Nattaset English Setters


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   Our Setters (at home)

Nattaset Droppo Bella  
Int Sh Ch, NordW-13, FinW-13, Est JW-09 Nattaset Droppo Bella "Chiara"   JWW-18 Nattaset True Spring "Irma"

  Our Setters (co-owned/stud rights/breeding or show co-operation)

WW-18, Dutch ShCh Mariglen McLaren "Chris" (co-owned with Katja Väkiparta) Lv & Est & Dutch ShCh, Benelux Winner-18, JWW-14, Lv JCh Lofty White Lily "Riesa" (co-owned with Katja Väkiparta)
Farthingale Touch Of Orange "Kokos" (owner Pernilla Magnusson) Int ShCh Nattaset Angel's Touch "Holly" (owner Pernilla Magnusson)
Nattaset Samba Dancer
Int Sh Ch, Lv & Est ShCh, Fin JW-10 Nattaset Samba Dancer "Mette" (owner Pia Peltovako)   Int ShCh, LV & EST Ch, LV & LT JCh Nattaset Arctic Night "Winny" (owner Satu Kurri)
Despina Amazing Love  
Int & Lv & Est ShCh Despina Amazing Love "Seela" (owner Johanna Kemppi)
Nattaset Arctic Winter    
Int & Est & Lv ShCh , Lv & Est JCh Nattaset Arctic Winter "Vilma"    
Swannery Unforgettable   Nattaset Mommy's Angel
INT Sh Ch, WW-13, EST & LV Ch, EST & LT JCh, JWW-08, BALT JW-08, ESTW-09, NORDW-09, LVW-10, SW-10, FINW-10, TLNW-13   Swannery Unforgettable "Luca"   Lv Ch, Est & Lv JCh, Balt JW-13, Fin JW-13 Nattaset Mommy's Angel "Milli"
  Nattaset Special Feeling
Nattaset Arctic Bramble "Venla"  
INT & Hungarian & EST & LV Sh Ch, EST VCh,
SW-06, NordW-05, BaltW-07, ESTW-09
Nattaset Special Feeling "Ines"
  Nattaset moonflower
Farthingale High Born "Hoyt"
2006 - 2015

Nattaset Moonflower "Nekku" 2003 - 2015


HU & EST JCH Mariglen Holy Moses "Moses"

2004 - 2014


FIN JW-03 Kahenkoon I'm Chosen "Cinna"

2003 - 2013


INT & EST & LV & LT & BALT Sh Ch,  EST JCh Nattaset Blue Catwoman "Lilli"
2001 - 2014
INT Sh Ch, Dutch Sh Ch, Lv Ch, LvW-98
Bothwell Piece Of Heaven "Bisse"
1996 - 2011
FinJW-01, Top winning ES in Finland 2003  Swannery Valucia Sparkler "Leo"
FinW-00-01, NordW-01, SW-02
Moon Magic Po Pengtsson "Pest"
1997 - 2005
BaltW-98, Nord&FinW-97
Tuliketun Tulilintu "Elmo"
Tuliketun Nattas "Nattas"
Flatcoated Retriever
English Cocker Spaniel
BaltW'98, LvW´98, Fin & Lv & Est CH
 Bothwell Orestes "Lätty"
Örlidens Royal Label "Koki"