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Nattaset breeder groups

Show results:

date (päivä) place (paikka) judge (tuomari) placement (sijoitus)
01.03.2008 Ch Show Valkeala Tiina Illukka Best breeder group of breed
10.02.2008 Setter Special Ch Show, Estonia Leen Van Genechten, Belgium BIS-2 breeder group
09.02.2008 Int Ch Show Tallinn, Estonia Marija Kavcic, Slovenia BIS-2 breeder group
22.09.2007 Int Ch Show Eckerö Paul Scanlon, Ireland Best breeder group of breed
29.07.2007 Ch Show Vantaa Hilda Parkinson, GB Best breeder group of breed
22.07.2007 Setter Special Ch Show, Estonia Gordon Williams, GB BIS-1 breeder group
21.07.2007 Ch Show Haapsalu, Estonia Penny Williams, GB 2nd best breeder group of breed
16.06.2007 Ch Show Kotka Ned Burke, Ireland Best breeder group of breed
03.06.2007 Club Show for Setters and Pointers Mark Andrews, GB BIS-3 breeder group
06.05.2007 Ch Show Elimäki Hannele Jokisilta BIS-3 breeder group
18.02.2007 Club Show for Setters and Pointers Sissi Sundberg, Sweden BIS-2 breeder group
03.02.2007 Club Show for Setters, Estonia Kickie Boman BIS-1 breeder group
06.01.2007 Int Ch Show Kaaani Lydia Erhart, NL Best breeder group of breed
09.12.2006 Älvsjö, Sweden Hilda Parkinson Best breeder group of breed
17.06.2006 Club Show for Setters and Pointers Ildiko Stefan, HU BIS-1 breeder group


Tiina Illukka: Todella yhtenäinen ja laadukas ryhmä. Erinomainen rotutyyppi. Terveesti liikkuvia, hyvä luonteisia. Onnittelut!

Leen Van Genechten: Beautiful group, all have typical english setter head and expression. Good bone and feet. Typical toplines. All move like true english gentlemen.

M. Kavcic: Nice group. They are even in type, size, head quality. They move sound. They have nice coats & temperament but I'd like to see more teeth in the month.

Paul Scanlon: Excellent collections of dogs. Very typical of the breed. Typical heads & expressions. Very good overall shape. A combination of breed type and good profil. Movement gives  a very good overall picture. Great credite to the breeder.

Hilda Parkinson: All same head type. Good necks, nicely coupled. Excellent movements. Good condition.

Gordon Williams: Well balanced group with good bone and pleasing heads. Good body proportions and strong ??? movement.

Penny Williams: Very consistent type with good front constructures. Well balanced, similar size and quality sound movement. Very good show temperament.

Ned Burke: Very nice typical of the breed. All have good heads. Good fronts, good deep chests. All very similar in type. Good coats.

Mark Andrews: Very typey in head and body. All very well balanced. All pleasing heads and expressions. Well presented.

Hannele Jokisilta: Erinomainen ryhmä rotunsa tyypillisiä esutajia. Hyvät päät, ilmeet ja rakenteet. Onnea kasvattajalle.

Sissi Sundberg: A very lovely group, all with very beautiful heads. Very even in bodies and expressions.

Kickie Boman: A lovely group. All of the same type. Beautiful heads & expressions. Excellent work of the breeder.

Lydia Erhart: Nice uniformitting in type, but not so much in colour. Good movers. Nice group.

Hilda Parkinson: Good type. Lovely heads. Good toplines. Quality.

Ildiko Stefan: Very similar, typical breedings group with very nice heads and expressions. Very good angulations. Very nice movement.