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INT & EST & LTU SH CH, EST JW-02, EST & LV JCH, Hungarian Club Winner -03, Vilnus Cup Winner-04  Nattaset Blue Batman "Pätu"

Show results:

30.07.2007 Ch Show Vantaa Hilda Parkinson, GB BOS
22.07.2007 Setter Special Ch Show Estonia Gordon Williams, GB champion class 3rd
21.07.2007 Ch Show Haapsalu, Estonia Penny Williams, GB champion class 2nd
18.02.2007 Open Show for Setters & Pointers Sissi Sundberg, Sweden BOS
03.02.2007 Setter Club Show Estonia Kickie Boman BOB, BIS-2
23.09.2006 Int Ch Show Eckerö Bertil Lundgren, Sweden BOB, CACIB
23.07.2006 Setter Special Ch Show, Estonia John Barber, GB Working Class 2nd
19.03.2006 Int Ch Show Riga, Latvia Vilmos Kardos, Hu 3rd best dog, ch class 1st
22.01.2006 Int Ch Show Turku Michael Boothroyd, GB 4th best dog, ch class 1st
24.09.2005 Int Ch Show Eckerö Lydia Erhart, Holland Reserve best dog
28.08.2005 Ch club show for Setters and Pointers, Poland Jane Dennis, GB Champion class 1st, CAC
24.07.2005 Ch Show Haapsalu, Estonia Terry Thorn, GB Champion class 2nd
23.07.2005 Setter Special Ch Show, Estonia Jase Baddeley, GB BIS-2, Best Of Breed
18.06.2005 Club Show for Setters and Pointers Linda Taylor, GB Open class 3rd
04.06.2005 VES club show Waalwijk, NL Valerie Foss, GB Reserve BIS working dog
16.05.2005 Szilvásvárad setter club show, Hungary Patsy Hollings, GB Working class 3rd
15.05.2005 Szilvásvárad Int Ch show, Hungary Ronny Blomme, Hungary Working class 2nd
14.05.2005 Szilvásvárad Int Ch show, Hungary Istvan Nagy, Hungary Working class 2nd
26.03.2005 Rakvere Ch Show, Estonia Rune Fagerström 2nd best dog, ch class 1st
13.03.2005 Int Ch Latvian Winner-05 Show, Latvia Lazslo Erdös, Hungary 4th best dog
14.02.2005 Int Ch Show Tallinn, Estonia Kate Crosbie, Ireland BOB, CACIB
05.02.2005 Setter Club Show, Estonia Jelena Kruus, Estonia 2nd best dog
25.09.2004 Eckerö Ch Show, Åland Frank Kane, GB Group 2nd, Best of Breed
04.09.2004 Vasalemma Ch Show, Estonia Gillian McDowell, Ireland BOB
28.08.2004 VDS Clubshow, Bremen, Germany John Barber, GB BOB, BIS-1, VDS Club Showchampion -04
24.07.2004 Setter Club Show, Estonia Penny Williams, GB open class 2nd (excellent)
23.05.2004 Ventspils Int. Ch Show, Latvia Tamas Jakkel, Hungary 2nd best dog, res. cacib
28.03.2004 KSP ry Open Show, Kausala Linda Harris, GB 3rd best dog, Open class 1st, excellent
14.03.2004 Int. Vilnus Cup -04 Ch Show, Liethua Zivile Povilaitiene, Lithua Vilnus Cup -04 Winner, BOS, CC, Cacib
13.03.2004 nt. Lt W-04 Ch Show Vilnus, Liethua Anatoly Zhuk, Belorussia Open class 1st
06.12.2003 FinW-03 int Ch Show Helsinki Henric Fryckstrand, Sweden Open class "very good"
24.11.2003 Riga Int Ch Show, Latvia Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain Open class 1/2
25.10.2003 Paide Ch Show, Estonia Rune Fagerström Best dog
27.09.2003 Eckerö Int. Ch Show, Åland Nicola Hughes, Ireland Open class 3rd (excellent)
26.07.2003 Setter Club Show, Estonia Doreen Bowen, GB Open class 2nd (excellent)
12.07.2003 Luige Ch Show, Estonia Janiki Steinbock, Israel Group 2nd, Best of Breed
14.06.2003 KSP Club Show, Vihtavuori Tuula Lehtienen-Cochetti Intermediate class 1st, CQ
07.06.2003 Tallinn Int. Ch Show, Estonia Rita Kadike-Skaidina, Latvia Open class 1st (Excellent)
17.05.2003 Riga Int Ch Show, Latvia Paul Stanton, Sweden Intermediate class 1st (Excellent)
21.04.2003 Szilvásvárad club show, Hungary Penny Williams, GB Best dog, CAC, club winner 2003
20.04.2003 Szilvásvárad Int Ch show, Hungary Rui Oliveira, Portugal Intermed. class 2nd, exc. Res-CAC
19.04.2003 Szilvásvárad Int Ch show, Hungary Nagy István, Hungary Intermed. class 2nd, exc. Res-CAC
23.03.2003 Triigi Ch Show, Estonia Ljubov Zhitkova, Russia Group 2nd, Best of Breed, Cert
08.02.2003 Tallinn Int. Ch Show, Estonia Gillian McDowell, Ireland Group 3rd, Best of Breed, Cert
01.02.2003 Estonia Setteri Klubi club show Teija Parkko BIS-3, Best of Breed
25.01.2003 Kohtla-Järve Ch Show, Estonia Jekaterina Bauzes, Russia Group 1st, Best Of Breed
24.11.2002 Riga, Int. Ch Show, Latvia Vilmos Kardos, Hungary Best Of Breed, Group 4th, LV JUN CH
26.10.2002 Tallinn, Int. Ch Show Anja Puumala, Finland Open 2
21.09.2002 Eckerö Ch Show, Åland Tamas Jakkel, Hungary 2nd best dog, Cert
09.09.2002 Padise Ch Show, Estonia Natalja Gapanjuk-Nekroshiene BOS-Junior
27.07.2002 Narva Ch Show, Estonia Svetlana Radjuk, Belorussia Best Of Breed Junior
13.07.2002 Estonia Setter Club Show Karel Van Genechten, Belgium BOS-Junior, EST JUN CH
15.05.2002 Pärnu Int. Ch Show Kornelia Butrimova , Lithuania Best Of Breed Junior
11.06.2002 Tallinn, Int. Ch Show Miklos Farkashazi, Hungary Best Of Breed Junior, EST JW-02
11.05.2002 Kohtla-Järve Ch show Jevgeni Kupljauskas, Russia Best Of Breed Junior
16.03.2002 Tampere, Int. Ch show G F Coupe, GB JUN 1/1 CQ, 4th best dog
03.03.2002 Rakvere, Estonia, Ch Show Natalja Sedöh, Russia Best Of Breed Puppy
19.01.2002 Kohtla-Järve Ch Chow Lilian Hanniste, Estonia Puppy class 2
02.12.2001 Tallinn, Estonia puppy show Lilian Hanniste, Estonia Best little puppy


Sissi Sundberg: Masculine head. Very good topline. Very good front & rear angulations. Little too throaty. Moves lovely. Watch out and don't let the coat get too curly.


Kickie Boman: Lovely type, but a bit short in muzzle; nice body proportions, well ribbed chest; very good topline; well angulated both front & rear; moved nice.

John Barber: Blue belton dog; head well chisselled and nicely balanced; good front and feet; well of bone; presented lovely outline standing; good bend of stiffle; tail well set on; moved good behind, but rather loose in front; pleasing color throughout; showing good coat and condition.


Vilmos Kardos: Very well built & musculed 5 year old champion dog; good head, friendly eyes; very good neck; perfect topline; very good underline; excellent front; good hindquarters; movement could be more proportioned; good coat.


Michael Boothroyed: very good dog to go over; excellent confirmation & coat; quite round, but could go with more life and use his tail better.


Lydia Erhart: 4 years, Excellent type, beautiful head, sufficiantly angulated in front, excellent body, good rear angulation, excellent coat and tail, could move with a little more drive.


Jane Dennis: Very nice type; good reach of neck; straight front; good bone; short level back; good back; good ribs & quarters; pleasing outline; I'm sure this dog can move better than he did today.


Terry Thorn: Very masculine head, strong square muzzle, lovely eyes & ears, lengthy neck, clean throat,well(?)..., very deep chest,good ribs & loin & topline, well angulated rear, lovely tail, good coat and condition, not moving too well today.


Jose Baddeley: Excellent lovely head, grand length of neck, super neck assembly, excellent ribbing and coupling, excellent confirmation in hindquarters, should rear good use(?)... to move power & drive.


Linda Taylor: Mature blue dog, short coupled, strong topline, excellent bone & substance, very good rear angulation, attractive head, typical expression, looked very impressive standing, but let himself down in move, well presented, particularily well muscled.


Valerie Foss: Sound free mover with lovely tail carriage; Good head, neck, shoulders, front and feet; Good ribs; little too much length of loin; Good turn of stifle; Nice coat & hard condition.


Patsy Holling: Pleasing type, good coat, firm topline, correct scull, little light in eye, could do with better shoulder placement, good body with deep well sprung rib, correct coupling, well developed quarters, because of shoulder placement has no front extension in the movement.


Rune Fagerström: Voimakas, erittäin hyvän tyyppinen uros, hieman tukevassa kunnossa esitetty, täydellinen pää joka ei saisi olla karkeampi, kaunis ilme, hyvä kaula, pysty olkavarsi, hyvä runko, riittävät takakulmaukset, erinomainen luusto, erinomaiset raajat ja käpälät, luonne OK.


Kate Crisbie: Nice type, well made throughout, good topline, good on move, would maybe be even better on a looser lead.


Frank Kane: Lovely breed-type. Well-made throughout. His eye is a little bit too bold. Excellent balance, outline. Correct movement. Needs a touch more confidence. Excellent presentation.


Gillian McDowell: Very lovely sound dog; lovely strong head & foreface; excellent shoulder and elbow; very good deep chest; good ribcage; excellent hind quarters; excellent in movement.


John Barber: Blue belton male - masculine head - good balanced. Good forechest. Very good neck which leads into good shoulders. Good angulations in front and rear. Good feet. Excellent body constructions. Beautiful full coat. Steady movement. Full of quality. Typical "Engländer".


Penny Williams: Very well balanced dog with masculine head; excellent eye and expression; very well constructed throughout; strong body with excellent spring of ribs; short coupled; strong in loin; well angulated front & rear; excellent bone and feet; sound movement.


Jose Baddeley: Excellent head with good proportions in scull. Useful length of neck. Excellent lay of shoulder & super length of upperarm. Great deapth of brisket. Coupling is a little short. Excellent turn of stifle & tailset. Moved on balanced drive.


Tamas Jakkel: Good type. A bit overdone scull. Good neck and shoulders. A bit loose elbows. Good substance. Well angulated legs. A bit wavy coat. Moves well.


Linda Harris: Fully matured blue belton dog. Lovely appealing eye patches, overall profile pleasing, with good upperarm construction. Would have preferred slighly more positive hind mevement.


Rafael Malo Alcrudo: Masculine substantions. Good proportion between scull & muzzle. Scull is slightly rounded, eyes too. Excellent bone. Could be slightly more angulated in front. Free mover, should have more power behind.


Rune Fagerström: 2 v. Erinomainen tyyppi ja koko. Voimakas uros joka saisi olla hieman linjakkaampi. Syvä kallo. Erinomainen sukupuoli leima. Riittävä kaula. Toivoisin paremmat kulmaukset. Hyvä rintakehä. Sopiva luusto. Hyvät raajat ja käpälät. Eturinta sais olla parempi. Hieman pehmeät karvat. Saisi olla pitempi askel. Miellyttävä luonne.


Nicola Hughes: Good overall type, pleasing head, kind expression. Would like more reach of neck. Good body, good condition. Good bone, legs & feet. Needs more handling.


Doreen Bowen: This is a well grown dog, well balanced, good bone, good stop, pleasing head, good strong quarters, well layed down hocks, pleasing on the move.


Janiki Steinbock: Hyvä koko ja mittasuhteet, kaunis pää. Oikea ilme. Hyvä purenta. Kaunis ylä ja alalinja. Hyvä eturinta. Hyvin kulmautunut. Hieman soutavat etuliikkeet.


Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti: Näyttävä kookas uros, jolla hieman turhan vahva kallo-osa. Erinomainen kaula ja selkälinja. Erinomainen hännän kiinnitys. Riittävästi kulmautunut edestä, hyvin takaa. Hyvä leveä rintakehä. Näyttävä turkki. Liikkuu ja esiintyy erinomaisesti.


Rita Kadike-Skadina: A little heavy, good proportions & head. Strong neck, back could be stronger, a little show?? croup. Needs stronger angulations, feet not strong enough.


Paul Stanton: Good size, strong dog, good balance, eyes a little light, strong muzzle, needs more stop, excellent bone, good feet, needs more forechest. Strong neck steep shoulders, good ribcage, a little heavy in body, should have a little more hind angulation. Good coat, excellent reach in front. Needs more drive behind. Front still very loose. Good temperament.


Penny Williams: Masculine head with good eye & expression. Very well constructed. Very good front, bone, feet. Excellent height & reach at the front. Strong topline with good tailset. Excellent angulation front & rear. A little long in loin, but still very balanced. Very sound positive movement. Very well presented. In excellent coat and condition.


Ljubov Zhitkova: Effective; superb physical development; excellent measurements and size; a little too wide from the scull; right ears; excellent neck; strong topline; wide chest; good front angulation; sufficient hind angulation; characteristically plastic movement.


Gillian McDowell: This is a very nice big baby. Very good bone, nice ribcage, good outline, excellent condition. Good luck with him.


Teija Parkko: Kaunispäinen uros, erittäin kaunis pitkä kaula, hyvä selänlinja, hyvää etuosa, hyvät takakulmaukset, liikkuu hyvin, hyvä turkki, esitetään hyvin.


Jekaterina Bauzes, Russia: (Translation from Russian)Breedlike, medium size, strong body structure, breedlike strong head, a little bit high and wide from the backline, excellent expression from the face, a little bit soft at top and hind.


Vilmos Kardos: Attractive junior male, beautiful head, good bite. Good neck, very good top/underline. Good legs & tail. Good movement, beautiful colour.


Tamas Jakkel: Exellent type, masculine head, just a bit overdone scull for his age, good neck and shoulders and front, good balance and substance, well angulated hindlegs, nice coat, correct topline, but bit swinging front on the move.


Natalja Gapanjuk: (Translation from Russian) Teeth OK. Good bone; head with right proportions; typical ears, good neck, long loin, free forearms, little too weak, free movement.


Kornelia Butrimova: Outstanding type. Beautiful head, good bone, good angulations, little loose skin at lips and neck.


Miklos Farkashazi: Correct good type, good topline, nice colour & coat, good substance and bone, good movement.


Jevgeni Kupljauskas: Middle size. Sufficiently good physical development. Large head, strong topline. A little bit changed croup line. Normal angulation of hint legs. Well-balanced character, free movement.


G F Coupe: Very promising youngster. Nicely balanced head with dark eye. Good neck, shoulders & topline. Nicely bodied. Excellent quarters. Moved very well. Well presented.


Natalia Sedõh: Pure-breed, with sufficient growth and bone, male with very nice head. With pleasantly expressive ears. A little bit narrow at chest, a little bit soft at croup. Still in development. Free movement. Excellent teeth.


Lilian Hanniste: Hyväntyyppinen ja -kokoinen. Erittäin hyvä pää. Hyvä purenta. Tummat silmät. Pitkät korvat. Vahva selkä. Hyvä hännänkanto. Riittävästi kehittynyt rintakehä. Hyvät jalat. Erittäin hyvät liikkeet. Riittävä karvapeite.



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