Nattaset English Setters

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    Crufts 8th March, 2007
    photos  ©  Nattaset
  • Our program on the first day in England: Shopping (Margaret, Katri, Anu, Päivi and Katja)!
    In the bus from the parking place to the show halls; Margaret &
    Dino (Deringan Star Edison; sired by Nattaset That's All) and Katri
    Spec. Junior Class 1st: Mariglen Pengtsson Legacy "Lego" (sired by Moon Magic Po Pengtsson "Pest")
    Spec. Junior Class 2nd Samelan One Man
    Spec. Junior class 3rd Mandysett First Offence at Donmari
    Lilli (Nattaset Blue Catwoman) and Ines (Nattaset Special Feeling) relaxing in theior bench before the ring
    Mid Limit class 2nd Tattersett Colours JW
    Mid Limit class 1st Bournehouse Sweet Dreams
    BOS SH CH Mariglen Flaming Colours, BOB Bournehouse Silver Dreamer
    After Crufts we had a delicious chinese dinner at Swannery; here is Brian Attwood...
    ... and here are some of Brian's angels ;-))))))))))))))))))



       more photos coming up hopefully soon....