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NEWS 2018


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The puppies are two weeks old now. Pedigree here. Puppy inquiries are welcome :-)

Pennut ovat nyt kaksi viikkoa vanhoja. Sukutaulu täällä. Pentukyselyt ovat tervetulleita :-)


Hello World!!! "Kokos" Farthingale Touch of Orange gave birth to nine lovely puppies (2 boys and 7 girls) Mom and puppies are well. The proud sire is the handsome youngster "Branson" Bournehouse Stormy Weather. Thank you so much Pernilla Magnusson and Kätlin Kaldoja for making my dreams come true!


Wow, Carlos (Nattaset True Glow) won junior 1st at Windsor! Panda (Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen got VHC in very strong Limit class (13 entries). Well done Chris, Jane & co!

30.06.   Two beautiful Nattaset ladies: Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" and Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla"

My darling Chiara is today 10 years <3 Happy birthday to all Nattaset "Italian" puppies!


Last time in our summer house before Kokos puppies will born.


Olivia (Nattaset True Silk) almost 15 months old (with a bone in her mouth). Picture by her owner Kickie Boman.


Nattaset Sonata Arctica "Panda" has won her class today at English Setter Society Of Scotland Ch Show - well done ladies again!!!


The upcoming mom is here May I introduce you Farthingale Touch of Orange "Kokos".


My sweet little girl Irma (Nattaset True Spring) has HD A/B and ED 0/0. I am so happy


"Long leg" Jami (Ravensett Mijas) visited us today with his owner Hanna.My girls Irma and Chiara had great time with this little gentleman.


Wow, Carlos (Nattaset True Glow) won again his class - this time at Southern Counties under Gordon Hayburn.


Fun on the Tykkimäki dog beach with Vilkku, Sasha, Veera, Irma and Chiara


Today Pulla (Nattaset Silirimpsis) BB2, CAC under Paul Scanlon, Ireland at Joensuu nat ch show. BIG congratulations Kati Falck and the great handler Pilvi Uotila


Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" and Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" winning their classes at Bath Championship Show 2018 under Mrs Lesley Armstrong-Rogers.

Not bad at Joensuu int ch show either :-) Pulla (Nattaset Silirimpsis) BB3 under Mr José Cardoso Silva Zeferino, Portugal, well done girls Kati Falck and Pilvi Uotila!


Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" won her class today at Scottish Kennel Club ch show under Mrs Jane Howarth. Well done ladies!

Vantaa Int Ch Show Vantaa: BOB and BOS winners: BOS Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" and BOB Nattaset True Spring "Irma". Judge Diane Stewart-richie, Uk. Picture by Satu Saarinen.


Ravensett Mijas "Jami" (3 months) visited us today <3


Lovely warm summer day with friends in Verla.


Absolutelly amazing news from Roskilde int ch show - Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" finished her international show champion title by winning BOB and CACIB under Jessie Borregaard Madsen. Huge congratulations Pernilla and Peter!


Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" BOB, CC and BIG-4 today at Järvenpää ch show under Mrs Tuus Van Andrichem Boogeart-Kwint White Lily Lofty "Riesa" BB2. Big congratulations Tuula and Katja!

Nattaset Wild Rose


South of England Gundog Open Show on the 6th May, Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" Reserve Best of Breed - well done Chris & Carlos!


Great day at Int ch show in Tampere, judge Mrs Jennie Miller, GB.

  • Nuutti (N. Unforgettable Love) BD2, resCACIB,
  • Sir James (N. True Welcome) BD3
  • Elton (N. Von Herzen Brother) open class 2nd
  • Irma (N. True Spring) BB2, resCC
  • Riesa (White Lily Lofty) BB3, resCACIB.

Huge congrats to Kätlin for Branson's (Bournehouse Stormy Weather) BOB, CC and CACIB and to Tuula for Siiri's (Riekonhovin Surprise Sugar) BOS, CC and CACIB!!! Congratulation also to Helena for Gordon Setter Harry's BOS, CC and CACIB and brand new Internatiolal Show Champion title! Nattaset breeder group was Best breeder group of breed :-) Thank you everybody!!!


Sir James (Nattaset True Welcome) BD2 today at Jönköping inoff. show under Helen Wieslander (Knallåsens). Well done Annelie!


Our very special guests "Kokos" Farthingale Touch of Orange and "Branson" Bournehouse Stormy Weather.


Today was another great show day for Nattaset True juniors! N True Welcome "Sir James" won BOB and BIG-4 at an unofficial show in Sweden under Marcus Gisslen (Shadeacre). N True Glow "Carlos" won a strong junior class as well as his second class "maiden" at ESA ch show in England under Miss Lois Buckley (Fishwick).Well done ladies and my lovely little guys! Thank you to all judges for thinking so highly of our youngsters!


Club Show for Setters and Pointers, Klaukkala (judge Julien Barney, GB)

  • Nattaset True Spring "Irma" BOB, BIS-5
  • Nattaset Unforgettable Love "Nuutti" BOS
  • Mariglen McLaren "Chris" BD2
  • Nattaset Von hertzen Brother "Elton" open cl 4th
  • Nattaset True Blossom " junior cl 2nd, HP
  • Nattaset Autumn Play "Nasu" open cl 3rd
  • Nattaset of Bodon "Kerppu" open cl 1st, HP
  • Nattaset Wild Rose "Veera" open cl 2nd
  • Nattaset Meaning Of Love "Sasha" champion cl 3rd
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" champion cl 4th
  • White Lily Lofty "Riesa" champion cl 2nd, HP, BB4
  • Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara" veteran cl 1st, HP, BVOS
  • Nattaset Rock Baby "Vilkku" veterean cl 4th
  • Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette" veteran cl 3rd
  • Nattaset breeder group BIS-2

Welcome to Finland Ravensett Mijas "Jami"! He is owned and loved by Hanna and her family. Thank you Sharon Littlechild for this lovely boy!


At Heathrow airport with Ravensett Mijas.


Nattaset Autumn Song "Pompula" (2,5 years) visited me today for her very first grooming What a lovely head and expression she has!

Nattaset Autumn Song Nattaset Autumn Song


Grooming day again! Helmi (Nattaset True Blossom) visited us today with her family.


What a lovely lady visited us today! May I introduce you our Riesa's litter sister White Edelweiss Lofty "Rita". Isn't she beautiful even in a bikini look.


We had lovely visitors today. Nattaset "True" puppies' dad Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" and Nattaset "Autumn" puppies' dad Ceilono Autumn's Blues "Kaunas".

Gordon Setter Lv & Est ShCh, Lv JCh Nattaset Primo Amore "Bella" today BOB at Mantsälä show under Raimo Louhio: "5-vuotias narttu joka on erinomaista tyyppiä. Oikealinjainen, kaunis nartun pää. Hyvä kaula, selkä ja häntä. Riittävä rintakehä. Sopusuhtaiset kulmaukset. Erinomaiset liikkeet. Hyvälaatuinen karva." Huge congratulations Johanna Kemppi!!!

Another great result for Nattaset Setters today. Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" won the post graduate class at ENGLISH SETTER SOCIETY OF WALES CH SHOW under Mrs. B. Cherry (Shanandi). Welll done Jane & co!


Today in the ring at Imatra Int ch show the judge (Anka Giura from Israel) told me that Pulla's over line and tail set are wrong - tail set should be IN LINE with back (FCI standard says: TAIL: Set ALMOST in line with back). So, we got the 3rd and last place in open class.


Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" (just 12 months) BOS and his half sister Farthingale Touch Of Orange BOB at Malmö Int Ch show under Sjoerd Jobse, Sweden. Well done Pernilla & Annelie!

Malmö Int Ch Show in Sweden: Nattaset True Welcome " Sir James" 1 year , very good size, nice proportions, very beatuful masculine head. Lovely expression. Well set neck. Very strong back. Good angultions in front and rear. Very good body for his age. Moves with "Schwung".

Here is the mom Holly (Nattaset Angel's Touch) with her son Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James"

Love this bitch too! She is Farthingale Touch of Orange "Kokos". Dam Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" (Farthingale High Gear x Int & Lv & Est ShCh, Fin JW-10 Nattaset Samba Dancer), Sire NLCh, NLW-15, NLCW-16 Vanquish Move Forward "Walker" (ShCh Wansleydale King of Hearts at Bramstorm x NLCh Vanquish Gentle-Rose). Breeder and owners Pernilla and Peter Magnusson, Sweden. Picture by Annelie Granath.


Lovely sunny Spring-Winter day with Katja and the dogs.


Happy ONE year birthday to Nattaset "True" puppies Irma, Ada, Eesa, Helmi, Sylvi, Carlos and Sir James! We had a small birthday party for Irma on Friday and Saturday.


She is absolutelly amazing <3 Lv ShCh, NordJW-13 Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" BIS-4 at the match show today - huge congratulations Pilvi!!! Pictures by Pilvi.


Nattaset True Beauty "Eesa" today BJOB, jun CAC and BB2 at Narva int ch show. Huge congratulations Birgit!


Busy birthday week - today is Nattaset "Flower" puppies 12 years birthday - Happy birthday Fiina (picture by her owner Kati Falck)! Kisses and hugs to all other "Flowers" over the rainbow bridge <3


Happy 4 years birthday to all "Love" puppies Kirppu, Kerttu, Sasha, Windy, Nuutti and Vallu!!!


Happy 6 years birthday to Ossi Jr, Keiju and Toivo for their six years birthday!!! Here you can see these little fellows at the age of 4,5 weeks :-)



Nattaset "Amore" Gordon Setter puppies today 5 years - Happy birthday Bella (picture by Jossu Kemppi), Rilla (picture by Jonna Veikkanen), Cindy, Doris and Tino!


Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen "Panda" Res. in Post Graduate class (18 entries) at Crufts. Picture by Liisa Rantamäki.


Happy 10 years birthday to all Nattaset "Star Wars" Gordon Setter puppies!


Today was a very happy day! Lv ShCh, NordJw-13 Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna" did the "come back" into the show rings after over 2,5 years break and hard time with broken front leg and three operations! So very proud of you Pilvi Uotilaand Verna Well done girls!


Happy 9 years birthday Seela (Int ShCh, Lv & Est ShCh Despina Amazing Love) and Morris (Despina Auriferous Dancer)!


Today Sir James (Nattaset True Welcome, almost 11 months) took part to Hässleholm dog show (judge Tenna Bihlet, Sweden). He got the 2nd place in junior class. Well done Annelie & James! Pictures by Annelie & Helena.


Super veteran Mette (Int ShCh Nattaset Samba Dancer) can relax between the "customers" - she is now 8,5 years but still enjoyes her "job" with the children. Picture was taken by her owner Pia.


Nattaset True Beauty "Eesa" (10 months) took part to the Tallinn Winter Cup 2018 int ch show today, the judge was Boris Spoljaric, Croatia. There were three junior bitches entered, Eesa got "very good", but in my eyes she looks excellent! Well done Birgit & Eesa!


Nattaset True Welcome "Sir James" (10 months), picture by his owner Annelie Granath, Sweden

Nattaset true Welcome Sir James 10 months

Chiara was asked for a heart ultra scanning today by Lotta Väyrynen, who is a small animal specialist vet at Aitovet klinik. She did find a small bleeding in her valve, but nothing serious. Thank you Lotta and Aitovet for this posibility!

Aitovet Oy Lotta Väyrynen


Thank you Yolanda and Leon for your great hospitality and all the help!!!

kennel Vanquish and  From the Moorland Friends


Nattaset True Beauty "Eesa" did a great job with her owner Birgit by winning BJOB, JUN CAC and BB2 at Narva Ch Show in Estonia! Well done girls!!!

Nattaset True Beauty Eesa

At the Pet reception in Calais - going by car into the Eurotunnel train with Yolanda, Carlos and Ziva.

Pet Reception Calais


Here are some pictures of 9,5 months old Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" just before leaving for England.

Nattaset True Glow Carlos Nattaset True Glow Carlos


We had a lovely trip to Åland with Olivia. She is going to live the rest of her life with Kickie and her two Irish Setters Sockan and Katinka. Good luck my sweet little girl in your new, loving home <3

Nattaset True Silk Olivia


Olivia has learnt how to sleep like a true setter!


We had the second visit at Aitovet with Olivia. our vet Tuulikki explored her urin and blood - unfortunatelly the antibiotic she has been eaten for 10 days didn't help - so we got new antibiotic for Olivia.


Olivia took part her very first time a ring training with her sister Irma and brother Carlos. She was really a show star - moving like an angel and standing also quite nicely.

Nattaset True Silk Olivia 10 months


The girls were having fun in my garden - from the left Nattaset True Silk "Olivia", Nattaset True Spring "Irma" and Nattaset Silirimpsis "Pulla"

Nattaset setters

  Nattaset Meaning of Love "Sasha" visited me today with her owner Panja. I groomed Sasha and we took some lovely pictures of her.
  Nattaset True Glow "Carlos" is available for a loving, show interested and permanent home. He is now 9,5 months old, healthy, strongly build, true gentleman. His pedigree.