and all three parents will be DNA tested after the puppies are micro chipped to make sure who is the sire. There can be puppies even from both males ;-) Photos below: Tytti, Ruffe and Moses.

Hienoja uutisia! Tytti on kantavana - näimme ainakin 6 pentua ultrassa. Pentujen pitäisi syntyä helmikuun puolessa välissä. Pennut ja vanhemmat DNA -testataan pentujen sirutuksen jälkeen, että tiedämme kuka niiden isä on. Pentuja voi olla jopa molemmista uroksista ;-) Kuvat alla: Tytti, Ruffe ja Moses.



Back to the normal life ;-) On Monday Tytti (Nattaset Moon Sonata) will be ultra scanned and we will see if she is in whelp - please, keep your fingers crossed ;-)
 07.01. We visited Kajaani Int Ch Show on Saturday; English Setters were judged by Lydia Erhart, from Netherlands. It was a very interesting show and I have to say that some local hunting men were not behaving very gentleman-like. One field type English Setter breeder yelled us in the ring: "why you bring the FUCKING PONIES here"... I forgot to ask him if he meant that our setters were too small of big (Ines is about 58 cm)! His friend (who by the way carried the "clerk" label and vest) told us that our show results will be cancelled, because our "fucking pony" was entered into the working class. Maybe I should make a very special "My little pony" page for Ines ;-)

But anyway, we got very nice results: