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NEWS 2022


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Two int ch shows in Luige, EstoniaNattaset Taiga The Lion Queen
Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen "Taiga" results
20.8. "very good"
under Christine Rossier, Switzerland
21.8. excellent, cq, 6th best bitch, CAC
under Domenico Di Matteo, Italy
What should I say?! Well done Panja Pesonen & Taiga, you were the best for me!!!❤️


My boy 5,5 months old now! No grooming or ring training yet, but so lovely boy in all ways!
Nattaset Unforgettable Spring "Pönni"
Sire: Int & Est & Lv ShCh Nattaset Unforgettable Love
Dam: JWW-18 Nattaset True Spring

Nattaset Unforgettable Spring


What a great show day for Nattasets!
I was home but Nattaset team members were keeping the flag flying high!❤️

Nordic Ch show Ronneby, Sweden (judge: Myriam Vermeire, Belgium)
Nattaset True Welcome ⭐️Sir James⭐️
BOB with Nord CC and finally BIG-2!!!

Nat Ch show Turku (judge: Andrew Beare, Ireland)
Nattaset I Love You ⭐️Kirppu⭐️
BVOB, BB4, Vet CC, Res-CAC

Huge congratulations, I am so proud of you Annelie and Anu!!!

Nattaset True Welcome

Nattaset True Welcome


Happy 7years birthday to all Nattaset "Band" puppies!!! Tuula invited us to Veera's birthday party!


I am feeling so privileged to be a breeder and part of Nattaset team! Such great owners and lovely dogs all around me!
We were so lucky to have a highly respected gundog specialist Mr Rui Oliveira from Portugal judging our breed at Pori Int Ch Show today! It didn't bother us at all that he was teaching his two judge candidates very thoroughly before and during the judging - they surely got the best knowledge and briefing of our breed!
I am so very proud how our youngsters Kelmi and Taiga were behaving and looking in the ring - and what a great handler Panja and helper Jaana was!

  • Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen "Taiga" won BOB, CC, CACIB and finally BIG-3
  • Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster "Kelmi" won BOS, CC and CACIB
  • Nattaset I Love You "KIrppu (8,5 years) won BVOB, Vet-CC, Res-CC and 2nd best bitch

I must say that it was a huge honour to win BIG-3 for an English Setter of English lines nowadays here in Finland!!! We respect this placing very highly! The competition was very stiff, a lot of lovely and successful dogs in the group competition!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please take a look at Panja's face in the ring!!! She was really shining with the dogs! And Kelmi's owner Jaana was crying out of happiness when Kelmi won Best male!!! What a super day!

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Norman The Ringmaster

Nattaset I Love You


Today Nattaset "Angel" puppies celebrate their 10 years birthday. I had the honour to take some pictures of Nattaset Blue Angel "Verna"!

Nattaset Blue Angel

Nattaset Blue Angel

Nattaset Blue Angel


I spent couple of nice days in Siuntio with lovely friends and dogs! Thank you Anna for your great hospitality. It was great so see you, Maria & Jarri again! Thank you Anu & Jukka for taking good care of Irma & Ralph!

Loki Pride Ravandlil

HeW-16 Loki Pride Ravandlil "Loki" (hips B, elbows 0/0, BAER normal, NCL & PRA rcd4 clear), owner Anna Antikainen

Nattaset Tackar Och Bockar

Nattaset Tackar Och Bockar "Alice" (hips B), owners Jarri & Maria Sandström, Sweden


Lovely Midsummer with dear friends in Verla!


Not only the oldies but also the youngsters are keeping the Nattaset flag flying!
"Pippa" Est JCh Nattaset Hilipan-Pippa res-cac at Lappeenranta all breeds ch show under Marko Bubalo, Kroatia.
"Taiga" Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen was 3rd best bitch with res-cac and res-CACIB at Int ch show in Kotka under Riitta Niemelä. Well done ladies Mia & Panja!!!


We celebrated today Kerttu's (Nattaset Winter Love, 8 years) C.I.E. title (International Show Champion, of course still pending)) today.
Covid almost ruined our dream. All international shows with good judges “in the near” were cancelled. She had already 5 CACIBs but only from 2 countries (your dog needs at least 4 CACIBs from 3 different countries and from four different judges).
But finally we found a show in Sweden with a judge who knows the true breed type and we were lucky to get the missing CACIB! And yes, we are so happy!!!
Kerttu’s all CACIBs:
11.7.2015 Oulu (Finland), Michael Gadsby (GB)
26.9.2015 Eckerö (Finland), Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden) res-CACIB wich turned into CACIB
5.11.2016 Tarto (Estonia), Domenico Di Matteo (Italy)
6.11.2016 Tarto (Estonia), Tony Rainey (Ireland)
29.9.2019 Eckerö (Finland), Tatjana Urek (Slovenia)
11.6.2022 Vänersborg (Sweden), Heather Cox (Ireland)
By the way, Kerttu is also a ViceWorldWinner-18! Here are some lovely pictures of Kerttu and our party today.
Thank you all the judges who have been thinking so highly of her - and huge congratulations to Kerttu's owner Anu!!!

Nattaset Winter Love


Sun bath with Pönni :-)


”Kerttu” Nattaset Winter Love did it – she got the CACIB from the “third” country and we can apply the International Show Champion title for her!!!
So, this was my main reason to travel to Vänersborg Int Ch Show in Sweden! But I got even much more!!!
As I told, Kerttu got her 6th CACIB with the age of 8 years. Sir James (Nattaset True Welcome) was BOB with CACIB and finally Group 4th! And only 17 months old “baby” Nanna (Farthingale Spring Song – sired by Nattaset Arctic Night and out of Nattaset True Spring) won BOS. So, I don’t lie when I say we all were over the moon!
Thank you so much for Nanna’s handling Helena! The biggest thank goes to our breed and group judge Heather Cox, who was thinking so highly of our dogs! Huge
congratulations Anu for Kerttu’s Int ShCh, Sini & Pernilla for Nanna’s BOS, Annelie for Sir James’ BOB, CACIB and GROUP 4th and Helena for Harry’s BOB & CACIB!

Farthingale Spring Song & Nattaset Winter Love

Nattaset True Welcome & Farthingale Spring Song

Nattaset True Welcome

Nattaset True Welcome


Very pleased with the results today at Estonian Setter Club speciality under Mr. Frank Whyte, UK.

  • Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen "Taiga" intermediate class 1st, cq, BB2, CAC
  • Nattaset Samma På Svenska "Jawa" open class 2nd, cq
  • Nattaset Winter Love "Kerttu" veteran class 1st, cq, BB4, BVOB, Vet CAC, BVIS-4
  • Nattaset breeder group Best breeder group of breed and 2nd best breeder group in show

Huge congratulations Panja, Anu and Anne! Thank you Katja for super-handling, Ismo for all the help and Pauliina & Marika for the handling help!

Nattaset Winter Love

Nattaset Breeder group

Nattaset Breeder group


Look who came to cheer for us today at Estonian Setter speciality! Eesa (Est & Lv JCh Nattaset True Beauty) with her owner Birgit Tito.

Nattaset True Beauty


I wanted to share these touching and lovely pictures of Reetta and her owner Simo.
Nattaset show was the very first show for both of them. We use to have at our Nattaset shows experienced and very talented handlers, who are ready to handle dogs whose owners are not used to show their dogs or the dogs are not so easy to handle. Handlers give dogs the posibility to win and look amazing even they aren't so trained for the shows before.
Reetta was very confuced when a "strange woman" Eija took her from her family away to make Reetta familiar with herself and to excersice a little before going into the ring. But Reetta was so much after Simo that she was shaking and feeling not good at all. Then we decited to ask Simo to come to Reetta and be close to her all the time when Eija was handling her - and look at this beautiful girl in the ring! She was a real show star!

Nattaset Puss och Kram

Later in best tourist and breeder in show competitions Simo handled Reetta by himself! And he took part to man & dog competition too! What a great improvement in couple of hours!!!
Pictures by roopephoto and Reetta's family.


We had a lovely Nattaset weekend with about 40 people and dogs. I am so very grateful for my amazing "Nattaset family". A lot of laugh, good food & drinks, talks, sauna and hot tube - even bath in the cold lake! Of course we had the Nattaset show too. Thank you Kätlin Kaldoja for judging our dogs so respectfully and gently!

Here are some pictures of the show... Thank you for the great pictures Roope Kiviranta!

Nattaset Samma På Svenska & Mariglen McLaren

Nattaset Samma På Svenska


Wow, great results from Sweden! Congratulations to Nattaset True Welcome & Annelieon winning BOB and Nordic CC in Hässleholm today, judge Torbjörn Skaar. BOS was Farthingale Golden Touch.


Little monkeys Henni & Ralph playing with mom Irma.


Irma decited to have a longer break from the dog shows!�� I cannot wait to get her Int ShCh title finished with the last one CACIB.


Let’s talk about breeding English Setters… I have decited that Irma's litter was the very last Nattaset litter.
I got my first English Setter Tuliketun Nattas (born in 1985, grandson of Suntop Nightingale) actually by accident - didn’t know anything about the breed or different lines - in 1986.
My second ES was Tuliketun Tulilintu “Elmo” born 3/1991. After Nattas died I wanted to buy a new dog, but the breeder Sirpa Tapper at Bothwell kennels sold me a bitch puppy Bothwell Piece Of Heaven “Bisse” born 12/1995 instead of a male puppy…. I think she had something in her mind, because her very last litter was born in 1999!!!
I started breeding English Setters in 1998. In the beginning there were also other breeders who bred from English lines, but nowadays I am all alone here in Finland! There has been one litter (sired by Nattaset dog) at Riekonhovin kennels in the last 10 years along with Nattaset litters!!! So what do you think? With who can I co-operate here?
It has been very hard to try to keep the quality and healthy of the dogs as high as I wanted. I have been very lucky to get lovely friends from the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, England, Estonia and Hungary who I could trust and who were ready to sell puppies to Finland and let me use their stud dogs for my bitches! I am also very lucky to have true friends in Finland, who were ready to buy dogs abroad with my help, so I could later use these dogs for stud if they were healthy.
In these 24 years I have bred 21 English Setter litters with 138 puppies.
I have been feeling so sad and frustrated already since many years because of the “American fad” in English Setters. Almost all the judges in Scandinavia and all over the Europe favour those for me very strange looking dogs. Our dogs’ beautiful soft expression, tail carriage, well laid shoulders and setter-like movement is not correct for those judges who are looking for “flying” movements with gay tail, flat ribs and exaggerated coat and grooming. I cannot sell any puppy to show interested families – people who buy a Nattaset setter should be ready to travel long ways to get judged under judges who understand what does TRUE English Setter mean and look like.
So I have made my decision to stop breeding! Our breed club for field trial Setters helped my decision too – since about 5 years it has been obligatory to make the genetic test for PRA rcd4 and NCL for all stud dogs/bitches. It costs a lot of extra money for nothing (no dogs in Finland are NCL carrier and only few are PRA4 carriers).
I love my Nattaset family and all my true setter friends all over the world. I will continue having fun with Nattaset Setters with their owners and go to the shows under “true type” judges – whatever it takes.
Now when I started to open my heart I have some more things I am very confused. Price of the puppies and healthy tests!
There are breeders who ask even 3500 € (£ 3000) for a puppy from non champion parents. Am I stupid when I asked only 1300 € (£1100) of puppies from Int ShCh/JWW parents? Or are the puppy buyers stupid when paying 3500 € for their puppy? May I ask what is your puppy price and what would you be ready to pay for a puppy?
I find it very important that my puppy buyers bring their dogs to the healthy tests (hips and elbows) – in that way I can really influence the health in our breed. It doesn’t help much if you x-ray only the one dog which will be used for breeding from a litter of 6-8 puppies. You don’t know if the other puppies have bad hips.
I have spoken… I hope this caused some thoughts and opinions in your mind too!

Bothwell Piece Of Heaven

Nattaset Setters

Nattaset Droppo Bella

Nattaset Samba Dancer

Nattaset Mommy's Abgel

Nattaset Arctic Winter and Swannery Unforgettable

Nattaset Arctic Night

Nattaset Samma På Svenska

Nattaset Taiga The Lion Queen

Nattaset Droppo Bella & Nattaset Blue Angel

Nattaset Blue Angel Nattaset Meaning Of Love




Puppy carton ;-) Puppies waiting for getting into the cleaned and big whelping box.



OMG! Panda's (Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen) daughter Sh Ch Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex at Mariglen JW (Mesdames J, L & D Dennis, Harris & Morgan) won BOB at Crufts!!!!
Huge congratulations Jane Dennis & co! Well done all other winners too! Picture by Kate Thomson.


Relaxed and satisfied 3 weeks old puppies with mom Irma.

Irman pennut 3 päivän ikäisenä


Weighing - looking good! Hard to get the exact weights or sharp pictures because the puppies are moving all the time! ;-)




Irma gave birth to six lovely puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls. Mom and little ones are doing good!

Irma's new born puppies 8.3.2022

Proud mom Irma with her new born puppies


Relaxed mummy to be Irma.


Farthingale Spring Song " Nanna" is bred by Pernilla & Peter Magnusson in Sweden, owned and loved by Sini Lind with family and she is by C.I.E EECH LVCH Nattaset Arctic Night ex JWW-18 Nattaset True Spring. Nanna is now almost 14 months old. Photos by Satu Saarinen!


Nanna having fun with mom Irma and "aunt" Anni.


Happy Valentine's Day! We are lucky to have Irma's daughter Nanna (Farthingale Spring Song) here for a week while her family is in vacation.


We visited Anu and Jukka in Lahti - seven setters - good morning :-)


Good morning!


We wanted to make sure that everything is ok with Irma & puppies - and YES the puppies were still there - Tuulikki found 4-5 perfect "babies" ;-) And of course we celebrated a little bit!


We have real winter with LOT of snow!


Irma had appointment with Tuulikki, vet at AitoVet - and yes, Irma is in whelp. More information on puppies page.


Winter fun a´la Irma and Jawa :-)


Hilarious play and "warm-up" time before the mating - and YES, we got Irma mated to Nuutti! Let's keep fingers crossed for early spring puppies!
Thank you Mari for your great help and I am so happy that we got the posibility to use Nuutti (Int Est Lv ShCh Nattaset Unforgettable Love) at stud for Irma.


Happy New Year 2022!